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  1. I don't know if this the best time to change something up that drastic. Stick with what works for now and figure out going vegan after the show.
  2. 192lbs!!! WOOOOOO! been having some awesome workouts this week and today especially was pretty severe!!! Warm up: Leg extensions (one leg at a time) - 50lbs x 30 reps x 3 sets this is just to get the blood flowing.. I do not currently use extensions as an actual lift right now Back Squat: 135 x 20 225 x 10 275 x 10 Drop set: 315 x 6, 225 x 10, 135 x 20 (puke)... not really but damn close! Lunges: I do these one leg at a time for a set then switch out. The reason is because I don't have a clear path in the gym to just walk. (note: each rep the knee touches the ground) 125 x 15 (legs are fucking shot from squats lol) 125 x 10 125 x 10 Leg Curls: (also done one leg at a time) 85 x 20 105 x 16 105 x 16 (OMFG had to wait a little bit before using the next leg on these because it was painful. I go very slow on these!) Calf Machine: this thing is sick!!! Can't really explain how it's set up but know it does allow a great stretch!!! I do calves a very particular way because throwing a lot of weight on and repping it out just wasn't doing shit for them. Here is the way that has actually made progress. (i do these one leg at a time too) I push to full lock out and slooowwwly retract with about a 5 count until I reach the full stretch of the calf and hold for 10 - 15 seconds (it burns!), repeat!!! Just get as many as possible it's KILLER! There's another twist to these as well but I'll save that for the next time I hit calves... which is Saturday! hahahaha Weighted Hyper Extensions: 45 x alot 25 x alot BW x too many! Lol I don't count these, I just go until my back is beyond pumped and it's hard to walk. LOL yes hard to walk because of a back pump, anyone who has experienced this will understand FOOD That's one type of leg day for me Basic yet effective!
  3. We should start a thread about "what ridiculous crap did you hear in the gym today?" Hmmmmm
  4. YES I didn't mean to try and argue with you I just have seen too many people go off on how intensity specifically means adding weight or going heavy only. For some that may be true, but not everyone. You're right though we do mainly agree on the end result! Nothing gets left on the table!
  5. You are 100% right... for you! There are many forms of "intensity". For a year straight all I did was fight the logbook. Every single day I went in to that gym I had to beat the log book with either a couple more reps of the same weight as last time or add weight and get the same amount of reps as last time. If I couldn't I FAILED. Well after a year of this "heavy only" way of lifting I did put on mass but am I happy with the results? NO. So I took a step back just as you mentioned some people should do.. and I realized that my version of "intensity" wasn't working for me. I want to look like a bodybuilder, not a power lifter which is what my physique is starting to resemble. The thickness is there but no shape. So what if I deadlift 450lbs for 7 reps or rack pull 500+ lbs at a weight of 190lbs? All I was focusing on was the fact that I needed to lift heavy and super heavy every single time. I am very strong for my size but guess what? I have friends who out weigh me by over 40lbs who look like bodybuilders with wide cannon ball shoulders, 21" arms, and backs wider than hell who can't lift as much. When I really took a hard look at these comparisons I took a goooood look at my training. In my blog on here I just mentioned how I have started a completely different style of training and for those first couple weeks yes the intensity dropped but only because I'm now realizing other things that are just as important. That has now changed and again there will be nothing left each session. To me INTENSITY is leaving nothing on the table. That much I agree 100% with you. If I can walk out that gym and say to myself "I could have done more" then I did not have a worthwhile session... however that doesn't mean it was bad because I didn't add weight to the bar. The body truly does adapt!!! I was so stubborn until now that I actually believed I could just keep doing the same damn thing... "just add weight" and I would keep getting good results. It just doesn't work like that.. it's PROVEN! THE BODY ADAAAAPTS! A lot of people say that you shouldn't listen to what a pro bodybuilder does because they're just on a million grams of test/deca/insulin/gh/igf-1/blah/blah/blah, but what's sad is their versions of intensity and progress stand true. Ask 50 true bodybuilders that have great physiques how they train and you will get 50 different answers!!! The one common link is they leave nothing on the table! THAT'S IT! You have to change it up and the heavy shit, the light shit, the moderate shit, the drop sets, rest-pause, supersets, giant sets, etc.. IT WORKS! And if I had listened to the big guys from the beginning I would look a whole lot better right now. So to sum up... There is a place for heavy and only focusing on linear progression if that's what suits YOU. I just don't agree that intensity is about adding weight. Hell one of my buddies is 260lbs with abs. He is so damn wide!!! He hasn't gone up in his bench in probably 2 years yet his chest still improves!!! His intensity is very high but not always the weight If treating the gym like a warzone is what works for you that's fucking awesome because it sounds bad ass! haha but some people can get just as much work done and truly enjoy it! I LOOOOVE doing a drop set on back squats starting at 315lbs and getting down to 135lbs for 20 more reps without more than a 5 second rest in between taking plates off. Tell me that won't put something on your legs! You just gotta remember to eat after you throw up Hell some people in the gym think I'm nuts because I'll do something like that and smile. Everyone has to find what works for them. We're all the same yet we are all different. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  6. I figure I may as well finally start this. I will update as frequently as I can about training, diet, success and/or failures. For those that have no clue who I am yet, go here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22229 First entry: I'm still holding right at 190lbs during this switch of becoming a vegan and trying to get the right amount of calories in. The second week I actually was down 3lbs but now that's already back up and I have kicked my training back in to full swing. I always take a "de-load" after every 8 - 12 weeks or when my body just feels burned out. How long my "de-load" is will vary. I usually don't like to go more than 3 or 4 days, but this last one was a week straight. Now during the short time off it's not always void of lifting, however, if I do lift it's very low intensity.. really just go in there to get some blood in to the muscles. That's it! The main focus is to keep the calories the same and just focus on recovery!!! Maybe a little cardio.. it's all in how I feel. I have mentioned in a couple threads about a new way of training for me. Up until recently I have truly made some great progress with a very basic 5x5 setup and just being consistent, which is something I try to make everyone understand the importance of. At this time I have a good amount of weight on my frame (considering where I started) and I'm really focusing on getting that bodybuilder shape now, not just putting on size for the sake of size. So now I am really expanding the type of lifts I use and the rep schemes/ intensity. It's not all about the weight anymore, it's about truly putting the muscle to work and bringing in extreme fascia stretching. The past couple weeks the intensity has been a tad lower but I have been focusing on the mind/muscle connection and that has actually forced about some changes in my form. Not that my form was bad, but it was more for powerlifting or rather just moving weight from A to B. A slight change in angle of my arms or legs is making a huuuuge difference in how the muscle gets hit and finding ways to eliminate certain assisting muscles as to truly put focus on another is working well so far. In fact by doing this and also adding more volume my chest has made a noticeable difference in only two weeks! I am going to give it a little more time and when I get the tweaks worked out I will post the final version of the routine. All I can say now is that I'm hitting each bodypart twice a week. 6 days on and 1 day off. If I need an extra day off for whatever reason I have no problem doing so. I'll update soon!
  7. Guys thank you! Herc I would love to train in your gym and shake a few people up! hahahaha I do think I found the problem! FUCKING BROCCOLI !!!! I haven't had any these past few days (and I was eating the hell outta that stuff) and NO MORE BLOAT! Heeellllllll yyyyyeeeesssssssssssssssss!!!! I know what you mean about mental stress though as I have definitely payed attention to how that stuff can affect my body. I'm really good about keeping calm and allowing it all to just come out when I train. No matter the situation I look at the brighter side of it and focus on that. Once I'm warmed up and under a bar tho... it all comes out! Oh and Permabear... Probiotics are fantastic! I sell the hell out of them at the store.. we use the NOW 25 billion count. I had stopped for a while but also started back up recently. It's great stuff and I recommend everyone on a bulking diet to add them in! Thank you for the help guys!!!!!
  8. Thanks for the insight.. I'm hoping it's just an adjustment deal. The main reason I'm using soy so much is because it's most familiar to me and I didn't have to completely lose my eating schedule in the process of switching to veganism (that a real word?) lol.. I honestly think I have an idea of what it is. The one thing I have an abundance of with every meal lately, and is known to cause gas and bloat, is broccoli. I'm going to switch that out for another green and see what happens. WOOHOOOOOOO! It just sucks when you have abs with a distended gut!!!!! I'm not on Growth Hormone damnit!!!! lol
  9. Ok so I've been vegan for a couple weeks now and eating quite a bit of course as I'm still "bulking". I was always bloated when I still ate meat and dairy and tons of rice. During the first week of eating vegan the bloat seemed like it was going away ohhhhh I was so happy! NOPE... it's definitely back and if not worse I don't get it. Any ideas? I do eat a lot of soy at the moment as my main protein source. I dunno just looking to see if anyone else fought with bloat. Thanks!
  10. THIS is what everyone should do before they start any new "diet" or "meal plan". So many people tell me "I eat sooo much food you just don't get it! I can't gain weight!" and then I ask them ok, how many calories you eat a day? NO ANSWER! Once they actually do an HONEST food log for the span of atleast a few days they realize they have absolutely not been eating enough. Some people gain well on only a few hundred calories over maintenence and others, like myself, need almost 1000 cals over maintenance to see a progression. And in my opinion, a true bulk means putting on some fat. It's really not a big deal. Do you want to put on the most muslce in the shortest amount of time? Get fat!!!! hahaha I know that's not what people want to hear but unless you're ok with only gaining a few lbs of TRUE muscle every few months then you need to put on some fat too. It's better to bulk heavy and trim the fat than bulk lean and slow as hell. (granted this is for people not on drugs as that changes things a little bit)
  11. Well in all reality leg workouts are honestly best done in your socks A lot of pro body builders either wear very flat shoes or just a pair of socks. But now the new craze is Vibram's. A ton of people are switching over to these and having less joint issues and pain. It's definitely becoming more popular and I will be getting a set shortly! http://media.rei.com/media/nn/00e06400-093b-41d6-a0c6-e8687d554b85.jpg
  12. You are correct! You can save your money and not worry about the glutamine Everything else good to go and you are very welcome!!
  13. Ok.. your post w/o shake sounds pretty good. You definitely need carbs immediately after working out as that's your primary shuttle for glycogen and nutrients feeding the muscles. At this time carbs will NOT stand a chance at being turned in to adipose tissue. As far as Pre-cardio a little protein and fat is a good idea. Something to sustain you but honestly I think people over think this some. Do what you feel is good in that situation but do not take BCAA's before cardio only sessions. Your body will immediately use it up as an energy source and it's just been wasted. Overall you have to look at cardio as a means to an over all goal at the end of the day - calories in vs calories out. The debate on cardio with an empty stomach will never be conclusive, the main fact is that it's getting done and of course in the most efficient manner... ie. HIIT. If you can not do HIIT then by all means any other way is still not BAD. If you properly execute a HIIT session it should be no longer than 15 - 20 minutes. That's the beauty of it!!! It's gotta be INTENSE though! Your pre-workout regimen sounds great as well! Those are the vital basics necessary to saturate the muscles.. if you want you can drop the glutamine pre-w/o though as it will just get burned up as fuel. Plus the only way to truly get enough glutamine to the muscles is to ingest quite a bit, upwards of 30g/ day. Most of it gets absorbed in the stomach lining. Your system sounds great overall! Very awesome stuff there.. overall like I said just be sure to get mostly Protein and Carbs after workout with minimal fat at that moment. The fat will slow it all down and you want those nutrients absorbed as quick as possible. BEAST IT!!!!
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