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  1. Honey life damn sure isn't over once you reach your 30's! We are never to old to bring change to ourselves! She is one of my biggest inspirations!
  2. Bumping! Have you found anyone? I def need help in the nutrition area. It doesn't matter if they are local or provide support online - I'd love to find someone as well.
  3. Yes I workout at a gym but I'd been slacking. He has no interest working out at my gym. He'd rather use the one in my apt complex. He said he likes to workout alone, but I feel more motivation when I'm around others who want the same things. Plus, my gym has free personal training. Can't beat it. But yes, since the original conversation we've had, has attitude has changed for the better.
  4. OMG, replace my apples and PB- blasphemy lol. Nah I'll look into hummus. I've had it a fewtimes in my lifebut it's been a while. I'm def not looking for calorie restrictions. I'd like my calorie content to be pretty clean at 1,400-1800/day. I'm not into processed foods. I found a local CSA not far from my house. They deliver 20+ pounds organic fresh fruits, veggies to your door for $30/week. Can't beat it
  5. No ma'am..I think chest hair is gross. I don't like that taco meat Anyway, I suggest waxing. It's not too bad. The first few times will be somewhat of a pain, but after that smooth sailing!
  6. Just curious if you all eat either. I've been eating it on/off for the past year. The past few months I've been pretty consistent and eating about 9g spirulina/6g chlorella. If you are eating it, how long and what positive changes have you noticed in your body/health.
  7. We talked. At first it was all going well. Then he started to get a slight attitude. I told him how his actions are and how they need to stop. He feels like since I don't have a TV, that all he can do is sleep all day. BS I said. I told him there is more to life than just sleeping the day away. He's waiting for 2 weeks until school starts and THEN he'll start working out. Whatever. He started grumbling about how much money do I need, so that he'll just give me his whole check eventhough he makes nothing. It's so not about that though..It's about growing up, and realizing there is more to life. This generation today is so fucking lazy it's pathetic. You would've thought I told him to go kill someone when I told him since he needs his sports to go join an intramural team and be ACTUALLY INVOLVED! It feels to have gotten it all off my chest. Right now, he just looks like he's lost his best friend. lol, that shit doesn't work on me..my Mom yes..but not me. Oh well, shape up or ship out!
  8. I totally agree with the bolded. I worked full time 3rd shift, turned around and went to college full time and participated in organizations on campus. I've had a job since I was 13, and I'm 27 now! I'm not trying to make excuses for my brother, but I dont' think college is for him. He went away to college, lived in the dorms for the entire school year. He did all his homework and assignments, but they just weren't completed on a college level. He was on academic probation both semesters! I suggested to my mom and him to have him try out a community college. My mom doesn't want him home (with her) because she knows she's too soft on him. So, I opened up my home to him to allow him to go to school here. That way he can work some, go to school. He has some student loans out, but just enough to pay for his basics (tuition, books, supplies) I really want to see him reach his full potential. I just think he's had his hand held for so long. It really has been detrimental. Changes are gonna come though! Thanks again.
  9. Thanks all lol! Of course I'm in total agreement with everything that's been written. I've let him off the hook for to long as it is. I do like the idea of him buying his own food, but I know it would just be junk/fast food. Honestly, he's lazy. Believe it or not, I'm the 'hard ass' no nonsense one in the family. I think I kinda just threw my hands up and said forget it. I will say that the days of shopping for us both are over. He can either buy his own food or eat what I'm eating. Bottom line I'll keep you all updated
  10. Hi guys! So my brother is 18. He just moved in with me two months ago. He will be starting college next month. I'm happy to have him here but I'm getting tired of his BS. Basically, before he graduated high school he lost about 60lbs. While away, he gained it all back and then more. He finally got his first job and I'm happy for him. It's minimum wage, so I told him to keep his first months checks for himself to do what he needs, but after that I'd appreciate some help with some bills. Of course he didn't like that idea, and even whined about leaving to move back in with my mom (who lives 4hrs away ) So, anyway, since he's been living here I've been losing motivation. Seeing him be lazy is rubbing off on me. I've worked out maybe 4x in the past 2 months, whereas before I was doing some sort of activity 4-5x a week! On top of all this comes eating. He knows I'm in my transistion. I can pretty much zone out his smart ass comments about me and my "crazy food" and my "green drinks" that I drink. I'm trying to be accomodating, buying him things that I no longer eat, but thats getting expensive. I've bought him chicken breasts, roast, fish to bake. I cooked the roast for him (used to be my best dish..surprisingly I had no cravings) and he picked over it for 2 days..I go out of town last weekend, come home and find fast food containers! I just feel like what's the point of me trying if it's going unappreciated On top of it all, my brother tells me he wants to lose weight. I want to help him, but sheesh it's kinda hard to do when you're eating fast food, pop, and junk on an almost daily basis. I'm really not trying to have this kid stress me out..so please i'm open to thoughts/suggestions. Im so frustrated by it all!
  11. I've picked up a few cookbooks from the library, fall in love with the recipes yet silly me never writes them down. I think I'll head to the library tomorrow first thing and pick up some books and do some shopping. But yeah, you're right. When I do eat salad..it's pretty plain honestly. Usually just romaine lettuce or mixed greens w/ balsamic vinegar. I've never really liked cucumbers and peppers in my salads..
  12. Lately, not good at all. I'd been like binging on Papa John's veggie pizza! AM: Steel cut oats w/ Almond Milk Snack: 2 apples w/ PB or Almond Butter Lunch: Veggie Burger Snack: More apples w/ PB (I love this) Dinner: Spaghetti w/ faux meat or stir fry I try to get in at least a half gal-1gal of water a day. I also take 9g spirulina/6g chlorella/2tsp Maca powder. I have a long long long ways to go with a better eating plan.
  13. Thanks everyone for the welcome. Yeah...about going RAW..hmmm that will be a long ways from now. I'm from Cincinnati (WHO DEY!) but currently living in Dayton, Ohio. I'll def. be sending you a PM, thanks!
  14. Anyone mind helping me in this area? I haven't worked out in about 2 months now. I totally just lost all motivation. I plan on incorporating running (2-4miles 3x a week) as a form of cardio. I'm currently weighing in at 168lbs. My BF level is at 28% (last time I checked) and I'd definitely like to get that down. My goal weight is 140lbs-145lbs. I'm 5'5 in case anyone was wondering. I think my biggest hurdle is finding what to eat. I know what I should be eating, but I guess it's like going over my head on how to actually shop for it, and put it all together. So, what are some things I should be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I'm not too big on the processed foods. On occasion it's alright. Help!!
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