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  1. I have three dogs and three cats, you'll never get me out of there.
  2. That's easy. Best $20 I ever spent, in the parking lot of a Walmart! http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7048/6936957425_0d50d6587f.jpg Chester getting a heating pad after having hip surgery. The $20 went to animal control, he was already fixed and four years old so he was on discount.
  3. Just watching the commercials for P90X2 scares me. Pushups. On. BALLS. On the other hand, a whole fresh set of Tony's bad jokes is tempting...
  4. It depends on where you're looking, but a lot of college students have yearly leases but want to leave in the summer, so they sublet. Craigslist has a sublet section.
  5. Yeah, silk isn't a big deal and I didn't even know the dress I have was partially silk until I looked at the tag the first time I needed to wash it. Usually I can tell when things are silk now, or have wool or bunny hair in them. The only difficult thing when it comes to silk is trying to find affordable ties.
  6. I don't live in Denver, but have you heard of Vegan Coloradical? http://www.vegancoloradical.com
  7. Keep using them or donate them. I have a black dress that is partially silk, i've had it for almost ten years and I keep it around because it is pretty forgiving if I lose or gain weight and I only wear it if I need to go to a funeral or something else dressy and requiring black. I absolutely hate shopping and hate trying to find dress clothes even more, so unless it falls apart or a cat pukes on it, i'm keeping it. I had a few wool sweaters which itched like crazy anyway, so I just took them to Goodwill, dropped them off, and then went in the store and bought a few new sweaters for a few bucks. I guess the debate between keeping and donating depends on how much money you have to burn. If you can't afford to replace all of your animal-based items at once (and really, not most people can) just use them and replace them one at a time. It can be difficult to find really nice vegan dress shoes, and they are pricey. The same with nice vegan coats, it's really hard to find a pea coat in a standard store that isn't at least partially wool. I promised myself that I would suck it up and buy myself a Vaute Couture coat this year, when I first went vegan I was living in TN so I just wore hoodies all winter. http://www.vautecouture.com http://www.mooshoes.com http://store.veganessentials.com/footwear-c3.aspx (if you check the sale section, sometimes there are shoes) http://www.alternativeoutfitters.com
  8. But I already said that I didn't hate anyone, so I don't know why you keep saying this. Nevermind that you aren't the one who says that you hurt animals for fun so my post wasn't even addressing you. No one can be 100% vegan, we're all fucking ourselves out of that title simply by using computers, and yes, most medications are tested on animals. Those are things that there aren't an alternative for. It's fairly easy to avoid household and personal products that aren't cruelty-free/vegan, and it's really easy to get clothes without silk/wool/leather. Like Richard said, you can buy stuff used. My husband bought a motorcycle and if there's one without leather seats, i've never seen one, but he got it used and then all of his gear is vegan (except his boots, which are from his military service and were issued to him, another example of something he couldn't avoid).
  9. I don't hate anyone, I just take issue with someone saying they're vegan and then saying they still shoot animals and fish, which involves hurting the fish. I'm sure one could try to argue that veganism is just about not eating or using animal products, but hunting and fishing is using animals for your entertainment, regardless of if you're eating them or not, regardless of your reasons for pursuing the vegan lifestyle. Being vegan for health doesn't make non-vegan things more vegan just because they don't personally concern you, is what i'm saying. Like if you wear leather and use all cleaners and personal products that are tested on animals and have things like carmine, lanolin, etc...those things aren't vegan (and most of them aren't healthy to put in/on your body).
  10. I am going to try and sound like as little of a judgmental asshole as possible, but it's probably not going to work. I really hope that I don't run into a lot of 'vegans' that think it's okay to shoot animals and hurt them by sticking hooks in their mouths for fun. There is a difference between not eating animals (I believe that's why people started using the term 'plant based') and being vegan. Killing animals isn't vegan. It's like saying you're a pacifist right after you walked up to someone and punched them in the face.
  11. Wait, a trainer told you that if you continue to work out five days a week and eat 2100 calories, you're going to get fat?
  12. Wait, is eating feces NOT vegan?! (Every time someone brings up B-12 I remember to pull the bottle out of my desk and pop one, so thanks!)
  13. When I make tempeh bacon, I try to make a double or triple batch to use on sandwiches throughout the week. It might lose it's crispiness a little, but it reheats and tastes fine.
  14. We got our first family computer when I was seven years old and I haven't gone more than maybe three days since then without touching one. I guess I don't have a lot of devices, but that's because I don't have a lot of money. I have a Zune that's pretty old for an mp3 player, a cell phone that is a glorified alarm clock, a five year old laptop, my desktop, and if we're counting digital cameras, my rebel which is also five years old. We actually have two xboxes because we don't have cable and that's how we watch tv, one was my father-in-law's, he's a total gadget whore and when we ditched cable he told me I could have his to watch t.v. on. I also have an ipod touch that's a loaner so I can play games with people, that was also from my FIL because he got an iphone to go with his four other ipods, ipad, and he has docks and bluetooth speakers and every other accessory for each. He also gave us his old GPS so he could get a nicer one. Basically, I don't buy new toys unless the old toys have broken, and all of the stuff I currently have has survived pretty well so it's all really out of date. When i'm standing in line I usually go for the 'stare off and daydream' option.
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