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  1. Thnk-you MaryStella, I would love all the help I can get. I just finished my foundations course at the local Cross Fit here a couple months ago and then suffered a couple injuries that have kept me home. The few I did attend before hand were shockingly hard! I haven't worked out like that in years. Honestly it was very humbling for me. I have 'let myself go' over the lst few years and although I am not overweight I am extremly out of shape and was blown away, there is a lady that attends who is in her 50's.... she lapped me twice with a 40lb sandbag on her back! The hardest thing for me is anything 'with the work clean', clean and jerk, med ball cleans.... its so frustrating. I suffered a severe low back sprain @ work and will finally be back to work next week, being a cross-fitter, do you think I am safe to return to class? The coaches here are great and I am hopeful that the WOD can be modified,but I am so nervous about re-injuring my back (this is 2nd time in 2 months) and can see myself being too scared to join into much. What type of diet do you typically eat? I like to think mine is pretty well balanced but I know there is always room for improvement and lately I have been very tired and run down (even before the injury). Thanks for your help MaryStella!
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    Joe, I think the drive and determination you have towards your goal is, inspiring, to be honest. I know in Brendans book "The Thrive Diet" he mentions that this way of eating is more a way of life and philosophy that a strict regimented diet and as such doesn't include the breakdown for each meal or foods included. If you know what % of each macro nutrient you would like to consume day to day or meal to meal this website (http://nutritiondata.self.com/ ) can be helpful. You type in the food, the size of the portion and it breaks down all the nutritional values. There is a drop down area called "My ND" under which you select 'my recipes' here you can select all ingredients that go into a particular dish you make (and the amount of each food) and it will provide you with the total breakdown of that dish. I have found this to be a helpful tool. As far as the donuts after mass goes, talk to the people in charge of the snacks/donuts, how much do they spen on these nutrient void treats? Can they save money by looking into a fruit and veggie platter? They could even incorporate the prep of a veggie platter into a fun part of Sunday school for children. If you have kids you must know the pride they feel when they have gotten to help make mom/dad's breakfast or dinner, think of how much fun they could have learning to not only take care of their spiritual selves in church but how to take care of their physical selves as well and in the end get to brag to the members of the church, mom, dad, gram/grampa about the healthy snack they helped make. I wish you all the best!
  3. Hello Everyone, I have been vegetarian since I was 5, currently I do not consume any meat products but have cheese/eggs 1 to 4 times a month. I am here (and happy to have found this site) because I am frustrated and lost. I am hoping to work towards entering a figure competition and have been told by both trainers I contacted that this can not be accomplished unless I am willing to eat meat, they even rufesed to help me build a training plan as it is pointless if I am planning on sabotaging it with a 'protein deficient diet'. According to the people I have been in touch with any protein source that comes as a secondary macro nutrient to carbs isn't true protein.... this even came from a registered dietician! Can you believe it? I know that this goal can be accomplished on a veg diet, I just need help getting there. I ordered Robert's book and can't wait to receive it. I would love to find someone qualified to work with me as an 'online coach/trainer'. Someone to help create meal plans and create and change up workout programs for me as I progress. I am new to this type of dedicated program and need guidance, please let me know if you (or someone you know) provides this service and is willing to help me work towards this goal in a compasionate way, with a compasionate diet. Thank-you! I look forward to any information or assistance that can be provided!
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