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  1. Hey Daniel, Welcome to the forums.
  2. Heya, welcome to the forum. Will be keen to see how you go at College, good luck with it!
  3. Welcome Jen, I wish you luck with your weight loss, I was in a similar boat a little over a year ago. I just wanted to say stick with it and let us know how it goes!
  4. Hello and welcome! Unfortunately I'm not sure how to answer either of those questions.
  5. I also use clearasil, I never actually considered this before. I had a quick look on Google and it seems to be split, some say Yes, others say no and others say no one knows so I'm really not sure who to believe.
  6. Wow, you look awesome. Voted for you, will do the same tomorrow if I am at my computer.
  7. Hey everyone! Well I am trying to work out a good vegan diet, not one for super fast results of any kind but a sustainable one that I can maybe stick to for a few years at least, so I want to start off slowly. I'll point out now I am 17, I don't know if that should effect the way I eat at all. I do eat a lot of starch and not enough fruit and vegetables, I could not find a relevant thread, if one exists please feel free to link that or even if someone can recommend a good book on the subject, I saw lots out there but I don't know what to trust. Here is what I am thinking, but I am not a nutritionist by any means so if you think I'm making a mistake, I would really appreciate it if someone could jump in. For breakfast, I usually have weet-bix or some other kind of cereal, thinking about switching to porridge though. For Lunch, I am thinking avocado because of its fat content as well as kiwi fruit due to its huge amounts of Vitamin C and awesome taste, as well as an assortment of other vegetables and fruits, either on a sandwich or separate. For dinner, I am thinking soup 3 times a week, seeing as it is just mostly vegetables, but beyond that I don't really know anything else that is light, any suggestions? I'm a capable cook!..kinda.. Thoughts or suggestions, anyone? I am in no real hurry to bulk up, I want to get the nutrition right first. I am hoping that if I have it written down and prepared I won't deviate and fall into bad habits too often. Thanks for reading, guys and girls. Edit/p.s: I am hoping to only eat 3, maximum 4 times a day, I read in another thread smoothies are a good way to quench your hunger so I might give that a try? p.s.s I just saw the "Nutrition Question - Can I see what you typically eat?" thread. I don't know how I missed that but it has all sorts of interesting information, as well.
  8. Hey! I also am new and from Australia, welcome to the forum! I wish you luck with your recovery, though!
  9. Benjamin


    Hey, thank you Robert and Hsorlando!
  10. Benjamin


    Hello, my name is Benjamin. About a year ago I became a vegetarian, I am a vegan at home but when I'm out with friends I am just a vegetarian because Western Sydney isn't particularly Vegan friendly, though I get the Vegan alternative if it's available. Anyway, that doesn't matter. I am 17 so I am thinking I probably need maybe a slightly different diet than you folks who are older. I was quite a fat guy before I made the change, I am 6'3 and usually jump between 67 and 70 kilos so I would like to put on some muscle so I am not a stick figure, and that is why I am here.
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