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  1. Hi all, How low should I bend my torso for a bent over bb row? 45 degrees or 90 degrees? I've been doing 45 degrees for some time but recently read that you should do it with your torso at 90 degrees or close to it. Any ideas? My knees have to be bent, right? Thanks.
  2. Hey all, I've ben gaining weight and lifting heavier as time goes- I've been on 5x5 and visiting the gym 3-4 times weekly since August. I've increased my food intake also. But I notice that my waist has expanded- which is not a big problem, but I feel I've got more fats around the back of my hips. I'm thinking of jogging again to keep it in check, as well as watching my diet more carefully. But how many times a week should I jog? Kind of not sure as I don't want to loose my strength at the gym too. Any advice? Thanks.
  3. Is there a good time to take bran? I take mine immediately after dinner daily, 4 tablespoons worth. I'm wondering if this is good for absorption? Or should I have it earlier. My stomach's been ok with this so far. Dinner for me is often rice and assorted vegetables, at times with curry.
  4. You need protein most post-training, so try to have a drink after you train.
  5. I use a smith machine for the shoulder press. So I put the seat a bit in front of the bar. I do it seated. No rack at my gym to do it with just a bar.
  6. I'm confused about the shoulder press. Do I hold the bar in front of or behind my head? I find the latter option easier to do. I tried 10kg front and back and having the bar behind my head is way easier, I didn't pant as much. I do mine seated. But which is best for the shoulders and reduces risk of injury? Thanks.
  7. What's a negative? The movement of the dumbell down? I'm using 16kg dumbells now, and I can control them, need some effort to push them up though. I like it when the dumbell is on my sides and I feel my chest sort of tearing apart. Good burn.
  8. Hey, I read in a bb book in the mall yesterday that you shouldn't use real heavy weights for dumbell flys. I don't know how heavy is heavy. Any truth in this claim? Thanks.
  9. Yes, I figured 35kg doesn't merit a belt yet. At what weight do you usually need a belt for deadlift/barbell row? When you lift at bodyweight?
  10. I'm going to go without belt for now, until I feel any discomfort. Proper form, I remind myself, will help me.
  11. But I do want to lift heavier, so I'm packing on the kg little by little as I go along. So far, so good. Thanks for the clip. Inspiring.
  12. Ectomorph gaining weight and strength here. Currently eating more and supplementing with multivitamins and protein weight gainer. I'm on 5x5. Right now I weigh 60kg, 171cm in height. My question is- will creatine help me get bigger/stronger or is it just hype? I've heard you have to cycle it. Does it really work? Experiences? Thanks.
  13. Is a belt necessary for deadlifts? I'm currently deadlifting at 35kg in total and I guess I'll add weight as I progress. I've seen most men in my gym use a belt when they deadlift, around or lighter weights than me. So I was just curious if a belt is necessary. Thanks.
  14. I can't find almond meals here or if I do, they are in some organic shop- expensive. We don't have those nuts naturally in Malaysia. So I have to find unsalted ones, which is not easy and eat them. Now by grinding, lol.
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