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  1. Oh...I should mention my website has been changed to .com no longer .ca Thanks ladies
  2. Hi there, Glad you are keeping strong and at it. As for you being hungry... At night stick to snacking on Veggies with hummus or Penaut butter/almond butter. You want to avoid the crabs at night - your body does not need them...Especially rice. Most people just find carbs comforting that is why they eat them in the pm. As for back exercises..you can use your dumbbells and do rows.. http://exercise.about.com/od/exerciseworkouts/ss/backexercises_6.htm and the Superman : ) http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/exercises.asp?exercise=191 Let me know how those work for you.. chat soon
  3. Hi HON! SO happy wirh your email this am...MORE energy!! Weight loss!! YEAH oh and its Glutamine..NOT Creatine. : ) Thanks and keep up the great work : )
  4. Good for you hon!! If you keep the eating in check you are going to get there in no time : ) If your still feeling the DOMS too much - you can take another dose of Glutamine rigth before bed : )
  5. hi! Glad you had a good night out : ) I sent you an email with food suggestions
  6. Hi Kim!! Awesome!! You are doing great and so Happy you are liking the workout I gave you : ) Its not an easy one..so Great job. Don't forget to take your Glutamine ..that will help those sore legs! xo
  7. Hi again... I have a few Proteins I take. I like to mix it up : ) Raw Protein from Garden of life, Hemp from Manitoba Harvest and Vegetarian from InterActive Nutirion : ) I looked at you last food journal...a few suggestions Snack: Apple - ADD some protein - Nut butter or eat some nuts/ dip in hemp seeds.. Snack: Nine baby carrots - add protein!! : ) Drink a proten shake 39grams is SO low..especially cause you want to add some beautiful muscle : ) Tak care
  8. Hi Everyone! So great to see so many involved in this program!! I wish you all much success !! Take it day by day!! Don't be hard on yourself if you have a bad one...we ALL have them. Just keep visualizing the end results and ask for support! There are many great mentors here.. Xo
  9. Hi Amber! Hope you are doing great! Please feel free to email me direct with any questions you may have ok? : ) If you are working with weights your oats are great for a pre workout..slow carbs and will give you energy you need. Post workout...a MUST if you are working with weights and trying to gain muscle..You MUST drink a post workout shake no more than 30 -40 min riight after. Fruit juice with Protein powder..I add BCAA and Glutamine. Saw you on my FB page..Thanks!! Chat soon!
  10. Hi Bev! I am really happy to see that you are keeping really active! Great! I do think we need to add some more quality food to your day..You seem to avoid carbs when you most need them : ( in the am, and day. Since you are working with weights - I think you need to take a post workout shake..High Gl Carbs (juice) with protein powder. Then 2 hours later you can eat burger : ) Email me to further discuss..I think your training is great..its the food we need to discuss : ) Keep up the GREAT work!
  11. Hi Vaia, Looking at your journal and your food log I really think you need to eat MORE. I know how busy you are so its hard but.. You need to add more good carbs to your diet and protein. The refined sugars will just make you feel more slugish : ( For your pre workout...add some carbs...will make you have more stamina for your workouts! Chat soon
  12. Hi Bev!! Glad we will be working together! We can work on getting you a routine that will be easy for you to work into your schedule and keep you motivated! You are not the only one with that nasty pm eating lol its where most do the damage..we will break that habit and get you into the shape you want to be!! Chat soon
  13. Hi Vaia! Ok so not all days are perfect ..especially the 01Jan if the night prior was a late one : ) We will get you on your way to your goals!! WE need to take a hard look at your diet! Looking forward to seeing your next entries chat soon Claudia
  14. Glad you are here hon! You will find lots of support here! Looks like you started year off well...keep at it and as you know I am here for you Much love and success Chat soon Claudia
  15. HI there : ) I have some tips and my Diet at www.claudialailhacar.ca Cheers I am a Vegan Figure competitor
  16. Thanks everyone.. Might be on here more often now : ) starting my Pre Comp next week!!! : )
  17. Welcome!! It can be done and you will love the way you feel. I am a Vegan Female Figure Competitor : ) Let me know if you have any questions!!
  18. Happy to be part of this forum!! I am Vegan - have been for almost 12 years : ) I am a Figure Competitor ..extra special since I am Vegan. Its hard but can be done and Rock it!! 1st runner up in Medium at Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2010 and now getting ready for my pre comp - BC's in July. Hope to get to chat with many of you .. Cheers
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