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  1. Thankyou for the welcomes! Serious: thankyou for sharing your experience with RV. I am still sitting on the fence a bit with it, undecided if it is for me. Right now I have made the change to over 60% raw by calories so will see how I go from here! Sosso: Good to see another nursing student? What year are you? I study externally through Charles Darwin Uni even though I live in WA. I'm a second year
  2. This doesnt really answer your question, but I thought I might share my experience with you about acne. I had acne from the time I was 11 years old. I think I tried every product from supermarket washes, over the counter creams, prescription medications and antibiotics - none of it worked. At 24 I started using the 'oil cleansing method' on my skin (lots of information on the net if you google it) and now my skin is as close to flawless as its ever been. I just mix equal parts castor oil and extra virgin olive oil, massage it over my face for 5-10mins, then wash off with very hot water and a clean washcloth. I do this 3 times a week. Sorry if I sound like an adverisement but I will tell anyone who'll listen about this because it worked so well for me. No chemicals, no animal testing and incredibly cheap (as you only use a small amount each wash). I hope you'll try it and have the same result I have
  3. I live somewhere down the bottom of WA, aka the middle of nowhere
  4. Hello! I have just joined the forum and thought I should introduce myself properly. I'm 26 years old, mother of two and nursing student from a small town in Australia. I have been into bodybuilding as an on and off hobby for 5 years or so and as a result have a decent amount of muscle mass. I was incredibly suprised when I not only didnt lose this muscle when I went vegan, but I have actually increased some of my lifts since then. This is what brought me to this forum. Right now my main goal is to cut down 10 kilos of bodyfat while maintaining as much muscle as possible. Training is a bit limited as I was hit by a car 8 weeks ago and (amongst other injuries) tore many of the tendons in my neck - but that isnt going to stop me! I am looking in to high raw but after reading a few threads I see this is a topic of debate. Anyway, thats it from me! Cheers! EDIT: forgot to say, I've been vegan for just under a year now
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