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  1. Got back to the gym this afternoon... I've decided to drop Stronglifts for at least at month. I'm going to go by feel. I need a break from the repetition... I've gotten a bit weaker over the past couple of weeks from stress, so I don't feel like posting my routine until I'm back at my old strength.
  2. Drat! Another bad workout. Squats: (2, 2) 200 Awful awful awful awful BP: (5, 3) 160; (7, 6) 135 Inverted rows: (3x5) 125 *PR* Dips: 8, 6, 5 Been stressed from final projects and exams. Can't wait to go home! 5 nights, and then I'm back in business!
  3. I can't imagine pausing for four seconds with 240 pounds resting on my chest... hehe
  4. 12/8/10 Squats: (5, 3, 2) 200 OHP: (3x5) 90 DL: (1x5) 235, (1x2) 275 Pull-ups: 5, 3, 2 Prone bridges: + 45 pounds: 50 seconds, 40 seconds
  5. DIY chocolate? You made your own chocolate? How?
  6. Thanks for the words, both of you. Feeling better about OHP. I feel like my form has improved a bit. I definitely eat too many carbs. It's an easy way to get calories around here. There are juices and vegan cookies (Alternative Baking Company... delicious).
  7. 12/6/10 Squats: (5, 5, 3) 200 *PR* BP: (5, 5, 3, 2, 2) 160 NO! Time to deload. BB rows: (3x5) 120 Dips: 8, 7, 6 *PR* Reverse crunches: (3x12) Uhhh... I'm getting porky. I weight 194 fully clothed, fed, hydrated. I want to cut some weight off, but I'll keep going! BULK!
  8. You could post a video of your squats and ask people to look over your form
  9. 12/4/10 Squats: (3x5) 195 OHP: (3x5) 85+ (microloaded with collars) DL: (1x5) 225, (1x3) 275, single at 295 Chin-ups: 7 *PR*, 5, 3 Weighted prone bridges: +45 pounds for 45, 30 seconds Not a bad workout! Finally! OHP went up pretty well. Chin-ups felt great today! Personal record of 7, even though I gained weight!
  10. Thanks for the concern. I'm doing fine... was just annoyed with my body after that bad workout. Yes, I'm living in a dorm. I'm in a forced triple--a double converted into a triple. It's not bad, just not as nice as home haha They always have vegan food here, so I shouldn't have complained. I need to make myself eat more, is all. I should get a rice cooker and always have quinoa cooked....
  11. 12/1/10 Squats: (3x5) 190 BP: (3, 2, gave up) 160, reps at 135 AWFUL I went 5, 5, 5, 3, 2 last time I tried 160 BB rows: (3x5) 120 *PR* Dips: 7, 6 unweighted Bad workout. I don't eat as well at school, nor am I as happy. Obviously this isn't good for my progress. My roommate drives me crazy. He is always in the room. Okay, now I'm mostly just whining, not proposing reasons why my lifts are suffering.
  12. Nice going! I better hurry up with my OHP press progress...
  13. 11/29/10 Squats: (3x5) 185 OHP: (3x5) 85 DL: (1x5) 225, (1x3) 275 Deloaded Pull-ups: 4, 2, 1 Ew Prone bridges: (2x30) seconds +45 pounds I'm back at school and can squat again. Call me a momma's boy, but I miss home already! It's nice to be one of the strongest people in the gym at home.
  14. 11/27/10 Leg press machine Bench press: (5, 5, 5, 3, 2) 160 DL: (1x5) 305. TONS of reps at 225 and 135. Quick workout today. I've decided to deload the DL again because my form isn't the best. Will go back down to 225.
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