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  1. I think such questions is rude to ask on a forum and put people on the spot. If you are nosy, send an email.
  2. very cute. I have never seen anyone with so many different styles of shooting. say hi to her.
  3. That was a great showing! Thanks for organizing this Robert and to all the many volunteers. It was so fun!!! Many many kudos! Even the security guard outside was amazed at how many people showed up!
  4. I agree with kollision. I wish bigger measures could be taken but every journey starts with the first step.
  5. When I was in Cancun they had swimming with dolphins. In another place, they had one or two dolphins in a VERY SMALL area where you could pet them. It was just mockery. I thought it was very sad and ing.
  6. Do you think this would help with a dislocated shoulder as well? I get a lot of 'clicks' in my joints sometimes too.
  7. I am curious what vitamin supplements you would recommend esp. for vegan women? I am esp. interested in liquid ones if possible.
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