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  1. The more and more I'm able to lift heavier weights the more I feel like it's often my hands letting me down. It's not uncommon for me to have to call it a set because my hands won't hold much longer rather than because the muscle/s I'm targeting being done. I don't really understand it, I've worked my way up progressivly so I thought my hands would be getting stronger as I went along. I think I might just have always hand weaker hands and it's starting to catch up with me. I use a few exercise database websites so used them to check my grips and I can't find anything wrong with them. Could I be do something wrong still? I've never heard of someone having this problem so it's making me doubt myself. Any preferred hand exercises? My google-fu seems to be suggesting those nutcracker like things you squeeze mostly, I'd rather not spend money on them if they aren't that good. Should I add it as one of my target areas when working out or just develop a habit of doing it every day (or however often)? I already to wrist curls but not much else for that area. I've heard deadlifts can help but I can't do them until I can afford a gym membership- there's not quite enough space in my room.
  2. I found this thread really helpful. I struggle with knowing much much I should eat and I'm a bit paranoid about getting fat which isn't helpful. I'm just getting back to eating carefully but just now I eat: Breakfast- 2slice toast, glass soy milk, apple Snack- smoothie- cup soy milk, frozen banana, packed cup spinach Lunch- wrap with PB, cucumber, handful of spinach, half a cup of lentils Dinner- some combo of veg and beans that adds up to about 300 calories and 20g protein Snack- porridge- 1.5 cup soy milk, 1 cup oats Once I'm working out properly I'm going to work on another snack to get me to about 2000 calories, 100g protein. From there it'll hopefully just be a case of eating bigger portions as I feel I need it.
  3. Do you use mouthwash and brush your tongue? It takes a bit of practice sometimes to be able to brush it without gagging but I saw a difference within a few weeks but a little gunk on it is normal. But if you think it's exessive check it with a doctor in case it is a symptom
  4. I'm 19, male, 5ft4 and around 130lbs. The surgery is nothing major but it's a bit personal so I don't want to go into too much detail. But it will leave my chest pretty weak for a bit and even after that reaching around will hurt. Once it's closed up, around a 2-3weeks, I'll still be limited because too much movement and heavy lifting will stretch my scars and I want to heal them as fine as possible. Typical day is: 9am -toast & banana An hour or so of walking- not all in one go 12 -a big wrap (lentils, spinach, carrot, onion, kidney beans, salsa) 3pm- 2tbs of peanut butter, apple, glass of soy milk work out at around 5 then have dinner right after dinner's brown rice and chili (TVP & beans with veg) with a vitamin tablet 8 or 9pm- porridge (made with soy milk) 11 or 12-Second bowl of porridge 1-2am- bedtime That's around 2000 calories, 400 carbs, 50g of fat and 110g of protein.
  5. I'm 5ft4, a properly little guy. Nobody believes me I'm actually quite tall for my family
  6. I'm due to have surgery in the next 2-6 months- I don't have a set date yet. For surgery I can't be putting on any fat- which is fine, I've been the same weight for years. It'd do my recovery good to have good chest strength and a decent bit of abs. Long term I want to trim some fat and get toned but not really bulk much- I'm only little so I think I'd look silly. I'm a bit limited in the cardio I can do for medical reasons. I don't do full on cardio- more 10-20mins around weights which I know isn't enough to burn fat. I do walk a fair bit- probably 4 miles a day at a brisk pace. I'll be able to do cardio from about 4-6 weeks after surgery. I do weights, most days of the week- rotating body parts to give them rest in between. It'll be longer before I can do weights again after surgery, probably 8-12 weeks so I'm prepared for muscle loss. I've also started to watch what I eat. I now eat more whole grains and 6 meals a day instead of 3+snacks. Calories have went to 1800-2000 from about 1400-1600 Carbs are at 350-400 up from 250-300 Protein is at 95-115 up from 55-75 Since I've started I've gained half a stone- up to 9 and a half- in a few months. I never used to exercise at all except walking so despite not eating a lot I have a few squidgy bit. So it's left me a bit confused, particularly around eating. Everywhere seems to assume you can do a fair bit cardio and you eat cottage cheese- so not so helpful to me. I'm at the point where I don't think I could eat more protein without upping my calories and carbs too and I'm not sure if that's ok without cardio to burn it off. I just don't know what I should aim for from this point or if I should stick with what I have so any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.
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