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  1. Heh thank you! I always feel a bit of a shrimp when I'm at the gym, using small weight and stuff but at least I think I must be doing ok as I do seem to be going up Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a bit busy lately what with getting the mortgage sorted, work and I've had two Christmas Fairs to help at. One for Hillside Animal Sanctuary, the organisation Rich and I work for. And one today for the North Norfolk Cat's Lifeline Trust - a small cat sanctuary run from a lady's back garden. All good stuff though, and I've finally found the time to update you all on what I've been up to at the gym. Had a week off when Rich was ill so I went down quite dramatically after that but I'm climbing back up again now Anyhoo this is what I've been doing: Thursday 4th November: Compound Exercises: Dumbbell Bench Press: 8kg - 10 reps Lat Pulldown Machine: 25kg - 13 reps Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 7kg - 12 reps Upright Cable Row: 10kg - 13 reps Cable Crossover Press: 3.75kg - 12 reps Seated Cable Row: 27.5kg - 12 reps Chest Press Machine: 20kg - 11 reps Leg Press: 60kg - 10 reps Press Ups: 9 Isolation Exercises: Tricep Cable Machine: n/a Bicep Cable Curl: n/a Lateral Shoulder Raise: n/a Ab Crunches: 30
  2. And this is what I did today Compound Exercises: Dumbbell Bench Press: 7kg - 15 reps Lat Pulldown Machine: 25kg - 12 reps Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 7kg - 11 reps Upright Cable Row: 10kg - 12 reps Cable Crossover Press: 3.75kg - 10 reps Seated Cable Row: 27.5kg - 10 reps Chest Press Machine: 20kg - 8 reps Leg Press: 60kg - 8 reps Press Ups: 7 Isolation Exercises: Tricep Cable Machine: 5kg - 17 reps Bicep Cable Curl: 4kg - 15 reps Lateral Shoulder Raise: 4kg - 12 reps Ab Crunches: 25
  3. Heh, I was still having a bit of trouble organising my gym time and knowing what exercises to and in which order, so Richard has written me up a program card with the compound exercises I should concentrate on and a few isolation ones. It's a great program because he has lettered the exercises that work the sames sets of muscles (A, B, C & D) so if a machine is being used by another gym member, I know which other exercise will work the muscles I'm wanting to concentrate on, without working the same ones as I did in the previous exercise set. Sorry if that's a bit garbled - know what I mean So here is my new work out list. I don't have to do all the exercises every time or in the order I have them written down, as long as I do A, B, A, B, C etc not B, B, etc... This is what I did earlier in the week (28/10/10): Compound Exercises: Dumbbell Bench Press: n/a Lat Pulldown Machine:25kg - 11 reps Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 7kg - 9 reps Upright Cable Row: n/a Cable Crossover Press: 2.75kg - 15 reps Seated Cable Row: 27.5kg - 9 reps Chest Press Machine: n/a Leg Press: 50kg - 15 reps Press Ups: 5 Isolation Exercises: Tricep Cable Machine: 5kg - 15 reps Bicep Cable Curl: 4kg - 10 reps Lateral Shoulder Raise: 4kg - 10 reps Ab Crunches: 22
  4. I was pretty tired after work today, it had been a long ol' day but I really want to try hard so we went for a little while, Rich had already been once today! I also remembered my programme card woo hoo so now I can actually record my progress without having to rely on my crappy memory, or lack of it So here goes: Leg Press: 15 reps @ 60kg Lat Pull-Down: 4 reps @ 30kg - bit too heavy so I went down a weight and did: 9 reps @ 25kg Seated Cable Row: 12 reps @ 25kg Upright Cable Row: 15 reps @ 7.5kg - got to go up Dumbbell Bench Press: 10 reps @ 7kg Shoulder Press: 8 reps @ 7kg Cable Chest Press: 15 reps @ 1.25kg - got to go up Tricep Pull-Down: 9 reps @ 10kg Bicep Curl: 8 reps @ 7kg Shoulder Raise: 12 reps @ 4kg Ab Crunches: 20 Booya!
  5. Went to the gym again today and again, I forgot my programme card so I couldn't write down what I did :/ But I have remembered most of it: Lat Pull-Down: 15 @ 20kg Dumbbell Bench Press: 15 @ 6kg Seated Cable Row: 15 @ 15kg Cable Cross Over Press: 15 @ 1.25kg Upright Cable Row: 15 @ 7.5kg Shoulder Press: 10 @ 7kg Leg Press: 10 @ 50kg Bicep Cable Curls: 15 @ 5kg Tricep Pull-Down: 15 @ 7.5kg Lateral Shoulder Raise: 12 @ 2kg Ab Crunch: 16 Press Up: 5 Man I am pooped :/
  6. Alright! Decided to really knuckle down and get training properly now! Got me a list of exercises and advice from Richard to concentrate on to make my arms BIG, yeah Went down to the gym today and had a good general workout, next time I'll organise my time there better and start working on building up my arms and toning my stomach more. Anyhoo this is what I did tonight (not in order, and I did some cardio stuff in between too):- - Leg Press: 8 x 60kg (up 10kg from last time I was there) - Lat Pull-Down: 8 x 25kg - Chest Press: 8 x 20kg - Tricep Cable Pulldown: 9 x 7.5kg - Press-ups: 15 - Dumbbell Bicep Curls: 10 x 7kg - Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 10 x 7kg - Dumbbell Hammer Curl: 10 x 7kg - Ab-Crunches: 15 (twice) - Cardio stuff - did a bit of Cross Trainer, Exercise Bike and Rowing Machine Woop
  7. Thank you! Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been rather hectic recently and I'm recovering from a nasty-ass cold thing that has killed Richard, I died on thursday but am nearly back to life now. Can't wait to get back in the gym!
  8. Hi Rob, thank you! Rich is one of my favorite people too Hi Boudicca - wow, it is a small world! I studied at Easton College, near Norwich
  9. Twiglets I did have a tvp chunk and freshly picked, sliced broad beans, sweet red peppers and mushrooms curry type thingy too...and a couple of bourbon biscuits - not so healthy!
  10. Hee thanks guys! I think joining this forum will give me the confidence to really try harder. I'm reading Richard's copy of Robert's book and that is inspiring me some more too. I went to the gym last night and had a great work out - I have to go up another weight on the leg press again woohoo I also jogged all the way home and could have gone further - I'm amazed how much my general fitness has improved in such a short time already - now to get all muscly!
  11. Hi everybody, thanks for making me feel so welcome Wow, don't you have them in America? They used not to be vegan, they had whey or something nasty like that in them but looks like they've changed the recipe woop!
  12. Heya I've only been working out on and off for a few weeks and haven't really got a routine yet but I'm hoping to get more organised. So far at home I've just done bicep curls, hammer curls and shoulder raises. At the gym I'm doing cardio on the exercise bike, treadmill, rowing machine and cross trainer, and I'm using the chest press, leg press, lat pulldown, and have just started doing overhead triceps extensions and using the multi-gym thingy because my tricep muscles are pretty much non existent! I'm hoping to get bigger arms and stronger shoulders, not too fussed about the rest of me too much but I would like improved over-all fitness, some definition on my stomach would be cool too, and generally not be so little anymore These are my current photos: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v126/Nogri/Family%20and%20friends/S1052164a-1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v126/Nogri/Family%20and%20friends/S1052165a-1.jpg
  13. Hi, I'm a bit new to all this, I'm Ellie, 24 years old, from Norfolk in England and I've been vegan for nearly four years now, and vegetarian for another four or so before that. I wanted to be veggie when I was a child because I never was comfortable with eating animals, they are my friends, but my family thought it was unhealthy and unnatural and wouldn't let me! Undeterred I began to slowly drop more and more animal-derived products from my diet and lifestyle, did as much research as I could, did a Higher National Diploma in Animal Science and Welfare at college and started work at Hillside Animal Sanctuary, a sanctuary that not only rescues and campaigns for farm animals, but also promotes an animal-friendly lifestyle, their cafe (where I work now) serves only vegan foods and drinks! And last year I met Richard (one of the moderators on this site) through Hillside, he works at their main sanctuary and I work at their new one He has encouraged me so much and given me the confidence to really be proud of being vegan and to take it to new levels, I've always been little, I'm only 5' 3ish" but Richard has got me into working out, lifting weights and I've joined the gym with him and am really enjoying it! I want to show my family, and other skeptics, that being vegan doesn't mean being a weakling, that you can be much healthier and strong, and this site certainly proves that! As well as getting all muscly (I hope), I enjoy reading, films, photography, am very interested in conservation and eco stuff, animal welfare and animal behavior - well animals in general really! I also like drawing, gaming, rock music, eating and I volunteer at a cat sanctuary I haven't really done much training yet, just a bit of weight lifting and cardio at home and the gym but I want to get into a better routine and actually record my progress. I also should start eating more healthily - but biscuits and twiglets are so tempting...Anyhoo, enough rambling, I just really hope to improve my overall health and strength and I'm so glad I have such a supportive and knowledgeable boyfriend, and this site to help me
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