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  1. Alter Eco's Roobios tea. Good stuff!
  2. Hey Robert, I'd like to buy a large tub of the plain flavor. PM me or email me at [email protected] when you get a chance. Thanks!!!
  3. I'm eating a shake consisting of: frozen banana frozen strawberries frozen pineapple frozen blueberries wheat germ orange juice cinnamon peanut butter some ice water Good stuff
  4. http://galaxyglobaleatery.com/index1.html
  5. those are three really well written replies
  6. I had no idea John Robbins could bench that much...that's quite impressive
  7. I'd like to try mixing stevia into my shakes, but i live in the middle of nowhere so I'll have to order online. Any suggestions? I've looked around amazon a little.
  8. I just tried the chocolate sample pack in a shake and it tasted great. Whenever I'm not broke, I'll definitely have to order some
  9. I'll definitely have to give agave nectar a try some time. This morning I prepared my oatmeal differently and didn't use honey. I just heated it plain then added: 1/3 of an apple cinnamon 8 cashews, 8 almonds, 1 teaspoon flax seed, 3 walnut halves(used grinder) some raisins And this actually tasted much better, so I think I'll stick with it I read "The China Study" earlier this semester, and I agree that it's great.
  10. Hello My name is Greg. I'm a college student. I enjoy running (havn't done much in a while due to knee pain), lifting weights(3x a week), and yoga (5 mornings a week since this semester started). I occasionally play tennis or soccer for fun, but I'm new to both. My eating habits have evolved slowly to get where they are now. I've been trying to cut down on refined sugar, highly processed food and dairy since the summer before last. During last semester I decided not to get a meal plan, so I was able to analyze every piece of food I'd consume. I ate lots of soymilk, cereal, oatmeal, fruits, and peanut butter sandwiches. Without really thinking about it, I started to eat less animal products than I had ever before (only when I ate at restaurants). It was also during last semester when I noticed that my endurance had improved considerably(even though I used to run more frequently before then). In the middle of the semester my college had Deanna Latson( www.gotohealth.com) speak about eating habits in a lecture for the university. She strongly recomended reading "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins. Eventually I read the book and it blew me away. I was struck by the sad reality of the meat and dairy industries. Currently, I only eat animal products about once a month (except for honey, I eat that just about every day with oatmeal). Also, I just got a blender recently and I'm getting to the point where I don't know what I'd do without it. I constantly seek information about health, nutrition, and fitness. I found these forums because I read "Thrive" and looked around on myvega.com and eventually ended up here. I like the laid back atmosphere and the fact that these forums aren't plagued with the negativity and machoism that ruin the quality of some other forums. Yeah, that was a pretty long introduction. -Greg
  11. Does anybody eat goji berries? I'm considering ordering some to try in a smoothie, and I'm interested in any information about these berries.
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