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  1. I'm having a problem with the link.any other way to get a profile photo up?
  2. thanks cold fission.aside from the obvious meat issue,what else is booo about the Paleo diet? thanks, chris
  3. Hi,all.Trying to intoduce myself here,but unsure if "new topic" was the correct way to go about it. My name is Chris Phillips,and I am a composer living on Vashon Island,WA(near Seattle). I do a good bit of walking,bodyweight exercises,and minimal free weights. My nutrition is a mixture of information I have gathered from "Healing with Whole Foods","Paleo Diet for Athletes",Kathy Abascal's anti-inflammatory classes(toquietinflammation.com),and "Vegan Bodybuidling and Fitness". Thanks for being here as a support network. Looking forward to lively discussion. peace, Chris
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