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  1. I started a new job a couple of months ago and it involves a lot of staying away from home at the moment in hotels.

    We all know how difficult it can be to eat out so having to do it for every meal 5 days a week is becoming a bit of a nightmare. Any suggestions on whats the best way to keep my protein intake up when basically all I can eat all week are potatos, salad and baked beans??

  2. I stopped for 6 weeks before but slipped back into it! Theres a lot of people who smoke at work unfortunatly so thats when it will probably be more difficult. I think Im going to go for it though, that and cut back on the booze!

  3. Hi everyone, my names mike, Im 22 and live in a town called Luton in England. I have been vegetarian for 12 years and recently cut out all dairy products and eggs. I enjoy going to the gym but now want to take it more seriously.


    I used to be an electrician now im doing an apprenticeship as a gas engineer.

    My downfalls are the fact I like to drink on the weekends and unfortunatly seem unable to kick the habbit of smoking so any advice from ex-smokers on how they quit would be greatly appreciated!


    I dident chose a vegetarian diet for health reasons to be honest, I just find eating animals to be cruel and unnecesssary. This has led me to stop eating dairy and eggs as if I am honest till recently i was naieve to the reality of buying these products.


    Sorry for the occasional spelling mistake!


    Anyway thats me, nice to meet you all!


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