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  1. So I likely have a meniscus tear and am working on strengthening the supporting muscles that help stabilize the patella. I currently can't do squats or anything that requires pivoting, but would love some more suggestions on exercises for my quads that doesn't put too much strain on the knee.

    Extensions are out as well. I really need ideas where I control the muscle being used.

    Currently I"ve been using the bike as my cardio warm up.


    Thanks guys!

  2. I don't take fooling around with "Vegan" labelling lightly!

    So I contacted Garden of Life and asked if the product was truly vegan or not.

    Here is there reply:

    Thank you for your email and interest in Garden of Life's products. We recognize that the choice to become a Vegetarian or Vegan is intensely personal and requires tremendous individual commitment. We, at Garden of Life, honor that choice and are committed to your pursuit of Extraordinary Health.




    Vitamin D, particularly D3, is a vital fat soluble nutrient which is vital to your health. Emerging science is studying the links between D3 and bone, breast and prostate health and many other conditions that affect our well-being. We, at Garden of Life, passionately believe that as a Vegan, supplementation is an important consideration for you as your diet may be lacking in Vitamin D, especially during the Fall and Winter months. That's why we have created what we consider to be a valuable, Vegan friendly Vitamin D3 nutrient. The following briefly explains our D3 process:




    The vitamins and minerals included in VITΔMIN CODE formulas are delivered in a whole food form as RAW Food-Created Nutrients. This process utilizes a single isolated vitamin or mineral that is fed to the yeast or probiotic. A specific peptide designed for that particular nutrient is then introduced in order to allow the nutrient to be metabolized (or absorbed) through the yeast’s cell wall. This process mimics nature, just like when a plant takes an inorganic mineral salt that is naturally occurring in the soil (selenium for example), and absorbs it into its roots, the plant becomes rich in selenium. This process is conducted with two distinct organisms – S. cerevisiae (baker’s yeast) and L. bulgaricus (probiotic culture used in traditional yogurt recipes which is non-dairy).




    Vitamin Code D3 is made with RAW Food-Created Vitamin D3 and we consider it to be vegetarian and vegan friendly, however please visit our website for more information about how this product is made and the vegan nature of the Vitamin D www.gardenoflife.com/D3

  3. I've been using Vega Sport Optimizer before my workouts at the gym.

    I know it does make a big difference in my workouts

    However I find it makes me feel anxious and a bit jittery. Sort of like a very excited feeling. Which just pumps me up more for my work out.

    Now normally I have low-normal blood pressure but it never fails if I take Vega Sport it always spikes my blood pressure to high!

    I don't know if anyone else has tried this but take your blood pressure before taking Vega Sport Optimizer and then again about 10-20 minutes after drinking it.

    Plese let me know if you get a spike as well.

    I may have to bring this up on the Vega website to make sure this is normal or at least an OK occurance.

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