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  1. So you went fully vegan in Feb, have you been able to stick to it?
  2. Your awesome, and Derek Tresize's body is a great goal to strive for!
  3. That blog is pretty interesting.
  4. yeah filming is a great way for you to see what you need to work on and then later track your progress, I definitely recommend it. I do it for all kinds of things, my comedy, snowboarding, etc.
  5. Nice, yeah fill us in. Maybe start a journal here in the training journals section and check out other people's as well. My is a shitshow but some people actually keep a detailed log of what they eat and their workouts.
  6. Yeah I wouldn't over do the cardio. It might just take a little longer than you hoped to get back to the firmness that you had before. Its crazy how a short vacation from a healthy lifestyle can take a extended time to get back to peak performance. I like the runners analogy. It takes 7 weeks to get in shape and only 4 days to lose it.
  7. Tempeh avocado bean and corn salsa tacos and arm day to exhaustion. Its been a solid Labor day.
  8. What does your doctor say. It might be medical condition unrelated to your diet. It may be stress related. It may be std related. It may be genetic. There are a million possibilities.
  9. Take a look at some of the athletes that keep a training journal here and compare workouts and meal plans. Maybe you'll start a journal with us here too?
  10. This is cool but please don't use this site as just self promotion. We hope you interact as a member.
  11. Read some books, I like Robert Cheeke's book and Brendan Brazier's books, they are very clear cut on why what and how to eat and work out.
  12. Getting my dairy fiend gf to try coconut milk yogurt and rice milk ice cream sandwhiches, big wins. Struggling a little with a foot injury, slowing me down on the soccer field, I think I'll take some time off and let it heal. Bought some cold pressed raw organic flax seed oil and realizing its incredibly easy to squirt some on to the majority of dishes that I eat to add some extra omega 3, 6, 9 in my diet. No exorcise the last few days except for walking, sex, and some push ups when I wake up in the morning. Tomorrow I'll do an arm day.
  13. what's the update? Still pushing hard and continuing to stay fit and progress?
  14. where was the birthday update? How are things going, still making progress?
  15. try searching for your key words in the search button upper right hand corner. For abs I like burpies, planks, and crawls.
  16. you could pre make a bunch of them and freeze them and then just blend em up in the morning like a fruit slushy.
  17. Nice start, I love transformation challenges, thanks for sharing with the forum here.
  18. PS awesome dog, and crazy room, are those samerai swords and a m16 on the wall?
  19. You're free to ask for help in any section of the forum. I might suggest asking your questions on other people's threads, then they'll be sure to see them. Also limiting it to one or two condensed questions at a time, you'll be more likely to get a response that way. Also use the search button in the upper right hand corner, you can search for topics in the questions that you have and see what has been discussed in the past.
  20. What what? I thought I just saw you at The Seed, was that you?
  21. Have you checked out Robert Cheeke's book yet?
  22. Got these bcaa amino hd 1000 supplements but I cant see if they are vegan and I heard after I got them that some are made from animal hair. Anyone know this info? Heard of the brand Diet Standards?
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