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  1. Thanks for the welcome! I just got the book today. Woohoo! Off to do some serious reading now.
  2. Thank you for the welcome! Robert -- I'm thrilled to have found this place, but moreso about your book. I can find a million books and articles on how to eat vegan... but the ones pertaining to the kind of fitness level I'd like to achieve are few and far between. I'm sure I won't put it down until I've read it from cover to cover. beforewisdom -- Thanks for the link! I've already put it to good use!
  3. Where do I start? I'm a 34 year old mom of 6. (Yep, all mine, all planned and all done! My husband is hot, what can I say?) After my 4th child I found a passion for fitness and eventually graduated to "clean eating" (though, now I'm not sure that consuming animal products is really "clean"). After my 5th child, I started to do more thorough research on diet and for health reasons, I could see that meat consumption wasn't necessary. (Still wasn't ready to give up on dairy, though). But it was an idea, not something I was passionate about. I thought, "Someday I'd like to be a vegetarian". Then got pregnant again and gained a bunch of weight. I have attempted vegetarianism from the health standpoint... but it didn't stick (except I never did consume diary again) until I read a book that had an expose on slaughterhouse practices, as well as how animals are treated in factory farms. That did it. It was the "straw that broke the camel's back" for me. I am not fully vegan as I still, on occasion consume eggwhites. But it's really because I haven't learned yet how to eat vegan and get as fit as I would like (still losing the baby weight here and building muscle that atrophied during my difficult final pregnancy). I know how to get ripped on an omnivore's diet, but not as a vegan. I just ordered Robert's book (so excited!) and I am reading like crazy trying to learn what I can. I have no plans to compete, I just want to look like I could. I am quite pleased with some bonuses I've experienced since going vegetarian. Giving up diary has been fantastic for my skin -- no more monthly break outs (sorry fellas, but it's part of being a lady). Since giving up meat, I also noticed that my tone has become more even and smooth. Anyway, looking forward to learning more and taking better care of my body. Thanks!
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