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  1. I bought a powertec leverage gym from SAMSFITNESS they are on ebay and also have a website. They are based in sydney. Very happy with my gym. http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii129/POLARBEAR666/Fitness/Image0340.jpg http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii129/POLARBEAR666/Fitness/Image0305.jpg
  2. Hey guys, I'm from the greatest (and biggest) state in the land.
  3. Nice thread. The fruit looks really good. Do you have any opinions on vegetables or do you just prefer fruit?
  4. Oh man I wish... I weigh 135-140 and according to that would need to eat 2500 calories, but I can easily mow down 4000+ and not gain a pound. Sigh, I once went on a diet for about 5 weeks where I ate 40g carbs each meal max and nothing else apart from veggies. No protein powders etc. I think I was getting 1400cal's a day and I lost weight at a glacial pace. I went a bit nuts like the guy in that movie the Machinist. It was basically 3% bodyfat or death whichever occurred first. I feel much better now that I am eating about 1800cals a day and weigh 76kg. Before is on the left.... on the right is after a month of my "machinist" diet. http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii129/POLARBEAR666/Fitness/BeforeAfter2.jpg
  5. Sounds good... I left my fancy gym and got a powertec leverage gym which I love. It lets me do heavy compound movements and also isolations when I wan't. Then I do dips , chin ups and pull ups on my other bit of equipment. Getting a more hardcore workout than when I was at gym plus I can heat my gym room and crank high voltage music. Watching predator while working out also adds 5 reps.
  6. Vege are you quitting gym to just train at home ? Do you train by just doing bodyweight exercises?
  7. Here is my form, looks similar to yours except that my elbows are further forward, aligned as if a bar was running across my pecs and they were attached to it. Your arms seem to have less of an angle. From the top my arms would look more like this \_/ whereas yours look flat _-_ I was doing sets of 20 when I took this picture as I got a little obsessed with military training style for a while. http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii129/POLARBEAR666/Fitness/P9240026.jpg
  8. Yeah powertec rocks...although I have had issues with the threads in some of the accessories not lining up properly and some bolts not screwing in the whole way because of poor quality threads in the object getting screwed. These issues have been fixed with workarounds. Overall I am very happy with machine but wouldn't buy the accessories again as quality seems much lower. http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii129/POLARBEAR666/Fitness/Image0340.jpg Here I am enjoying Sedona Arizona. USA rocks http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii129/POLARBEAR666/Sedona%20Arizona/d5f8011a.jpghttp://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii129/POLARBEAR666/Sedona%20Arizona/0fd0a815.jpg
  9. I have in a day: 2 bowls of about 60 grams of oats (two protein powder sized scoops) and a handful of trail mix nuts and seeds. 1 bowl of about 60 grams of Quinoa boiled and mixed with organic tomato pasta sauce. ~5 dates ~5 apricots ~1 banana ~Tahini spoonful ~ Coconut oil and walnut oil 1 spoon each ~ 2-3 spoons of blackberry 100% fruit no sugar jam. AND if I come across salad or veggies I just eat a big bowl. But some days I don't so I have not put on the list.
  10. I had milk a bit throughout but I did go for a year or two without having any dairy on and off. Makes little difference. Other than that totally vegan. I have had blood tests 3 times in last year and a half and always had normal protein levels and iron levels. Table 2: Comparison of Iron Sources Food Iron (mg/100 calories) Spinach, cooked 15.7 Collard greens, cooked 3.1 Lentils, cooked 2.9 Broccoli, cooked 1.9 Hamburger, lean, broiled 1.2 Chickpeas, cooked 1.1 Sirloin steak, choice, broiled 0.9 Chicken, breast roasted, no skin 0.6 Pork chop, pan fried 0.4 Flounder, baked 0.3 Milk, skim 0.1
  11. Amy's founder follows a religious group that is strictly vegetarian (Some dairy used in some products but it is clearly marked), so you can trust that whatever Amy's says it has in it, is true. Support a vegetarian company! (Not vegan due to dairy use).
  12. Well, I am glad that philosophically I agreed totally with my parents position when I thought about it once I was older. I was always very disciplined as a child and would even refuse cake at 3 or 4 if it had egg in it. I am living proof that you really don't need meat to survive or thrive. As I always say to meat eaters, "The only thing you eat for protein is vegetarians"
  13. Krav will give you great foundations for real life fighting, not sport fighting or fictional scenario's where two people face off and bow before fighting. It teaches you situational awareness and the need to do 360' scanning even while fighting one opponent so you don't get king hit from behind by a second attacker. I love the fact that it teaches the common lead-up to a fight so that you can be prepared to GO! For example, people generally posture up towards you and try to make themselves bigger, they point at you or poke you in the chest, they raise their voice, they will push your fence (eg touch you and see how you respond). If anyone touches your "fence" twice you smash them because if you don't respond after the second time they push you, they will take that as a sign of weakness and usually attack you. Krav teaches you groin kicks, breaks, throat strikes, eye gouges, biting. The things you would actually use in a no holds bared life or death fight. It also teaches good knife and gun defense. I practice with a friend with a training gun and a short and long knife. Sometimes we are wrestling for control of the knife for 2 or 3 minutes, the way you see in movies like saving private ryan. If it is life or death it won't always be over with a single move. Krav teaches you to keep going, keep attacking and then escape. Once you have got to P1 level in Krav you can start doing other things like kickboxing and such to improve your striking. Krav is more like a solid clothes stand onto which you hang other skills. I like Muay Thai for my elbows and knees and clinch. When you add in the Krav blocks and sneaky aggressive moves you have a great combination. BUT! having said all that, and as some others have mentioned, it depends on the place you train at. I got tired of the place I was going too because they spent half the class doing stretching and warmup shadow boxing and drills. I need to be more productive than 40 mins of training out of an hour and a half. I now train based on Krav books with my friend. We study the book and practice one or two moves each session over and over. Much much faster and it is also nicer to train with someone who is bigger and stronger than you are. It is almost useless learning disarms and skills with women or skinny guys as your strength gives you too much advantage and you think you know the technique easily, when it is just your strength overpowering them. With a strong opponent you only get the knife, or gun or get out of the hold if you actually do it correctly. GREAT TRAINING > GRADES/BELTS
  14. I like to eat lots of pumpkin seeds and oats. Make you feel really full and have nice amounts of protein in them. If you mix in cocoa powder with the oats you get another type of protein as organic cocoa powder can have a fairly high amount and has all the antioxidants and some other vitamins to boot.
  15. Hi guys, I am a herbivore since birth. I have never eaten meat, fish, chicken, eggs, etc or any animal product. My parents are also veggie more than 35 years each. Glad to find a bodybuilding forum. My friend and I train and we are both vegetarian but it is hard to work out some dietary issues. I am 5"10 and 75kg but if I don't watch my diet I get to around 85kg. Look forward to reading all the good info here. Cheers. http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii129/POLARBEAR666/Fitness/Image0305.jpghttp://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii129/POLARBEAR666/Fitness/9431_1228917607232_1357856283_67571.jpg
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