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  1. ten minutes? how long are you waiting between each set? most of what i've read says to wait at least 3 minutes between each set if your goal is to get stronger.


    I get confused on this. I never know what to wait. I've seen such a range of recommendations. I usually rest 1-2 min. until I feel ready for the next set, but I don't know if that's the right way to go about it.


    You got it right on there Lobsteriffic. That's the key. You rest as long as you need to rest.


    For me, this week's sets of this cycle don't need a ton of rest to hit the prescribed reps. I think the numbers are evidence of that. So, I'm resting 1 or less between...maybe 2-3 before the final set. I also mentioned in an earlier post that this cycle of the 5/3/1 is more of a 4-week vacation for recovery than for growing.

    I know that if I continue to do consecutive cycles, the increase in weight on the bar will be more than such a short rest time can handle - at which point you'd see me rest longer...up to 5 minutes.


    Though, as far as I've studied, the exercise becomes more aerobic in the 30 sec. rest range...1-5 minutes is a good frame of reference for anaerobic strength/hypertrophy gains.

  2. Hey, Thx Chewy! Right on, bro! One step at a time!


    Today I did:


    3 - 200m sprints @ 33 seconds each with 1 minute rest between.


    I felt like I was going to HURL! felt sooo good! LOL


    I'm thinking of doing something like this once a week and gradually adding more intervals as my cardio is able.

    My heart rate one minute after the last 200m was 150bpm...not as bad as I thought it would have been.

  3. @Deiman, I totally agree with you about the genetics AND being able to accomplish what Chewy has while being vegan, amen! Totally not trying to take away from what he has done.

    My point wasn't that everyone can accomplish that. The mention of such big numbers is really a bit of a dream of mine...not that everyone can or wants to achieve such heavy iron at 190 BW. (some of us are meant for endurance, etc.)

    But, for me, it helps to believe that an "Average Joe" CAN get there through hard work and dedication...after putting in the yearz. (even if a bit misplaced - perhaps I'll never get there either)

    Though, I would like to say that regardless of what hand of genetics we've been dealt, the striving to reach our (personal) potential offers the greatest rewards (not chasing a pipe dream out of a magazine).

    And I believe being vegan is more of an advantage than a disadvantage.


    @Chewy, I'm looking forward to following along if you choose to do the Bill Starr 5x5...maybe I'll even do it myself! It's looking more and more like the best option!

    Do you have the spreadsheet for it?

  4. GLad to see you back! nice squat numbers! remember to be patient and consistent and the numbers will keep going up!


    For eating, don't eat to get fat. If you start gaining too much fat, cut back a little bit. Don't watch the scale, watch the mirror! ...the goal should be gaining LEAN mass. PEACE!

  5. This was a really bad night for me. I ripped up 170kg x 4 then 172.5kg x 5 all with no belt over 10 weeks ago, much much easier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_e1DRsXY7w. And much more weight with a belt leading up to my first comp.


    WTH, man? This is awesome power ! !


    What kind of steroids are you using?


    Deiman, I recommend reading Brawn and Beyond Brawn. You'll discover, being an all-natural average hardgainer, one can expect to reach a 300 bench, 400 squat, and a 500 deadlift with good form. (@ 190lb BW)


    Eat big, lift big, rest big, grow big! (with a solid plan and executing it)


    Look back at the rest of Chewy's log and you'll see that he's been consistent and patient for a looong time. THAT'S what pays off! If you want what he's got, do what he's done. Maybe it'll take a bit longer but you can get there, too!

    One more thing to realize, as Chewy has mentioned before, he has good levers for the deadlift, (long arms) which show in his bench. everyone's proportions are different.


    Sorry for the long post here Chewy , but I thought it was worth mentioning...

    On another note, hope the resting does the trick! Enjoy it and relax!...even though you sleep with your weights!

  6. @ Adena - Thanks for all the input! I looked up the Bill Starr 5x5 and downloaded a really nice spreadsheet of it as well as the SL 5x5 advanced. Both look pretty good! I think I now have options 'O' plenty. I'll have another two weeks of 5/3/1 before I need to decide. So far, I'm feeling really good on the 5/3/1...better than I felt on the SL 5x5.


    @Lobsteriffic - I'm amazed as well! It wasn't really until I looked back and put it side-by-side with my current numbers that I really saw the progress. It makes me hungry for MORE! LOL

    As far as the SL5x5 goes, I just read that once you reach about 1.2-1.5x BW on the squats, it's OK to change things up. move to 3x5 or 1x5 or go on to something completely different altogether. Those are also other options I am looking at. Keep me posted on what you decide and how it works out for you. Keep it up!


    Today's W/O:


    5/3/1 cycle 1 session 8


    Ran @ 10km/hr for 5 minutes, then...



    1x5 - 45kg

    1x3 - 57kg

    1x3 - 60kg

    1x8 - 64kg



    2x10 [email protected]?? (haven't weighed myself in two weeks ...but it was 84.5kg last I checked)


    Played badminton for an hour.

  7. Two of my most-est favorite things in the whole world!! mandarin oranges and rolling out the ITB! HAHAHA! Pain and Pleasure! I LOVE IT! Being in China, we get them pretty much year-round and I can eat about 20 at a time! ...makes the whole apartment smell of citrus for the rest of the day!

    The ITB is a bugger but as you said, feels SO much better after rolling it out.


    AND...PRs to boot! a gold mine of joy over here! :D:D

  8. Thanks MaryStella! I appreciate the extra motivation!


    Today's W/O:


    5/3/1 cycle 1 session 7




    1x5 - 105kg

    1x5 - 120kg

    1x3 - 135kg

    1x3 - 144kg

    1x5 - 152kg (I felt like I could do one more, but didn't want to push it...I've read, when in doubt, don't do it. I enjoy being injury free and wanna keep it that way! lol )

    5x10 - 85kg


    20 minutes and DONE!


    I felt fresh and strong on all the sets - even to the last set of ten!

  9. Chewy, I agree on ALL accounts!


    I think getting away from the SL5x5 beginner has helped me see that maybe I should move on from it to at least madcow's or SL advanced. I think my body will thank me in the long run. They both still squat 3x per week like I want to do, but they're periodized and not all heavy, all the time. I really don't plan to gain much more body weight and with where my numbers are on the bar, I think it won't hurt to change gears. So, I'm not overly concerned with squeezing everything I can out of the beginner program. After all, this is a lifelong race we're running here...much bigger than this or that program.


    Just a recap of where I came from to where I am now (6 months):


    BW/AGE/HT: 31yrs. young, 5'8" - 173cm

    78kg @ 21+% bodyfat => 84kg @ 15% bodyfat



    60kg - 6 reps => 95kg - 5x5



    75kg - 10 reps => 123kg - 8 reps, 5x5



    35kg - 5 reps => 65kg - 5x5



    85kg - 5 reps => 155kg 5 reps



    Along the way, I've done little cardio work and zero speed or agility work, thinking I needed to build a base of strength first and then worry about those things. While I'm not the strongest I could be at this body weight, I think that I want to start doing the other things, too. Perhaps, 5/3/1 without any assistance exercises - JUST the 4 core lifts, will allow room in my recovery ability to do just that.



    Just thinking and typing here...Throwing it out there for suggestions or comments.

  10. Today's W/O


    5/3/1 cycle 1 week 2 session 6


    Ran another 600m this morning with my 6th graders. They do this every morning at 10:00 as a whole school. Just like a military drill in formation with a cadence, sound-off, whistles blowing and everything!


    I played badminton for 45 minutes as my warm-up. No kidding here, this was quite high intensity compared to anything I've ever done in the States. China takes badminton VERY seriously here! It turned out to be a great warm-up for my shoulders as I played left and right handed so it would be even. My left side coordination SUCKS!



    1x5 - 65kg

    1x5 - 75kg

    1x3 - 83kg

    1x3 - 88kg

    1x7 - 93kg

    5x10 - 52kg (same as last time - exploding up sending the bar in the air and catching it on each rep)


    BB rows:

    5x10 - 45kg


    35 minutes and DONE!

  11. @Adena thanks for stoppin' by! How many cycles have you done with 5/3/1? As I see it, 5/3/1 is periodized while SL5x5 is linear and goes up in weight EVERY session and squats 3 times per week. Calculating things out, should prove that the SL5x5 adds weight 3x as fast on squats and deadlift and twice as fast on the others. BUT, the frequency is much higher and more volume per session with SL5x5. I think it depends on recovery ability/food intake/quality of rest that will determine if and how much I do SL5x5 at these higher weights. I think it's a great program for quick gains in the beginning but not as practical to be squatting heavy sets 3x/week. That's where the Madcow 5x5 and SL5x5 advanced come into play...another couple of paths to consider.


    @RobPMFF Thanks Rob, my stance isn't narrow but it isn't sumo-wide either.

    Actually it's not the squatting that caused the pain. It was sitting too much over the weekend (on the road) and the knees not being warm. It was when I stopped at a rest area and went up a step that I got the sharp pain.

    It's just when I tried to go do squats on Monday, the pain was still there from the weekend and was more severe when I tried to squat. I think that the rolling and being well warmed up/keeping my knees warm has been the biggest help. That, and the squatting, I'm guessing, really got the blood flowing to the quads and helped flush them clear of the crap from the inactivity. Almost like the legs were stale and needed to be refreshed. That's what intuition tells me anyways...


    On another note, I looked at charts today for strength standards. It says I am in the intermediate level now and in some, half-way to advanced! (according to calculated 1RM)

    Maybe I'll get a snap shot of them up here. Guess I can't say I'm a beginner anymore. Well, I'll still consider myself a beginner until I've been lifting at least a year...maybe then, still a little green.

  12. Today's W/O:


    This morning I went for a light jog of 600m just to feel out the knee. It actually felt a little painful, but WAY better than yesterday. Afterward, I spent over an hour rolling out the legs and glutes with the bat and a glass sphere about the size of a softball

    (the piriformis got extra attention this morning! )

    Everything was feeling great after all of that, so I figured, "why not get some squats in and get caught up with the schedule!" It turned out to be a great idea and after squatting the knee pain was completely gone. Seems a bit bizarre that the thing that was so painful to do is actually what made the pain go away!



    1x10 - 85kg

    1x5 - 95kg

    1x3 - 109kg

    1x3 - 116kg

    1x8 - 123kg (quite pleased with this, thank you berry much!)

    5x10 - 68kg


    Leg Curls:

    5x10 - 40kg


    All finished in under 30 minutes. I'm really enjoying the short workouts here.

    I hope I'll still want to go back to SL5x5 after this cycle!

    What ever works best! We'll see at the end of this 4-week cycle and go from there.

  13. Wow that girl probably spots more than me, and she's using good form, lol.


    But thank you for the information I will have to try these little exercises out sometime.


    Yeah, it was a little demotivating for me to see her front squatting too much for me to think about! LOL


    Hope the exercises help!

  14. Thanks ya'll!


    Actually, Trillium, it's kg. and I didn't do the chins yesterday (it's my least favorite) PLUS, I've been considering skippin' the assistance exercises through this cycle since I am still planning to go back to SL5x5 after once through the 5/3/1 and the point is to give my body the rest it needs to be able to squat three times a week again.


    go get 'em!

  15. For those that are curious about the

    5/3/1 as I am doing it,

    here is a snapshot from the spreadsheet I created.




    It's set up for anybody to use...just need to plug in the main numbers and it figures out the weights for each session for you...all the way out to (5) 4-week cycles, so 20 weeks total.

    If you'd like a copy, PM me.


    Today's W/O:


    Originally, I was going to just skip the OHP session and keep on track with the squats for today. BUT, the knee pain was more than I could bare. Jogging this morning was really rough, but felt better toward the end. Later, I tried a REALLY light set of 10 with only 35kg and it was screaming during every rep. The lower back just feels like DOMS, so I'm not worried there. The knee issue is NOT a happy thing...more like a knife being jammed into my thigh just above the kneecap. I'll continue to stretch and roll the area and hope it's better in time to squat on Wednesday. I'll also probably take some anti-inflammatory meds tonight and follow the RICE principle.

    Overall I wasn't very motivated today in light of the knee issue, even though I got 9 reps on the last core set...my only consolation.


    cycle 1 session 4



    1x5 - 53kg

    1x5 - 57kg

    1x9 - 60kg

    5x10 - 35kg


    20 minutes and DONE!

  16. @TF Good question! The lower weight/higher rep at the end is simply one of the many options for the 5/3/1 format. For me, I feel it's a good way to add volume to the W/O and as a "finisher." Also, I find that doing lower weight/higher reps at the end helps my main lifts at the heavier weights (when used as assistance work).

    When I'm fighting through a sticking point on a final rep, I don't want to fail because the muscle has no endurance or is fatigued. This helps take care of that. That, and making sure I've got enough nutrition (glycogen stores). This may certainly be different for others, but that's my experience and "logic."

  17. Maybe not the cheapest, but certainly the most efficient way to up the protein is with protein powders. Sounds though that budget might be an issue for you, so The extra peanut butter is a good option if you're not opposed to the extra fat. Or you could try some peanut flour and add that. it has the same amount of protein but WAY less fat.

    viewtopic.php?f=24&t=22886&p=250019&hilit=peanut+flour#p250019 Here's a thread that talks about it.

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