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  1. Rough weekend bc my kids are sick so my training and diet suffered. My kids come first and I can always get back on track. I am thinking about increasing my cals to go on a bulking dirt but I am afraid of gaining too much fat in the process. Not sure what to do. Back on track tomorrow!
  2. Hi! How many calories do you eat? Have you done any competitions? Angela
  3. Thanks everyone! I am only eating 3-4 times/ day and only when I am hungry. I was so used to eating every 2 hours on my old diet but I am getting so many nutrients and now and I stay full. Something is working because I have made changes in just a few weeks! Does anyone cut carbs out after lunch?
  4. Much better diet day! I started off with my green smoothie with brown rice protein. For lunch the fam had chick fil a but I had a hummus wrap with sunflower kernels. For my snack I ate celery with peanut butter and did not have dinner just had some chocolate banana superfood muffin my kids and I made. No oil and no eggs! I did 100 pushups and biked 9 miles. My calories were 1230. I didn't eat enough greens today. My cycle is in a few days and that is why I have been cheating on Teddy grahams and other junk. I may wait to take pics on Sunday bc I am retaining a lot of water. I am excited because I have noticed changes on my back and upper!
  5. I have had some tofu but not good with recipes yet. I have never tried Seitan but will get some next time I go to the store. Next time I get a craving I will chug some water. So far today my diet has been perfect! I appreciate your help! Thanks!
  6. I really need to start cutting the carbs out after lunch! My diet pretty much sucked today and it left me feeling terrible.....it's my own fault. The good news is, I can tell I have made changes in the last 2 weeks and my husband says so. I don't think my friends believe I can do this eating fruit! Whatever, I will show them because the fruit is helping me and I missed out on it so much this last year and looking at chicken in a bag makes me want to throw up. Yes, that is how I used to eat it.....on the go in a bag. gross So I go to the natural market today and was asking the owner some questions and he is like well we don't advocate vegatarianism it's a good cleansing diet for 6 months....blah blah. I didn't ask his opinion did I? I told him I felt terrible eating so much chicken and beef that is why I switched and he said it was probably the quality of the meat. It is possible but I don't believe it. I think my body was way too acidic and if I would have kept on that route, I probably would have become very sick. He said that two of the big chicken factories use arsenic in their chicken? What? 1. Green smoothie with flax seeds, soaked almonds 2.small piece of cheese b.c my daughter gave it to me 3. Zaxby's salad without chicken, bread and fries(yeah, this is where I screwed up)and the darn mini teddy grahams(get them out of my house!) 4. hummus wrap with romaine and sunflower kernels(the crunch is awesome on those), 2 small pieces of veggie pizza I think I carb overloaded today I didn't calculate my calories today but even though I ate bad I don't think I went over 1776 which is my max. Training Plyometrics on legs Biked I think I should do all upper body one day and then lower alternating for 3 days and take one day off. That might work better for me. My comp is in Nov but not 100% sure I will compete. Our daughter's bday is next month and then christmas is around the corner so it really depends on finances. I will not stop though! I love making changes.
  7. My kids are sitting next to me on the sofa eating goldfish and watching Shrek! I will not eat those fish! I did not workout today because I spent pretty much all day cleaning. Meals 1. Green smoothie 2. Hummus wrap, mixed greens and sunflower kernels 3. Almonds/cheerios 4. Pasta with marinara and honey( strange I know) I will push hard for the next 4 days and sunday I have 2 week pics to take
  8. You are slim! At least you don't have a ton of body fat to lose like I did or still do..... Those fitness models started like we did. You will get there! oxygen Mag is my favorite! You do so well on your diet. I wish I could. I love the last line! I am starving but I am not going to eat anything else!
  9. Thanks! The green smoothies definitely fill me up so I am not forcing myself to eat a snack and I feel great!
  10. Okay, so I started out great with my green smoothie which held me over till 11:00. I stopped at public and bought portobello mushrooms and ate them with artichoke hummus! Yum!! Then, the dreaded mini teddy grahams got me! I can't make changes eating processed junk.....I had a black bean wrap for dinner, edamame and a green smoothie after my workout. Total cal were 1250. I have a very hard time eating the exact same food every day at th same time. I just got burnt out on my old diet.. I had no idea how bad meat and poultry Is for your body until I started researching. This diet has changed my life! cardio Hiit 60 on 15 sec rest 30 min Leg day tomorrow with heavy weight!
  11. Hi! Welcome to the site! What is your diet like? Do you train for competitions? I am trying to be ready for one on nov 2! Angela
  12. Thanks Amanda! I have been doing 60 second intervals and 15 second rest on cardio. I got that from the Spartacus workout which rocks! You probably don't need a trainer bc you are slim as long as you can kick your own booty! I bet you have made changes. I never thought so until I looked at my pics. Oh, I heard pure insanity was great too! Thank you hsorlando! Did you tell me your comp was next year? What do you typically eat?
  13. I got on the scale today and I am down to 143! 5 lbs lost since I became vegetarian!
  14. That sucks he bailed on you! I had a trainer for 80 sessions and it was worth it for me. I have heard p90x is good but I haven't tried it. I think high intensity training is the best! Are you taking pics every two weeks? I think that is the best way to see changes. You can do it! My smoothies are made of spinach, bananas, blueberries or mango, almond milk and sometimes peanut butter and brown rice protein. They are yummy!
  15. Today I decided to drink 2 green smoothies and felt fantastic! 1. Green smoothie, almond milk 2. Almonds 3. Lentil hummus(something I made), carrots, wrap 4. Green smoothie 5. Whole wheat bread with pb My total cal were only 1069 today but I felt good Light weights high reps on biceps and shoulders.
  16. Thank you! That means a lot to hear that! Yeah, cutting back makes me binge once in a while plus it is really hard not to eat a bite of my 2 little ones snacks. Lol The whole diet change has been amazing. I went the whole last year eating so much chicken, eggs and fish and now I feel amazing! I am not running out of energy any more. Green smoothies are a must now! How is your training going? I am sure you will be ready before you know it!
  17. I don't know if I can be ready in 8 weeks. The last few days I have not done well on my diet. I have a tendency to binge once in a while and it is probably due to the fact that I hated my traditional competition diet and was starving myself. I did however bike for an hour, burned 500 cal today but had 2 green smoothies, chips, m&ms and hummus. So much for my cardio! Oh well, clean start tomorrow!
  18. Thanks! Yes, the meal planning is very hard for me. I can't seem to get it right. What do you typically eat? I started drinking green smoothies for breakfast.
  19. I have been training for the last year and have been eating every 2-3 hours. The past few days I have even drinking green smoothies and they fill me up until lunch. They are only about 200 calories but I don't want to eat in btwn breakfast and lunch bc I am still full. Do I have to eat that often even if I am not hungry? I guess I wouldn't meet my caloric requirements but I don't like feeling so full.
  20. Breakfast was tasty except I did have yogurt..... I didn't want to but I feel like I am not getting enough protein. 1. 1/2 cup blueberries, carbmaster yogurt with green superfood 2. Brown rice protein, almond milk 3. Hummus with carrots, mixed greens, balsamic vinegar, spice muffin 4. Brown rice protein with water and green superfood 5. Veggie pizza with spelt bread crust Workout 45 min on treadmill, sprint intervals Biceps-45 lb bar x 20 Triceps-skull crushers 45lb x 15 Curls- 15 x 20 Kickbacks 15 x 20 Curls 10 x 15 Dips 80
  21. Things are starting to change! I am noticing more definition in my arms and shoulders. I went to whole foods today and bought some sunflower kernels, tahini, mixed greens and strawberries. I really need to stick with eating the same foods daily but I get bored......and then the boredom leads to cheating on my diet Workout Shoulders with kettle bell Biked at 6:45 am for 20 min and again at 6:00 pm for 50 minutes. Burned about 500 calories
  22. I just got done with a crazy leg workout at 8 pm. I don't like working legs at night but it was my only option after the kiddos went to bed. Workout 60 second intervals/15 second rest 1. Squats with 40 lb bar 2. Lunges with 2 15lbs 3. Jumping lunges 4. Plié jump squats Rest for 2 min 1. Lunges 2. Squats no weight 3. Jump squats 4. Bridge with 40 lb bar Rest 2 min 1. Deadlifts 40 lb 2. Kickbacks on floor 3. Side kicks 4. Bridge 40 lb Rest 2 min Abs 1. Crunches 2. Russian cherry pickers 3. Pilates abs 4. Sit ups I felt like my head was going to explode after that so no cardio today My diet is getting better and I am still working for the competition in Nov!!!
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