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  1. My husband started working out with a trainer in hopes of putting on a little more muscle. People keep telling him he looks too thin since he lost 35 lbs (eating a nutritarian style vegan diet) but I swear the 35 lbs he lost was all belly fat. He still has a little, so I know he's not underweight. In fact he's super fit. At 55 he can run and exercise more than most men half his age. The trainer (an omnivore) told him he needs 180 grams of protein a day to get results from weight training. Ed is 140lbs and 5'8". That sounds to high to me. He's already improved his muscle tone and increased his size somewhat over the last several months, but he thinks it's not happening fast enough. I don't want him to consume unhealthy amounts of protein in an attempt to gain size. What is the right amount of protein if you are weight training?
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