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  1. 10/7/10 Dreadful workout. I'm upset about it. Squat: Warm up. Felt pain in left quad. I have slept horribly the past two nights. One of my roommates is driving me crazy. 170 pounds for 3 reps.... I wasn't feeling up to fighting through the soreness. Bench: 135x5, 140x5, 140x4, 140x3, 140x2. Not as bad as I expected. Inverted rows: These weren't too bad. Dips: Again, not as bad as bench and squat. I desperately need sleep...
  2. Thanks again, guys. I think I need to work on keeping the bar close to my body. I'm pushing it around my head too much... need to practice moving the head back. (Weak point it right about head level, so seems like a form problem.)
  3. That looks delicious! Beautiful! I want some....
  4. 10/5/10 Squat: 165 (did do 5x5 this time! Bodyweight, here I come!) OHP: 70 (Deloaded... tired of getting nowhere with this.) DL: 225 (Weight does not feel heavy, but I am still working of form.) Pull-ups: 4 the first set! (then 2, then 1 with a few declines). I know, 4 isn't many, but consider that I couldn't do ONE at the start of the program, and I've gained 15 pounds or so. I'm happy with the progress! Reverse crunches felt good Squats are starting to feel very heavy. I can't imagine lifting 200+. Still, I'm happy with my progress! I am certainly getting stronger! OHP is driving me nuts. Grrr. Deadlift... I am still struggling to lower the weight without bending my back. Don't want to add weight until I'm sure I won't hurt myself. Feeling good! I hope there's protein powder waiting in the mail for me tomorrow!
  5. I was kidding! But it will be fun to see the results!
  6. Thanks so much for the encouragement and advice, VE! I've substantially slowed down my descent on the squat... that was an easy fix! It will be fun to get to BW squats! Big goal for me. I will film my deadlift again when I think I've corrected my form. Tomorrow is a deadlift day... I can't wait to get back at it. Edit: Might as well add an entry on food. I ate and ate and ate and I'm feeling darn good!
  7. That's very rude of him to heckle you like that.... I hope you are able to find vegan food and have fun at the party! And yes, I started a log! Thanks for noticing. It didn't feel right to post on your training journal if I didn't even have one going.
  8. 10/2/10 Squat: 165 (only 3 sets... Need that 2 day break, for sure! I felt it more in my tendons/joints??) (Slowed down decent, Chewy.) Bench: 135 (5x5!! Didn't even come close to killing myself! I did it! Finally get to put plates up! Makes the whole process easier. Woot!) Inverted Rows: 5, 8, 3 Dips: 8, 5, 3 Planks MUST EAT!!! MUST SLEEP!!! I ordered some brown rice protein powder. Should be here Monday.
  9. 9/30 Squat: 160 Overhead Press: 85 (5/4/3), 75 (5, 5) ugh DL: 225 (Deloaded to check form. Felt light, but form looks off. You tell me!) Chin-ups: 4, 2, 1 (Definitely getting better at these) Reverse Crunches felt great (3x12) Please check my form! Squat @ 160 Deadlift 225 (Hips rising too fast, back rounding?? ) Please be BRUTAL in your critiques.
  10. "Sexual organs get more blood." This alone could double the number of vegans. lol
  11. 9/28 Squat: 155 (Dropped to work on form. No lower back pain, so form must be better.) Bench: 130 (135 next time for sure) Inverted rows and dips are getting better. I know 155 is very little weight for the squat, but I'm feeling pretty good. I started with just the bar, and I'm going very deep. I could barely get to parallel at the start of SL. I might upload a video soon for form check.
  12. Your squat progress is great. I'll race you to 100 kg! I fear you will win.
  13. LOL! Found him! Nice work. Won't give any hints.
  14. I call shenanigans! But I did find Waldo.
  15. You might want to eat more if you're looking for strength gains. Keep up the good work!
  16. Thanks for the advice, Chewy. Yesterday I had a dreadful workout. Felt completely sapped of energy. Struggled to bench 130. This same weight was easy last time. Must eat more. More!
  17. Hi! I'm a 19 year-old male. 6' on a good day. I'm starting this training journal so I can get feedback from you all and see if I'm progressing at a good rate. I'm doing the Stronglifts 5x5 method. I weight trained for a year and half starting when I was about 16, but stopped because I wasn't progressing. All weights are at 5x5 except for starting bench weight and all deadlifts (1x5 for these). Start (8/14/10): All measurements are in POUNDS (I can do kilograms if people would rather see that). Squat: 45 Bench: 115 (this was max at time, probably more like 105 for 5x5, but I was being dumb). Deadlift: 135 OHP: 65 2 chin-ups (when I did them at start of workout) 0 pull-ups Unable to do dips. As of 9/21/10: Squat: 165 Bench: 130 (I progressed horribly on this because I was too eager to add weight, so I often stalled. Now benching with correct form for an honest 5x5. Feels much better.) OHP: 80 (Same problem with this: was too eager to add weight. I'm smarter now.) Deadlift: 265 (I love what these do to my body: destroy it! lol) 4 chin-ups (at END of workout this time, so tired at this point) 2 pull-ups Dips: 8, 6, 6. I don't know what I currently weigh, but on 8/14 I weighed 165 and on 8/26 I weighed 171 (both measured first thing when I rose). I will add some before/after photos in about 3 weeks. I hope they show good change... I have no idea if I'll be happy with the changes. I'm on a vegan diet, of course! I'd appreciate any honest opinions on my progress (or lack thereof). Edit: Forgot to mention my goals. I've like to get bigger and stronger (duh). I don't mind adding some fat with the muscle (I'm a very disciplined eater (like all vegans ), so I'm not worried about cutting later.
  18. Cool! Hope you like the program. It's worked great for me (when I eat and sleep enough...) Flexibility was a big issue for me with squats. I find it useful to do this stretch: http://stronglifts.com/wp-content/uploads/squat-stretch.jpg. I do this 3 or 4 times a day for 30 seconds. Sorry if I'm giving you unsolicited advice.
  19. Great to see another member doing SL! Looks like you're making good progress. I will start a log here soon. We can keep each other on track!
  20. I'm not qualified to give any medical advise, but let me say that you look great. Your muscular back scares me a bit LOL. I hope to look like that one day. What I mean is, like mtguy1976 said, don't rush it. Good luck!
  21. If you're looking for something more than an impromptu routine: I'm only a beginner, but I LOVE the Stronglifts program. I'm making great progress (when I can remember to eat enough haha).
  22. Robert, does your shirt say Plant Strength? Must have one....
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