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  1. ROTFL. The same kind of Fail happened on this board last week.... A fail? A fail kind of like completely misreading a post? I never suggested a fast, and you both completely misunderstood what I was saying. I should have known better than to even mention fasting, I was under the assumption this was a vegan forum, and the members were a little more mature than to attack someone because they misread a post.
  2. I never suggested you fast. I was trying to explain part of why you probably don't feel like eating. Thank you for attacking me though.. I read the entire question. I understood the question. You gave little info as to why you were feeling sick, etc, until after I posted.
  3. I think it's purely a liability thing. If an employee messes up and someone allergic tries to sue, the warning is always there. I don't think it's anything to worry about, it's to make sure there are no loose ends. My best guess. A trace of milk in a clif bar is totally different than a trace of meet or animal rennet or something, if that was the case I wouldn't touch them. I think vegans are all really different when it comes to their opinions on this. Clif is a company that is actually helping this whole "no animal product" movement along, along with all these new companies that choose to make animal free products, and for that reason also, I like supporting them. So I don't mind that there's a little risk there, because at least there's even the option of having it. You know what I mean? Haha, sorry for going on there, I just appreciate vegan friendly companies, it means a lot to me. Also, to put things into perspective, if you eat ANYTHING that says Natural Flavors, and you haven't confirmed they are not from animal sources you are taking a risk that you may end up regretting badly.
  4. I read a lot of stuff like this, but the way this article was worded, I could barely understand it haha. I get the idea though. How long should you be fasting? Or should you just be hungry o.O
  5. When the body needs to heal itself, the first thing to do is start fasting. So much energy is spent on digestion that if you are sick, your body needs to focus directly on what is wrong. In my opinion, regardless of what is making you sick, your body sees fit to stop consuming and work primarily on healing itself. What is causing your nausea? Two months sounds like a long time to have that kind of problem :\ I haven't had to deal with what you're going through though, I'm sorry I can't be more help.
  6. +1 The food / recipes in your blog are amazing O.O
  7. I don't worry about it, especially when it comes to companies like Clif that work to provide vegan friendly foods. I think there is an amazingly small chance of getting an unnoticeable small amount of dairy in a bar, and the warning is there just in case. I risk far more food contamination by using the same kitchen as omnivore family members, haha.
  8. I'm like this also, haha. No clue why.
  9. there are shirts, patches and buttons of that...i have all 3. Where did you get the shirt? I second this, I would buy one asap Drive my friends crazy.
  10. Wow, thank god I found this thread. For some reason I've been looking for music like this and haven't been able to find this specific genre. These bands are great
  11. Hey everyone, I received the 70/30 gemma / rice protein I ordered last week, and I have a question that I've had since I ordered it. I think several people on this site have ordered from the same site and even ordered the same mix. On the site it says a serving is 30grams. I don't have a scale and was wondering if anyone here has measured out how much of a scoop (the one included if you get a jug) is 30 grams worth. Just a close estimate is all I really need. Just assuming a scoop is a serving for the time being :S Thanks a lot.
  12. Sorry to get a little off topic, but has anyone else here tried hanging from a bar by flexing your foot with that muscle? I can understand why it's not meant to hold weight, but I occasionally do vertical sit ups (if that's an ok name) like that, haha.
  13. I agree. It's amazing the ethical side of veganism basically can't be used as a pro, because most people don't care.
  14. IMO if people can survive on the standard american diet, how could you ever say a vegan diet doesn't work, haha. Stuffing your body with junk hides problems, eating a cleaner diet reveals them. It's an opportunity to make yourself healthier, not a sign that you are getting worse. Also a vegan diet requires a level of intelligence, and attention paid to your food. Two things a majority of people in the modern world are lacking. People blame the diet, what they don't realize is they created their diet, they're the ones at fault, not the "diet". People are amazing.....
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