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  1. How stupid. Existence of a nervous system=ability to feel pain. The inverse is my retort to people who make the comparison of eating vegetables to eating meat by the claim that, "vegetables are living things too and you eat them." No nervous system=no pain. People would go berzerk if they heard someone boiled puppies or kittes alive, but apparently lobsters are not as well loved or respected.
  2. Super. That should get me started. Thanks.
  3. I don't normally eat tomatoes, but that sounds awesome. Where do you get that kind of cheese. So far all the vegan cheese I've tried isn't very good.
  4. I bought some stuff to make stir fry not knowing exactly how I was going to go about it. I figure I'll assess my vegetables on hand and throw some stuff in a pan and hope for the best, but I still need something sauce-wise. Does anyone have any suggestions for recipes for sauce, or store bought if there's anything worth a damn?
  5. I really like the Asparagus and Sun Dried Tomato Frittata. I also made the Cherry Almond Muffins. They were good, but not spectacular. I cheated a little on the recipe though. I used dried cherries instead of fresh ones because they were out of season. I also think that it might be good to try my hand at it at least one more time. It often takes me at least one trial run before I get a recipe just right.
  6. I would steer away from the whipped cream canister idea unless you can buy that sort of thing wholesale. The prices on nitrous cartridges are expensive due to the popular abuse of the substance for recreational purposes. As for myself, I used to work at a place that sold the cartridges and I would be loathe to even accidentally be associated with such people.
  7. My name is Sarah. I certainly don't look like someone that should be part of any sort of bodybuilding forum...yet. Over the last few years I've gotten very out of shape. Right now I'm 5'3" and 149 lbs. yuck. I'm a little bit scared about posting on a vegan forum. For people that choose a compassionate lifestyle because of their respect for life, the vegans I've found on the internet sure do seem to come off mean in my experience. Here's the weird part of my even being here. I'm not vegan right now. I'm working on it though. I'm really bucking convention among everyone I know by even considering it. I only know one vegan. I became lactose intolerant a few years ago, that combined with my weight problem have lead me to learn about what I eat. More and more I find that the idea of consuming animal products to be distasteful and the claimed benefits of such products to be either vastly exaggerated or just plain false. So now I'm at the point that I want to be vegan, but I have no idea what to eat. I know vegans don't just eat vegetables. I bought a few vegan cookbooks that have recipes in them that I think I can handle. As of yet I haven't found many recipes that suit the dietary requirements that I want in order to lose weight. After trying all kinds of different things to lose weight I think I finally have it figured out what works best for me. I know I need to exercise, but for the time being that is on the back burner. I gain muscle and strength rather easily, but due to my poor diet for so long combined with fatigue caused by depression it's not something I'm quite up to yet. So anyway, I was doing a diet based on this program www.triaxiomfitness.com. It actually worked fantastically for me. I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. The only reason why I quit is because I want I don't want to eat animal products anymore. The program is relatively simple and doesn't leave me feeling hungry. It's a carb cycling diet. All I have to do is eat 5-6 times a day at semi regular intervals through the day. 30g of protein at every meal, 30g of carbs with each meal every other day, and I can eat all the vegetables I want. But if you look at the approved foods list on the site, you'll notice that it isn't very vegan friendly. I'm here because I'm hoping that I can get help from people here or through other resources to get a meal plan together that will help me to lose weight and remove animal products from my diet. I have faith that the changes to my diet will help to improve my health to the point that I can have the energy I need to enjoy life again and become more athletic. I would appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions for me or references to information that might help me.
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