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  1. Zach, I have never interracted with you before and have know idea who you are. I think you need to focus on training, you have not posted a training log in 2 years. Were you drunk when you posted?
  2. This is a training journal. If you guys cannot stay on topic take it to General Discussion.
  3. It's Kate Moss and I have always thought she was hot.
  4. Mary is that without rest between rounds? I hate cardio, I am always looking for ideas, and that sounds interesting.
  5. I am looking for price. I am not going broke over my taste buds. 26g/serving true protien soy isolate I think Whole Foods Market soy protein powder has 24 or 26g/serving, however it is much more expensive.
  6. Tuesday 8.31.10 DB Strict Press 6x3x42lbs Inverted Towel Rack Chins 3x5
  7. Monday 8.30.10 Decline Sit-ups 5x10x25lbs
  8. I do not think I articulated the problem well. I do not recall weight shifting to the balls of my feet. Squatting was hurting my back. It just felt awkward. It does sound weird because initially I thought I could fix the problem by squatting in the other direction. I have to stand on a board when I deadlift too because it hurts my back deadlifting with my feet on the floor. I put my entire feet from toes to heels on a board when I deadlift. I never had this problem before in my old apartment. I have no idea whether or not my ankles are inflexible. I never thought about that before. The rest of my body, in particular my lowerbody, is more naturally flexible than the average person who does not have any flexibility training. I recognized this from yoga and martial arts training and my instructors pointed this out to me as well. How would a person determine if they have ankle inflexibility? See a podiatrist?
  9. Former baseball star Roger Clemens to be arraigned Monday
  10. Sunday 8.29.10 Full Squat 6x3x200lbs Towel Rack Chin-ups 1x10 1x6 1x5 The reps were not intentional. I did not take enough time between set one and two and I changed my feet positioning for the second and third sets to increase the degree of difficulty.
  11. Did any of those sources state why having a board under your heels puts different stress on the knees compare to shoes with heels of corresponding height? From what I've read, the main argument against putting a board or something else under your heels is that it makes your position less stable and it does not support the whole foot like a weightlifting shoe does.In my experience using a 1/2 inch board, my position feels very stable. I feel good drive coming up threw my heels. I never feel like I am leaning forward on the balls of my feet. Have you tried squatting facing the other direction, so that the slope of the floor puts your heels higher instead of lower? That could maybe eliminate the need for the board. Bronco, yes I have tried squatting in both directions and either direction I face squatting with my heels on the floor without the board feels unbalanced.
  12. boardn10, I have to use a board because the floor of my entire 1st floor apartment tilts slightly downwards towards the street. It is not noticable to the naked eye. I discovered this the first time I squatted on it because I felt "off" and my knees hurt. The board corrected the floor imbalance problem. I do not do powerlifting squats. I only do full squats.
  13. I love Amazon women. I like short women too. I'm not sure how tall I am. I always thought I was 6' 1" since I was 16, then I went to a doctors appointment a few years ago and I shrank to 6'. The Incredible Shrinking Man?"
  14. I'm a strict vegetarian. I was leaning towards the vegan lifestyle direction as far as health and beauty products, put the the judgmental attitude of veganazis turned me off and I never took the next steps. I don't have a need to buy leather or wool. I bought my sparring protective gear before I started eating a vegan diet and it lasts forever.
  15. For the purpose of this discussion could someone define what a vegan is? Here we go again.
  16. I have used them for dips, push-ups, pull/chin-ups. Weighted vests evenly distribute the weight for push-ups and I think they are more comfortable to wear for dips and pull-ups as opposed to having a dipping belt with BB plates dangling between my legs. I don't know if brisk walking is considered to be a bodyweight exercise, but weighted vests are great for that to. I have a 20lb and a 40lb. The 20 easily fits over the 40.
  17. Those people aren't vegans, they are strict vegetarians.
  18. Someone already mention trueprotein.com I bought there soy isolate for $5.09/lb USD
  19. I love doing pull-ups too. Unfortunately the doorway of my new apartment is to narrow for my pull-up bar and the door frame is not sturdy enough to hold much weight.
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