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  1. Hey everyone! I have a blog that I post in often so I will just post the links here. Please follow my blog and share with others I put a lot of time into it and I love writing This blog post is about choosing to learn about companies and their actions and then making the choice to support them or boycott them. http:// http://www.moopigvegan.com/2011/02/make-choice-to-stop-turning-your-head.html
  2. Loving This Vegan Lifestyle for SOOOOO many reasons!!! Beginning pics....pretty long time ago...yo yo'ed from here http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx155/moopig5/Picture104.jpg http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx155/moopig5/Picture105-1.jpg UPDATED A FEW MONTHS AGO http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx155/moopig5/DSCN3212.jpg http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx155/moopig5/DSCN3214.jpg UPDATED NOW! http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx155/moopig5/DSCN3394.jpg http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx155/moopig5/DSCN3396.jpg
  3. My vegan store is running a Free Shipping promotion! Place your orders now and get them by Christmas!!! http://www.moopignaturals.com
  4. So a few days ago, I announced that I have opened a Vegan store specializing in Health and beauty Products I hope you guys will check that out! Well in order to get that up and running...i needed more time on my hands...so I quit my full time job and became a beachbody coach. I was always looking for a job that I could do from home BUT i never was able to find one that didnt scream SCAM SCAM SCAM! My friend told me about the beachbody coaching program and I was hooked...it is what it is...you put the work into it and you make money...if you don't then chances are you wont make as much. I am amazed with this program and love it. It is almost covering my large student loan payments and I only look to improve more and more. It has also motivated me to get in shape and now I can honestly say that I am in the best shape ever. Now I can say I am experienced enough to add people in order to make a business team. Which is why I am here! My dream is to add vegans/vegetarians to the team as much as possible because I want to send out the message that you CAN get fit without eating meat. This team will make you money but it will also serve as an informational source for the vegan lifestyle. You receive a 25% commission for each product you sell and you will treat this as your business. It is an awesome opportunity that you can do from your home. There is no risk and you can quit at any time...PLUS you receive a discount on all beachbody products which is AWESOME. After people buy products from you...you serve as their coach in helping them during their journey to getting fit. Please let me know if you are interested...send me an email at... [email protected] OR private message me on this forum. Thanks so much! Join my team!!
  5. Here they are!!! I lost about 5lbs since the last ones were taken. THESE ARE THE ONES FROM SEPTEMBER: FRONT http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN3216.jpg SIDE http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN3214.jpg CURRENT..TAKEN TODAY: FRONT http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN3324.jpg side http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN3325.jpg
  6. So today is the day where I take more progress pics!! Agh, a little nervous but I will post them here in a second. I am unsure if I want to compete in a figure competition.....I may want to give it a few more weeks before I decide. I am just assessing my free time and the lack there of but it HAS been a dream of mine for a while now so I may want to give it a go. I am struggling with finding a good protein powder that I can supplement my diet with that also has a good deal of vitamins but also wont cause me to go bankrupt. Vega is too expensive for me unless someone knows some great deals...are there any others? Okay stay tuned for pics haha
  7. haha Fallen...you are right. I think after being attacked, i was just trying to take a safe route and receive some love haha.
  8. Okay so I posted this on another forum...a post from my blog. And the people tore it apart...saying that I was generalizing and living a life without compassion. They were saying that I was being too harsh and that this is not the case. Then someone actually said that I was preaching to the wrong crowd because everyone already knows all this stuff already including meat eaters...which I meet people all the time that has no freaking clue what is truly going on. I must say though that I have to work on my anger towards all of this...I want to reach a level ground where I am not angry...nor accepting...but raising awareness in more of a compassionate way. But I just can't help my anger right now after learning about everything that is going on. So what i do when i am angry is write...it is how i let my emotions escape me. So I wrote this "pretend" letter and addressed it to "people who harm animals" but now come to think of it I probably should have addressed it to those who are close minded and harm animals and dont freaking care. (I need to control my anger lol) Here it is...I am posting this because I want to know really if I am doing something horribly wrong that offends the Vegan community because again..this was trashed on another forum. I am just confused and want a second opinion basically Dear…Anyone who does any harm to animals… Lab workers who argue for animal testing show studies of how similar animals are to us. You test on animals and use these findings in treating people as well as approving products for human use. When we ask why. You say that animals have similar bodies than us. Pigs are dissected because they have the same muscle structure as us, liver, intestines, stomach, spleen, and lungs. You test on sheep and dissect them because they have the same heart as us, eyes, and the structure of the brain. We have endless similarities with monkeys, so you test on them and perform horrible surgeries without caring for the monkey. Any FDA approved product needs to be tested on animals because you say that we are SO similar. But let me ask you something. If we have the same structure as these animals, and the same genetic make up…then why is it so easy for you to be blind to their feelings, pain, and the fact that they deserve life just as much as we do. However, when it comes to eating these similar beings. We are instructed on how DIFFERENT we are than animals. You say animals do not deserve to live and that they are here for us to use and eat. You say that we are part of the food chain and we are supposed to eat animals. You call chickens dumb and tell me that they know no difference between living and dying. You tell me that these animals really have no clue what is going on. And people believe you! Well I don’t…not for one second. We walk in the grocery store with death lining the back end of the store. On the right side is the milk that is meant for baby cows yet we consume it as adults in large quantities. We consume more milk than any baby cow receives. We put a price tag on this death that is packaged so neatly in Styrofoam and cellophane. Then we buy this death and feed it to our selves and the people we love. And we support the actions that you all take part in. We support it all and we buy into your brain washing marketing schemes. Well I am not. I am a Vegan. I am an animal lover. I do not eat my friends and I do not support YOU. I will tell everyone I can about what you are doing and you will soon be broke. People will wake up and come out of the cloud you put upon their minds. I promise you. Sincerely, A Lover of Life, A Lover of the Living, and a Vegan.
  9. Thanks Robert...you are doing pretty cool things yourself! And Vegimator...Thank you Thank you! That means so much to me!
  10. Hey everyone! I am new to this forum but now that my life is calming down a bit, I will have more time to post! I started a vegan store specializing in daily beauty and hygiene products. Everything from toothpaste to eyeliner. I will be adding many more products as I go but I opened today! It is called MooPig Naturals and I created it to raise the awareness to the horrible animal tests that go on in these industries. I want to motivate people to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle without feeling like they are "giving up" anything. The products are ALL vegan and cruelty free!! Hope you will take a look and spread the word. Thanks!! http://www.moopignaturals.com http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx155/moopig5/MooPigNaturalsCuteLogo-3.png
  11. Hey everyone! So i decided to start a journal here I am looking into a figure competition for next year and I want to do it as a vegan of course and with beachbody products..right now I am working on P90x. I am the founder of MooPig Naturals which is a vegan store opening on Monday specializing in Health and Beauty products that are all vegan! I am so excited for its opening and it has been my dream! I am also a fitness coach with beachbody and promote and sell their products. It is so great working at home because I feel like I have so much flexibility in my schedule to do what I truly want to do! Which is compete and prove that you do not need to eat animals to gain muscle! This weekend is tricky because I am going to a Halloween party in NYC tonight..dressing as wilma flintstone haha and tomorrow I will be super tired to workout even though I am going to force in a workout. I will be training at home at first at least..and I need to get some better weights but I am determined! I feel like I am not only doing this for myself but for the world and for all of the animals. I truly want to show people how your body can transform as a vegan! Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Here is my starting point...I know i have a lot of work to do! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN3216.jpg
  12. I would love that! Of course I wouldnt always eat it..its probably really processed but for an occasional fast meal..that would be awesome!!!!
  13. Alright so I made the decision to look into a figure competition! I was iffy about it and I didnt want it to be unhealthy for my body...(i still am a little iffy about the health aspect of it) BUT I figure that I really do not know unless I try. I have been looking into this for a few years and I keep coming back to this dream. Think I have a chance? I will be following a vegan diet of course which I really have to fix up and I just became a Beachbody Coach so I will be using P90x. Let me know your ideas I really like this forum even though I am new to it. I love that it is filled with vegans! I will be posting my journey here
  14. Hey Everyone!! I am starting a blog about my daily vegan life I am still struggling with finding alternatives to some of the dairy items that I loved. Yes I loved them but that love was before I realized the horrors in the dairy industry. After raising my awareness...there was no issue in trying to find alternatives. But anyways....I cannot find a good coffee creamer. I like my coffee pretty sweet and light. I am aware that coffee may not be good for me and I eventually want to give it up. I went from having 3 cups a day to 1. So I am making a slow transition Also...shredded cheese that melts good! I got rice cheese and it hardly melted...it eventually did a bit but it took a long time and a lot of heat! If anyone can help this, that would be awesome!!! I just made this video today I love animals!!! Check it out and subscribe to my youtube channel....i will be posting frequent videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6ilwB3jpNU
  15. Hey everyone! I am new to this board and so happy that I am a member now I have been a vegetarian all my life and recently switched to the vegan lifestyle I am so happy i did and feel amazing! Okay so let me explain these pics. The first one is when i JUST graduated from college...i partied a lot and replaced meat with fried foods...yuk. 145lbs http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/Picture104.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/Picture105-1.jpg This is now and I want to tone and gain muscle from here. 129lbs http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN3212.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN3214.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN3215.jpg The weight loss was from a switch in diet alone without any working out. My problem is area is definitely my tummy but I dont workout now so i am hoping everything gets toned
  16. hey! I am adding my before pics now....and my screen name is because I own a cruelty free online business which is opening soon called MooPig Naturals....hahah weird name i know
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