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  1. wow! Great info. Thanks a ton. I will check out your blogs. I will definately checky the hacker's diet. Sounds like a perfect fit. The stretching thing sounds good too. I feel like my body is craving stretching. Kinda weird but I have noticed "that" for a few years. Like something inside me is saying " get on the floor and randomly stretch like a kid throwing a fit". HA. I know, I know. Thanks alot for your input.
  2. I am about 260 pounds and I can't take it anymore. I am a 39 year old male. Married with 3 kids (10,11,13). I want to be healthy and strong for my family and their offspring. I have lots of energy but no motivation. I am an I.T. Manager so I sit in front of a PC all day. I love the idea of being a Vegan but have no idea where to start. Also. I want to loose all this disgusting fat that I am hauling around. Power is everthing in survival so here is your chnce to be in COMPLETE CONTROL! So I bow down and surrender myself to anyone who has the POWER. I need someone to tell me 2 things (for now, baby steps). One... How do I start to become a Vegan? Two... Is the best way to loose all this fat to start walking then jogging then running? Thanks in advance to anyone out here, you may be the one who can save my life (not suicidal, just unhealthy).
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