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  1. Quick update: Squats are much easier shoeless. Tennis shoes make the knees wobble like crazy.
  2. Great progress! I have to ask: why are your pants off in one picture?
  3. That calf is cuter than almost every puppy I've seen!
  4. Great idea. I will join when I am... strong.
  5. Starting to add some "serious" (for me) weight to deadlifts... my hands get destroyed! I should try the mixed grip.
  6. Quick update: College gym is great. Few people use the power racks. Power racks, by the way, are wonderful! I love knowing that if I'm going down, the weight isn't going on top of me. Food isn't too bad. There are plenty of vegan options (all well marked), so I am very happy (physically, at least )
  7. Hi everyone! I'm a 19 year old (male) college student in LA. I have been eating vegan for a few weeks and weightlifting for about the same amount of time, too. I was a pescatarian ("vegetarian," eating fish, milk, and dairy) for a year and half before. Very happy I made the switch; I feel much better about myself. I'm doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program and am loving it! I've put on 10 or more pounds of mass since I started the program. I am noticing a change in my appearance: I appear bulkier. I'm going all out: eating as much as I can and working out hard. Tired of the skinny-fat look!! I just started college. Hopefully there is a good selection of vegan food. (I brought a ton of Clif bars and dried soybeans....) I have yet to see the gym, but I hope it has a power rack!! At home, I was lifting the bar from a bench press setup by sitting down and getting it on my back... fortunately, I was (and still am) lifting a very small amount of weight for squats. I still haven't perfected the technique. If I posted a video, would anyone take a look at my technique? This seems like the nicest and most mature community I've ever seen on the internet! Great to be here! Many of you guys inspire me. Edit: I hope to add some before/after photos in a few weeks.
  8. It's great to see your progress. I've been doing SL5x5 for two weeks or so now. Loving it!
  9. We wouldn't notice the damage to your face. A ninja always wears his mask.
  10. I've been lurking for awhile, but your transformation has inspired me so go ahead and post... Epic!
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