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  1. Thanks Robert! Well, the holidays has started for me, no more school or heavy weightlifting untill mid August. Untill then I probably won't frequent this blog so much, but I think I will look in now and then. I have two goals to accomplish before starting the barbells again: Start doing 1-arm push-ups for reps (could ALMOST do 1 rep last night), perform 15 pull-ups in a row, and perform a muscle-up. I don't know if the last is realistic, but I am working on it, and it's getting better. Happy training everyone!
  2. Tuesday: Bench: 62.5 kg: 4,3,3,3,1 BB-rows: 62.5 kg 3x5 Friday: Bench: 55 kg: 3x6 60 kg 1x1 65 kg 1x1 67.5 kg 1x1 (PR) Deadlift: 50 kg 1x1 70 kg 1x1 90 kg 1x1 100 kg 1x1 110 kg 1x1 120 kg 1x1 (pr) 100 kg 1x5
  3. Monday: OHP: 45 kg 4,3,1 Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 100 kg 1x5 115 kg (fail) Wednesday: Squat: 50 kg 1x8 70 kg 1x8 90 kg 1x8 Bench: 60 kg 5x5 BB-row: 60 kg 5x6 Friday: OHP: 45 kg 4,4,3 40 kg 2x5 Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 100 kg 1x5 110 kg 1x5
  4. Wednesday: Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 100 kg 1x5 115 kg 0 (argh! fail again! don't know what happened!) OHP: 42.5 kg 5x5 (FINALLY!) Friday: Bench: 60 kg 5,3,4,3,3 BB-row: 60 kg 5x5 Bench: 60 kg 1x1 65 kg 1x1 50 kg 1x10 Wide-grip pull-ups: 1x9 (that's pretty good I think, considering it's wide grip and after workout!)
  5. Friday: Squat: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 100 kg 3x5 OHP: 40 kg kg 3x5 (did not have time for two more sets, but I will do 5x5 Wednesday) Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 100 kg 1x3 115 kg 0 (fail - squats had me worn out, better do the deadlifts first thing next time) 100 kg 1x5 Monday: Bench: 57.5 kg 5x5 (yes! hope to make 60 kg in first attempt on Friday. Felt really strong today) BB row: 57.5 kg 5x5 One set of dips and chin-ups to failure. Finished the first 5 weeks of my pull-up program Friday. Will take a max test Wednesday I think, and then continue the program next week.
  6. Bench: 55 kg 5x5 BB-row 55 kg 5x5 Very quick workout today. Started with pull-ups and finished with three supersets of pistol squat and push-ups on a stability ball.
  7. Squat: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 95 kg 2x5 OHP: 37.5 kg 5x5 Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 95 kg 1x3 115 kg 1x1 Squat was weak, OHP was strong, deadlift was okay, but in the low end. Not so much to say.
  8. Bench: 52.5 kg 5x5 BB row: 52.5 kg 5x5 Squat: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 3x5 Bench was eeeeeasy. Took short rest between set. Really nice feeling. The rows were also easy. I had really bad DOMs in my legs yesterday, as it was a long time since I squatted last, so took it easy today. Will go for a run tomorrow and then rest over the weekend so I am ready for squats and deadlifts Monday.
  9. Today: Squat: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 90 kg 3x5 Military Press: 35 kg 5x5 Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 95 kg 1x3 110 kg 1x5 Finished with planks and sit-ups. Okay, so I've decided that the last month before the summer break is going to be a 3x5 routine for most lifts. Will do 5x5 on OHP untill I stall and then continue with 3x5, same goes with bench press where I will deload probably to 52.5 kg on Thursday, do 5x5 and then continue from there till I stall and then do 3x5 instead. I have about 5 weeks left before the 2 months without barbells, so my goal right now is basically to get as far as I can so that I can start Madcow in the autumn with some good weight. My goal right now is 125 kg for deadlift, 110 kg for squat and maybe 62.5 for bench. I don't really know, the squat felt weak today cause it's been a while since I've done it, but I'm just doing what I can and taking it easy. Deadlift felt great, except for my grip which seems a bit weak and slippery. It's getting better though, and I have come to like the deadlift again - great!
  10. Wednesday: Bench: 57.5 kg 2x5 52.5 kg 3x6 50 kg 1x8 Barbell Rows: 60 kg 3x5 Friday: Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 95 kg 1x3 110 kg 1x3 (felt SO good, but I lost the grip.. I'm sure I will nail it Wednesday) 90 kg 1x5
  11. Friday: Bench: 57.5 kg: 5,4 50 kg: 3x8 Barbell rows: 60 kg 5x5 Leg press 130 kg 5x5 (did these inbetween the rows) Monday: Deadlifts: 50 kg 1x5 80 kg 1x5 95 kg 1x5 105 kg 1x5 110 kg 1x1 Finally got the 105. Looking forward to deadlifts again Friday. Felt pain in my right elbow when attempting military press, so I skipped that. Will go for a run in a moment and then attempt some dumbbell press when I get home.
  12. Warmed up with pull-ups. Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x3 100 kg 1x3 110 kg 1x1 90 kg 1x5 DB ohp: 15 kg's: 4x7 Front squat: 40 kg 3x8 Not that bad of a session. Deadlift was not as easy as they should be, but they went up. Will need to eat more. Tried dumbbells for the overhead press. Felt a really nice pump even though using a bit lighter weight. The balance work was a nice change from the usual. Finished with front squats, cause I have to get used to them for madcow. Did not feel it so much in the legs because of light weight, but it's hard holding the barbell up. Went really low, which is the good thing about these. Will get better!
  13. Warmed up with my pull-up program. Bench: 57.5 kg 5,5,4,4,2 Squats: 60 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 80 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 Cable rows: 50 kg 3x7 Bench is okay, will nail it in one or two more attempts. Squats SUCK! I am getting so fed up with these. I used to really like to squat, but I really can't find the enthusiasm for it right now. Think it will come after the summer break when I start Madcow. Right now I will just focus on getting my bench and deadlift up.
  14. After an extremely active week with running everyday and lots of push-ups and pull-ups, I've decided to try and follow this program for some time: http://www.fiftypullups.com/ It is a 3 times a week program, so it will fit in nicely with my weightlifting routine. I am taking a pull-up test tomorrow, and I should be able to do 6 good pull-ups which is what it takes to qualify for level 3. I will then start the program Monday (gym doesn't open until Tuesday anyways) and then hopefully it will fit so that I can do both the pull-ups and the weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday as usual, and progress on both. I love bodyweight exercises, and it is what I will have to rely on during summer. Also today I took a long run in the forrest, stopping and finding big branches that I could press and curl. Felt nice and pumped afterwards!
  15. Yesterday: Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 60 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 80 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 100 kg 1x5 Seated Overhead Press: 35 kg 3x5 Standing Overhead Press: 35 kg 3x5 Pull-ups: 3x5 Finished with lying leg raises. Had to fight for the last rep on the deadlift. It did not feel easy. Tried seated OHP for a change, and I must say I like the standing better. Though, it felt like I was isolating shoulders better when seated. Gym is closed next week so it's bodyweight training time. Luckily the weather is getting better, so I can run and I can find a playground to do pull-ups at. I will work on one-arm push-ups, do ab work, pistol squats and whatever I can think of.
  16. 45 minute workout in the morning before class: Bench: 50 kg 1x5 55 kg 5,5,4,4,4 Cable rows: 40 kg 3x8 50 kg 3x6 Lying leg raises: 3 sets Went to school. Then 40 minute workout during lunch break: Squats: 50 kg 1x5 60 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 80 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 100 kg 1x5 Barbell rows: 50 kg 3x5 Cable rows: 50 kg 3x6 Dead-hang pullups: 3x5 Lying leg raises: 3 sets Bench was with proper form which means touching the chest between every rep (must admit that I probably don't always to that) and a controlled, focused movement. Even though I didn't make all the five sets, I felt like I was getting stronger on this exercise.
  17. Didn't get to train Friday as I was very busy with a lot of things all weekend. Today I only had ½ hour to train in, so I went down to the gym and deadlifted: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 105 kg 1x3 90 kg 1x3 DON*T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!! I just can't seem to do those 105 kg, it just feels weird. And even when I deloaded afterwards, I had to stop after the third rep 'cause my back kept bending and I couldn't seem to concentrate at all. Very frustrating! After that I did military press: 37.5 kg: 3x5 Like mentioned, I only had like 25 minutes, so I had to stop after three sets. After school however, I had a little spare time so I went down again and did 3 sets of chinups, 3 sets of cable rows, couple sets of dips and then a set of pull-ups. I really hope the numbers is gonna go up before the summer break, which I am by the way actually looking forward to. Not being able to use barbells and only light dumbells I am gonna have a hell of a fun time doing bodyweight exercises and more fitness oriented workouts. I am going to work my way up to one-armed push-ups from the floor (right now I can do 5 with my arms on the seat of a chair, so that should be an achievable goal). Anyways, one positive thing I can report on is that my bodyfat had gone down with 1% since last time I checked and weight had increased with like ½ kg or something. So progress is still slower than before, but it is happening. Can't wait for my lifting numbers to go up and I can't wait for SUMMER! It's right around the corner
  18. You can try seitan (wheat gluten). Very high in protein (81g pr. 100g I think).
  19. Good work on the squats! I have a question: I have been training push-ups a lot the last days. I am working towards being able to do one armies after my summer break. However, I felt very weak when bench pressing today. I am suspecting it to be because of my muscles already being tired from the pushups. Do you feel that your morning routine interferes with your bench press? Or is it just a matter of getting used to it? I am gonna do loads of pushups in summer where I won't have access to barbells, but I don't want to "waste" time on it now if all it's gonna do is set my bench press back. Anything you have noticed?
  20. Squat: 50 kg 1x5 60 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 80 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 Bench: 50 kg 3x5 45 kg 2x8 Cable rows: 45 kg 3x10 I have been doing a lot of push-ups the last couple of days (training for one-arm push-ups) so that is probably why 50 kg felt so much heavier than usual. I didn't bother going for 57.5 when I was so tired, so I just did light weight. Will try and rest more until next time so my muscles have time to repair.
  21. Sounds like a plan, I will be reading your log then!
  22. I have been looking at Madcow and I will start it after the summer break. I have only 6 or 7 weeks left before the 2 months with no access to gym, so until then I will just continue the ABA-routine with squatting on the bench days. But I am looking to forward to start the madcow program, it looks really pleasant and I have heard good things about it. Have you tried it out, chewy?
  23. Bench: 55 kg 5x5 Squats: 50 kg 1x8 70 kg 1x8 80 kg 1x8 Cable rows: 40 kg 1x8 45 kg 1x8 50 kg 1x8 I was really happy that I made the 55 kg. I don't know what I did different from last time where I only managed one set, but whatever it was, it worked. I wasn't really in the mood for squats, and I was also short on time, so I did squats and rows in between each other, squats/rows/rest/etc. Finished off with some pull-ups.
  24. I'll do my best Today: OHP: 30 kg 1x5 42.5 kg 4,1 40 kg 5,5,4,5 30 kg 1x8 Deadlift: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 100 kg 1x3 105 kg 1x1 Missed the press again. Decided to drop the weight and it went okay. Will just have to push on hard. Deadlift, went with only one rep of 105. My body told me to stop, and being the nice person I am I said: "Okay, but next time I wanna do 5 reps." And so we made a deal. Finished with some pull-ups, chin-ups and cable rows.
  25. Squat: 50 kg 1x5 70 kg 1x5 90 kg 1x5 100 kg 1x3 105 kg 1x1 110 kg 1x1 Bench: 50 kg 2x5 55 kg 4,3 50 kg 2x5 45 kg 2x8 Cable rows: 3 sets Pull-ups: 10 Wanted to test my max squat just for fun. I managed 110 kg, but I still think I want to start working a little lower weight. We'll see. Don't know what's happening with bench. Still cannot seem to do the 55 kg. It might be that I am not eating enough, so I am considering just stuffing myself completely the next 2 months and then cut in the summer when I don't have access to heavy barbells anyways. Did some cable rows, wasn't really up for barbell rows. Finished with 1 set of 10 pull-ups. Not deadhanging but I think still pretty good, considering I had more left in the tank afterwards.
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