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  1. Sad fact is I don't see to many sub 10% vegans around here. At one time I would have thought otherwise. Macro ratios have more of an impact on muscle/fat than most vegans want to admit.
  2. I wish it were that easy for me to gain muscle and keep a low body fat. What are your stats?
  3. have you had a lot of experience with this website? it seems nearly too good to be true. Yes I am finishing off 5 lbs. and going to order 20 lbs soon. They have a new pea/hemp/rice mix that is cheaper than blending yourself and it has a great profile. Add stevia and some flavors for free.
  4. Hey neighbor. Burleson here.
  5. Hey welcome I am 43 and in Texas. I am lucky as wife and I are both vegan and exercise together. We have been vegan for many years but eliminating all wheat products from our diet has made the most dramatic changes in the way we look and feel over anything else we have tried. Can't really recommend a specific cookbook, we get most recipes from the web. Try to eat at least half raw, which has become pretty easy to do thanks to the salad dressings we make. For bread we use besan (garbonzo) flour or garfava, cheap at Indian market. We try not to eat a bunch of products with soy but still consume non GMO tempeh or soy daily. It's usually a Vega Berry shake for breakfast or a hemp/pea/rice protein that I order in bulk. Off to make one now before we go road biking. Good luck and what part of Texas are you from?
  6. There isn't really any in regular pasta and white rice. Be careful not to fall into the mark sisson trap when searching for phytic acid. Is it a good or bad trap? The guy looks in great shape.
  7. Is that why I had headaches every day for 4o years and they stopped when I quit eating wheat? Hmm. I gotta google phytic acid now...
  8. Aside from about 2 years in college, I've been a vegetarian for over 30 years. After the first year I read "Diet For A Small Planet" by Frances Moore-Lappe. Since then I have eaten grains every single day of my life and more than once a day. Whole grain & legume combinations have been the staple of my diet for the majority of my life. My health is excellent. Outside of celiac and allergy sufferers I don't see anything wrong with grain. People have been using grain as a staple for most of human history and I have for most of my life so people telling those tales will have a hard time convincing me. I would be curious to know what your BF% has been for those 30 years. Has it dropped? Steadily increased? Leveled out? I was a grain freak too for many years. Can't stress enough how stopping has melted away the fat. I do miss grains, but not the fat that hung around. I am sure it is different for different people but the wife is still dropping as well...
  9. Hmmm... Good idea! I have had items cold shipped before. They offer some decent deals on Amazon but out of stock. You think the local Asian delis make it themselves? Or do they just have a good underground/no advertising source? Thanks for suggestion Will definitely look into it.
  10. Looking for a place to buy plain Tempeh in bulk. Anywhere from 24-100 8oz packages or thereabouts. Would like to not pay over $2 each including shipping. Cost is $3-4 local but goes on clearance for .99 cents sometimes and I stock up if I am lucky. Any ideas/links/opinions welcomed... Thanks, Ron
  11. Haha you guys are funny! Some of the type "O" stuff suits me well, like not eating grains or oats. Have not had a headache in 6 months or so since I stopped. Didn't stop for that reason, but that is the result I got. Also I was raised hunting since birth. I used to love game animal meat, which says type O should eat. I seriously don't see myself ever eating meat again. But I look around and see how easy the meat eating body builders can bulk and cut, and it makes one wonder... I think I will try kicking up the spirulina/chlorella intake to around 25g each per day spread out in 5 doses for a week. A space-food diet has always intrigued me...
  12. Are spirulina and chlorella cheaper over there? I bought a couple lbs of each in bulk about a year ago and I am due to restock. I eat them like candy. Sounds like you got it going good to me!
  13. Thanks for reply. That is some of the most interesting advice I have heard on this forum. Never heard of type "O" issues, which I am... Will look into it. Yes I keep a log and I feel really good. My wife has several intolerances which I am finally getting sorted out through detailed record keeping. We both quit wheat with great results. I am not a spiritual person, I eat vegan entirely for selfish, health reasons. I am finding it really hard to get below 10% BF, hovering between 12-12.5%, can't help but wonder if a shift in macros (meat) would make it easier. You don't see many sub 10% vegans around here, especially that maintain it. Seems to be the exception, not the rule. I once would have thought otherwise. Thanks again, will look into type O Ron
  14. Looks like you have a very well rounded diet. I think a person could flourish off of the foods you posted years.
  15. Just curious if their are any long term vegans here who started eating meat again for whatever reason and then went back to being vegan for whatever reason... I post at a non-vegan body building website as well. Every once in a while a vegan diet thread comes up. People always chime in with stories about how they were vegan for 5 years, started eating meat again, and felt much better. Maybe some were lacking nutrients or maybe it is all mental but makes me wonder. Seems like a lot of people become vegan thinking it is an easy sure fire way to lose weight. It is harder to cut up on a vegan diet, especially in body building. I have been vegan since 2004, veggie since 1994. It was my attempt to be as healthy as I possibly could be, and I am healthier. But lately I question that there is not a healthier way. Sure would be simple to hit macros with some flesh thrown in! Talk me off the ledge...
  16. Yah that's why I had fresh, plain, slow cooked oatmeal for breakfast every morning for over 10 years... When I stopped, weight fell off, exercise had the desired effect and I suddenly have unlimited energy like I thought I should. I would have never thunk it...
  17. You are right! Sorry I got carried away (with excitement). I stopped ALL grains (and corn for that matter) but stopping only wheat is the most beneficial. Either that or we all got some kind of wasting away disease at the same time we stopped wheat. Check out a book called "Wheat Belly". I might loan it to you if interested, but prolly cheaper to order a used copy... A quote from book: "Oats do indeed have modest immunologic overlap with wheat. But the problem with oats lies in their extravagant capacity to increase blood sugar. A bowl of slow-cooked, organic, stone ground oatmeal—no added sugar—can increase blood sugar in a non-diabetic to 150 mg/dl, 200 mg/dl, sometimes higher. In a pre-diabetic or diabetic, 300 mg/dl is not uncommon. One of the strategies I teach patients is to check blood sugars one hour after a meal to assess the severity of blood sugar rises; this is when I saw, time after time, extravagantly high blood sugars after oats." And a short interview: http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/2011/09/21/interview-with-wheat-belly-author-dr-william-davis-part-two/ Thanks, Ron
  18. I like mixing my own pea/rice/hemp 40/30/30 or so at http://truenutrition.com/p-1126-custom-mix.aspx But cheapest local to me would definitely be Genisoy with 25g protein and 0 carbs. I don't use soy powder much any more but at around $10 it is a good bang for buck and the numbers are good...
  19. I was the same way until I stopped eating wheat. I love wheat. It was oats for breakfast, whole grain for lunch, etc.. There is wheat in practically everything. Especially hard for a vegan to give up. Anyway since stopping ALL wheat my energy has gone through the roof and body fat dropped without a change in exercise. I was still forcing myself to exercise when I ate wheat, but got little gains. Now it is like every exercise I do actually has the results that I hoped for. It's not something a vegan wants to hear or consider, but I will bet money on anyone who takes the challenge for a month. After a few months off wheat I gave in and had some birthday cake. I was rewarded with that awful feeling of lethargy for 2 days that most people are so used to they think it is normal. No more! Sprouted grain bread or a twinkie, same thing as far as your body is concerned. I didn't want to believe it either. Stop ALL wheat. Feel the energy. Thank me later. Or be thick headed and lazy and continue to do battle with your body even though you mean well. Don't mean to offend anyone, well maybe just a little, but this has worked wonders for wife and I and is currently working for people I work with and spreading amongst friends and family.
  20. I was just kidding, but I will keep an eye out for promos as I am always eager to try new vegan products etc...
  21. Hey Robert I received the package today. Thanks! Maybe we can work out some kind of monthly thing where I send you money and you send me 3 or 4 times what it is worth in product... Can't wait to try out the new products and especially read your book and put some of your experience to practice. Thanks again for EVERYTHING!
  22. How much sleep are you getting? Could you post your diet specifics (exactly what and when you eat what)? You might just be overdoing it and need more recovery time. Did you used to get tired at the same time of the day before you started working out? Maybe try exercising before work? Give us details...
  23. Just imagine all of the lives you have touched and positive influences you have made. Wow. Congrats and I really hope you hit 100,000 one day!
  24. Shoot I will order some Vega stuff from you! Book, shirt, powder, bar, it is all good just surprise me!
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