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  1. I have the same problem. I feel limited in doing squats not because mu muscles are weak bit because i feel weakness in my knees. I also wondered would it help to wear bandages I saw heavy weight lifters wear?


    You could post a video of your squats and ask people to look over your form

  2. Hang in there, room mates can be tough to deal with. Are you living in a dorm? What are the food options like there? Sorry if you've already mentioned that somewhere.


    Thanks for the concern. I'm doing fine... was just annoyed with my body after that bad workout.

    Yes, I'm living in a dorm. I'm in a forced triple--a double converted into a triple. It's not bad, just not as nice as home haha

    They always have vegan food here, so I shouldn't have complained. I need to make myself eat more, is all. I should get a rice cooker and always have quinoa cooked....

  3. 12/1/10


    Squats: (3x5) 190

    BP: (3, 2, gave up) 160, reps at 135 AWFUL I went 5, 5, 5, 3, 2 last time I tried 160

    BB rows: (3x5) 120 *PR*

    Dips: 7, 6 unweighted


    Bad workout.

    I don't eat as well at school, nor am I as happy. Obviously this isn't good for my progress. My roommate drives me crazy. He is always in the room. Okay, now I'm mostly just whining, not proposing reasons why my lifts are suffering.

  4. OHP is simply a tough lift man. It's not different from bench in just a shift from chest to more shoulders, you have to balance that weight from the floor, a lot of core strength and it's way more taxing.


    One thing I've noticed is you can squat or deadlift heavy before heavy bench and it won't affect it really. But doing them before OHP just kills your core strength before you get started.


    Haha lop-sided deadlifts. Better than curls


    Hey! Give me a break! I got some stretch marks from those curls!

  5. 11/24/10


    Deadlift: (1x5) 295... actually, 305! I accidentally had 10 extra pounds on one side! It felt awful haha

    OHP: (3x5) 85 Lame, I know.

    Prone bridge: +45 pounds for 45 seconds

    Chin-ups: 5


    Quick, lame workout today. I've deadlifted three times in a row, so I desperately need two rest days.

    Why is my OHP so weak relative to my bench??


    Thanks, Chewy and Robert!

  6. 11/20/10


    Some leg press machine (can almost max it out, and I have weak legs!)

    Front squats: 5 reps at 95 pounds, 5 reps at 135. These hurt my wrists. I'll do some shoulder dislocations for flexibility.

    OHP: (5, 4, 4) 85

    Deadlifts: (1x5) 285, single at 315

    Pull-ups: 4, 3, 3

    Prone bridges: (3x30 seconds) +45 pounds

    Bench: (1x5) 135, (1x5) 155, single at 165, single at 175 *PR*

    Barbell bicep curls... don't hate me!

    Chin-ups: 3, 3, 3


    I'm pretty happy with my new bench 1RM. I probably could have done 180 or 185.

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