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  1. Tuesday Activities Morning workout approx. 40 min High intensity interval dumbbell/bodyweight training: Rope jumping/Jumping jacks-drop down Dumbbell burpee Incline dumbbell press/Renegade row Mountain climbers Dumbbell bench press/DB dead lift Mountain climbers DB Burpee/Rope jumps Evening workout: Hatha yoga approx. 75 min Food Breakfsat: Raw cocoa drink* with coconut milk Lunch: Toasted rye bread with olive spread and half avocado Home made raw chocolate* with cashew nuts Afternoon snack: Grapefruit Hazelnuts Dinner: Salad with cooked buckwheat, beetroot and olive oil Sesame snack with raisins
  2. Monday Activities Astanga yoga 75 min Food Breakfast: Raw cocoa drink* with coconut milk Apples Lunch: Cauliflower - steamed, with olive oil, flax seed and spices Sesame snack with raisins and other dried fruit Afternoon snack: Steamed pumpkin* with ginger and raisins Almonds Dinner: Fresh salad with beets*, green cabbage*, turnip*, olive oil, spices Toasted rye bread with olive spread Halvah Later: Apples or grapefruit Good week to all.
  3. If speaking of life affecting books: Fit for life by Harvey and Merylin Diamond - I read this book when I was like 17 and it literally changed me - I was a vegetarian at this time, and it was then when I first started with the vegan diet, and more recently: Skinny bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin that brought me back to vegan after years of vegetarian lifestyle.
  4. Welcome. Good luck with your workouts, but don't do it just to prove someone wrong, do it for you.
  5. Sunday Finally a day off work Activities Probably excausted from the workweek, for my last workouts I'm not at my best High intensity interval olympic bar/bodyweight training with supersets: 17 min HIIT spinning Tabata mountain climbers (with elbow planks in the rest intervals) Overhead squat/Get up-to push up-and-roll Elevated one leg push ups/Ninja burpee+knees to elbows Full contact twist/Cable crunch Sumo dead lift/Parallel squat Some more variations of push ups Food Breakfast: Raw cocoa drink* with coconut milk Grapefruit Lunch: Fresh salad with kohlrabi*, beetroot*, turnip*, olive oil Halvah Afternoon snack: Apples Dinner: Fresh green cabbage salad with olive oil Home made "chapatti" with hemp and flax flour with olive spread The rest of the "chapatti" with home made (again) blueberry jam* And yet another DIY dessert : raw chocolate (made of raw cocoa paste*, coconut butter*, coconut milk, brown sugar and cashews*), which turned out quite delicious Later: Some more fruits
  6. Saturday - it was such a crazy day at work, I could hardly remember my food and workout, but I'll give it a try anyway Activities High intensity interval dumbbell and bodyweight workout in supersets: Rope jumping/Back roll-to-push up (I really don't have a better way of describing that) Turkish get up/Renegade row One leg squat/Crunch-knee tucks Dumbbell burpees/Mountain climbers Isometric handstands/Ninja burpees I am not happy with today's workout at all, I could't concentrate because of people who kept talking to me ALL THE TIME! Food Not happy with it either-didn't have enough time for descent meals Morning drink: Raw cocoa drink* with coconut milk Lunch and afternoon snack: Steamed pumpkin* with raisins and ginger and raw sesame tahini (soooo delicious that I had the same for my next meal) Dinner: Salad with cabbage*, beets*, turnip*, olive oil, toasted rye bread with olive spread Crackers with honey* (Not quite a vegan food, but I just can't give it up Some time later: Pomello
  7. Friday Activities Morning activities: Interval training (10:30 sec) in supesets Sumo dead lift-High pull/Overhead squat Bent over row/Full contact twist Squats/Elevated push ups Close grip cable pull down/Cable kneeling crunch Burpee+knees to elbows/Alternating hands elevated push ups Isometric handstands Time: approx. 40 min Evening activities: Hatha yoga - 60 min Food (From now on I'm going to mark all the organic products that I use with *) Breakfast: Raw cocoa* drink with coconut milk Lunch: Brown basmati rice* with winter type squash* and spices Oat cookies* Afternoon snack: Almonds Dinner: Probably the same as the lunch as I have plenty of leftovers and I'll still be at work Mood and healh Much better than yesterday except for an annoying stomack discomfort. Good day to all
  8. It was between 2001 and 2004, but we were cruising Southern Europe and Brazil...I had some great times there. I sometimes miss the shiplife ( and especially I miss Brazil ), but I have a good thing going here and I don't want to throw it all away to go back. I wish you spending the best time on your new ship
  9. I also used to work on a cruise ship...and thanx all for the welcome
  10. Thursday Activities Ashtanga yoga 75 min Food Breakfast: Raw cocoa drink Apples Lunch: Lentils with veggies Oat cookies Afternoon snack: Almonds Dinner: Large veggie salad with lots of olives Oat cookies Mood Lack of energy and appetite within the last few days and yet I feel bloated.
  11. Thanx, my years of experience showed that this type of training works best for me and saves me time. But who knows, I might come up with something better some day.
  12. Here's the summary for today: Morning workout: High intensity interval training (10 sec rest; 30 sec work) Supersets and trisets of: Rope jumping/Burpees Mountain climbers/Regular push-ups Dumbbell bench press/Dead lift/Renegade rows Walking lunges (+dumbbells)/Elevated push ups with knee tucks Rope jumps/Crunches (variation) Total time approx. 30 min Evening workout: Ashtanga yoga (class) 60 min Food: Morning cocoa Buckwheat (kasha) with veggies - which was for both lunch and dinner Halvah for dessert Almonds as snacks Apples I think that's about it for today.
  13. Hi, everyone I am new to the forum, but not to the fitness/vegan way of living (I don't call it "lifestyle" because I think that's not what it is). I've always recommended to others (who seem to have no control of their diet and workouts) to keep a log of what they eat and what they do, but I've never kept one myself, so now I've decided to give it a try and see if it is going to be helpful at all. In this log I intend to post my workouts, things I eat, moods and general physical state. I expect and hope for opinions, suggestions and even critisism of your side
  14. Hello, everyone I am from Bulgaria and I've been a vegetarian for as long as I can remember. In my late teen years I became vegan, but a couple of years later I went back to vegetarian because I let the doctors persuade me that the hormonal problems that I was experiencing back then were caused by my diet. Much, much later I got sick of eating all that crap so here I am.. I've been working out (in one way or another) almost all my life. Nowadays, among other things, I teach yoga and do personal training. My personal workouts include ashtanga yoga, a lot of high intensity interval bodyweight training and cross training. It is really nice that I've found this forum, 'cause I'm getting sick of pepole trying to impose their opinion on me, that workout without meat is a lost cause.
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