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  1. Oh no! I missed my workout yesterday! Gym was closed. 11/7/10 Squat: (5x5) 180 *PR* OHP: Epic fail. (1x3) 90... I gave up on the work sets to work on form. Frustrating! DL: Warm-up. (1x3) 275, (1x2) 275. Single @ 305 *PR* Chin-ups: 6, 3, 3 Prone bridges: Twice with +45 pounds Squats went pretty well. OHP was crud. I need a break from this. My form is the main problem on this exercise: I need to keep the weight closer to my body. DL: I couldn't finish my set of 5 at 275, so I took a short break after 3. I was too tired. All the singles last week must have done me in. But I still pulled a PR single at 305. I'll stop pulling singles for awhile. Not the best workout, but at least I set two new PRs. I don't predict a stall on the squat any time soon.
  2. Thank you! I'm desperately trying to rid myself of my extra chest fat... I've got just enough "man boob" to make me very self-conscious. Few people at my gym do a proper bench press. They are all so fond of partials.
  3. 11/4/10 Squat: (5x5) 175 PR Bench: (5, 5, 5, 4, 3) 150 Feel-elevated inverted rows: 9, 7 Bent-over barbell rows: (1x5) 115, (1x5) 95 Experimenting with these Dips: 7, (2x3 with +10 pounds) Prone bridges: one with +35 pounds, one with +45 pounds (IT BURNS!) Reverse crunches: (1x12) WOOT! Got past my squat plateau! 5x5! Bench was pretty good for having just upped the weights (and I've slept horribly recently). Think I'm gonna switch to barbell rows and weighted dips. PS - I started in August being unable to do one feet-elevated inverted row
  4. That's some determination--working out after throwing up! Congrats on the new 5RM.
  5. 11/1/10 Squat: (5x5) 170 OHP: (3x5) 85 DL: Warm up, (1x5) 265, Single @ 300 Pull-ups: 3, 2, 1 (amazing, huh? LOL...) Prone bridges: twice at +35 pounds (didn't time, probably 30 seconds first time, 20 next) Squats feel so much easier this time around! Hooray for deloads! Magic 200, here I come! The deadlift is still my favorite exercise. The 300 single was easier this time around, but still quite hard! I'm switching OHP to 3 sets. Maybe build back up at 5x5 if I have to deload. Pull-ups aren't bad, considering all the weight I've gained. Vanity note: I'm getting that sweet bicep vein back!
  6. 10/30/10 Squat: (5x5) 165 Bench press: (5x5) 145 BOOOOM!!!! Inverted rows: (10 with feet flat), (7, 5 with feet-elevated) Dips: 8, 5, 5 Reverse crunches: 1x24 Weighted prone bridges: ~30 seconds with +35 pounds YEAH! I got through my bench plateau. I guess I perform better without a spotter! I am tons stronger now than I was when I first started! Feeling good! Edit: Thanks, Ryan.
  7. "Lean and mean" is how I'd describe you! Not "skinny"!
  8. Thanks! I admit it wasn't as pretty as my work sets, but I didn't hurt myself or compromise my back. I'm feeling the deadlifts and chin-ups in my forearms today. 300 was a mini-goal for me, so I'm glad I made it!
  9. 10/28/10 Squat: (5x5) 160 OHP: (3x5) 80+ (microloaded with extra locks) DL: (225x3), (5x255), (1x300), (1x275) Chin-ups: 4, 3, 2 Prone bridges: 2 sets of +25 pounds I didn't sleep or eat well for the past few days (been a bit down), so it wasn't the best workout ever.
  10. How do you keep yourself so lean? Do you do any cardio?
  11. 10/25/10 Squat: (5x5) 155 Bench press: (5,5,4) 145 Inverted rows: 10 (PR), 6, 5 (+some with feet flat) Dips: 6,5 Reverse crunches: (3x12) Squat form feels much better. I'm feeling it way more in the glutes now. Dang! I should deload on the bench. I *might* have been able to do 5x5 if I'd taken longer rests. Only two sets of dips... my rep totals were going down, so I thought I'd give myself a bit of a break. (Of course, I've been gaining weight.) Played tennis yesterday. Great fun!
  12. 10/23/10 Squat: (5x5) 150, (1x1) 185 OHP: (5x5) 80 DL: (1x5) 225, (1x5) 245, (1x1) 275 Chin-ups: 4,2,1, some decline Prone Bridge with 25 pound plate on me (only 1 set... the DLs wiped me out!) I deloaded my squat. It's nice to get a break. The single at 185 was to prove to myself that I can squat more than my body weight - it's a great feeling. DL seemed pretty good. I think I've solved the rounding back problem. I had to do the single at 275... I love DLs so much. Bam! OHP press at 80! I turned away from the mirror, which helped me bang out those final reps. I'll microload with collars next time. Finally did some shopping of my own so I don't have to rely on cafeteria food. Peanut butter, jelly time!x5
  13. Looking strong, man! I like how hard you push on your last reps in those vids.
  14. 10/21/10 Squat: (3x5) 175 Bench press: (3x5) 145 Inverted rows: 10,6,6 (and a few feet flat) Dips: 7,5,4 Reverse crunches: 3x12 I think I'm going to deload to 150 on the squat and try to build back up at 5x5. I almost failed the last rep at 175. Not sure why I'm not building muscle better. Bench press was only 3 sets. Will try again the workout after next.
  15. Haha... I'll keep eating! Actually, I forgot to mention that I gained most of that weight in my three weeks at home. I've gained about 4 pounds since coming to college around the start of September.
  16. I was going to microload with the collars next time. Thanks for the tip! I've certainly added some body fat, sadly. I have no % BF estimates. But I've added muscle as well, so I am content. My quads are MUCH bigger than they used to be, as are my triceps. I have no idea how I could eat cleaner. Less sugar, perhaps, but I'm desperate for the calories. I'm not gaining weight anywhere near as cleanly as you did, from what I can see in your pics. Those are inspirational! Deadlift form is much better now. I had a trainer at my gym look at my form. Looked good, he said, but I need to work on the descent. I am eager to add weight, but I'll wait until everything is sorted out. Back to squats on Thursday. I am dreading them! hehe
  17. 10/18/10 Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I wanted to go to the gym with my friend, and I won't be able to lift tomorrow. Again, no squat rack, so I did some leg presses. OHP: (5,5,5,4,x) 80 DL: (1x5) 225 Pull-ups: 4,2, some decline Reverse crunches and weighted prone bridges (+35 pounds) I was quite sore today, hence the poor OHP performance compared to last time. Still working on DL form... I'd love to add weight, but I want to be safe. I have been eating so much here at home! I currently weigh 176 pounds, according to my scale at home. I've gained 15 pounds since starting working out on 8/2/10. I was hoping to post some progress photos, but I'm not yet comfortable enough with my almost-nekkid self to post the pics! Talk to you again on Wednesday!
  18. 10/16/10 I'm at home. No squat rack at the gym here, so I used two leg machines. Bad, I know! But better than nothing! I worked my calves a bit as well. Bench press: (5x5) 140 Inverted Rows: 9, 6, 4, some with feet flat at end of these sets. Dips: 8, 5, 3 Prone bridges with 35 pound weight on my back. Ouch! That was good! I'm THRILLED with my bench press! I had more in the tank when I finished! So good to be home!
  19. 10/14/10 Squats: (3x5) 170 OHP: (5,5,5,5,4) 80 DL: (3x5) 225 Form is getting there Chin-ups: Baaaad today haha Prone bridges with 25 pound weight on my lower back. Thanks, Chewy. Made it much harder. I'm going to progress to 175 for 3x5 next time. Next time I deload, I will switch to 5x5. I will be home this weekend, so I should get great food, rest, and relaxation.
  20. 10/12/10 Squat: 170 (5,5,3,0,0) Grr! I'm going to eat like crazy and try again on Thursday. If I fail, I will deload. Bench press: Shoulder hurt during warm-up in spot it hurt a few weeks ago, so decided to not do this. Again, Grr! Inverted Rows: Not bad at all Dips: Same as always Prone Bridges: 3x30 seconds I need to force myself to eat 50% more. I'm tired of not progressing.
  21. 10/9/10 Squat: (3x5) at 170 OHP: (5x5) at 75 DL: (1x5) at 225, + a few singles at 225 to work on form Chin-ups: 6, 4, 3 (New record for me... getting stronger!) Reverse crunches Squats were very, very tough. Barely finished the last rep of the third set. Not sure what's up. My form is better than it was a few weeks ago, though! I'm very close to body weight squats (I'd guess I'm at 175-180). I think I've stopped rising my hips too quickly on the DL, but my back still rounds on the descent! OHP felt great. I think I'm going to burst through the plateau I suffered at 80/85!
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