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  1. Hello fellow vegan fitness fans! I'm looking for suggestions for some new core exercises. I think I'm falling into a rut for back exercises. Anything you can suggest for building a nice back? I need some new upper body exercises to add to my workout program. Thanks in advance to all!
  2. Wow! Thanks guys Robert WhT hotel did you get for that amazing price! I'll try to get in on it too!
  3. Anyone going to the festival in Boston? I want to go but can't find accomdations close by and I won't have a car out there. Suggestions on where to stay? Anyone here from Boston? I'm not sure what is close by. Thanks!
  4. Hi Coroho I am using the bike as I mentioned but I wanted some other alternatives to throw into the mix. I may even actually get on a real bike and enjoy some Fall colours this week-end.
  5. Thanks Crashnburn I'll add those for sure!
  6. Hello! Yes, I'm seeing two actually! LOL! ...and both physio's are having a hard time coming up with leg exercises for me that are not a heavy strain on the knee.
  7. Okay I'm really thinking I need to attend. I'll check into hotels. Thanks to all for the feedback!
  8. So I likely have a meniscus tear and am working on strengthening the supporting muscles that help stabilize the patella. I currently can't do squats or anything that requires pivoting, but would love some more suggestions on exercises for my quads that doesn't put too much strain on the knee. Extensions are out as well. I really need ideas where I control the muscle being used. Currently I"ve been using the bike as my cardio warm up. Thanks guys!
  9. ...and what if I wanted to carry your books? Is that a possibility?
  10. Anyone here going? If so can you suggest a hotel that is close and not outrageous in price? Thanks!
  11. Well let me know if you ever plan to hit Winnipeg I'm not much on Twitter but will try to hook up with you on Facebook. Peace!
  12. Where is the largest Vegan Festival held in North America? Europe? The world? Does anyone know? Links would be great too. -Merci!
  13. Hi All! I wasn't sure really where to drop this topic ..but I was wondering if there were any vegan chefs or cooks on the board? Also is anyone able to use their veganism as their career? I just heard of a vegan landscaper that does solely edible landscapes also a vegan who is a baker who just launched her own vegan bakery. Thanks!
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