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  1. Soy protein tastes bad also, but it's the cheapest way to go and is a complete protein source, so I say go ahead with it.
  2. I have been eating some kind of beans with whole wheat bread/pasta, brown rice, or potatoes before I go to the gym then have soy milk after, maybe some peanut butter or protein powder and a banana if I have it, sometimes a soy protein bar instead, then eat a normal meal an hour or so later. If I were going earlier it would probably be oats with fruit and nuts, then soy milk after. Really I just try to eat something that will give me energy before and some protein after. It probably isn't that important really, as long as you are eating enough calories throughout the day and getting in plenty of complex carbohydrates to keep your energy up.
  3. Vegans generally eat less fat than non vegans. This means they will on average eat a larger quantity of food than non-vegans to get the same calories. One gram of fat is 9 calories while 1 gram of carbohydrates or protein is 4 calories. You can work out a low volume high fat vegan diet if you want to limit the quantity of food you need to eat, but most people like to eat and prefer a diet that allows them to eat a lot.
  4. Most people here will be less willing to help you because you haven't expressed interest in becoming vegan. This is a vegan forum set up to help promote veganism by showing people that it is possible to build muscle without contributing to cruelty. I am not comfortable encouraging you to gain weight on a diet that includes eggs and milk, but I will say some things. You need to have more reasonable expectations. 180 cm and 53 kg is very skinny. It will probably take a few years of heavy lifting and proper eating before you are considered "muscular." It's something you have to realize from the start so that you don't get discouraged when it gets difficult. I am 190.5 cm and 77.4 kg after almost 6 months of weight training 3x each week. While I am more muscular and much stronger than when I first started at a weight of ~69 kg, most people would not assume I lift weights at all from looking at me. It took me 6 months of hard work to look like a normal sized guy that doesn't go to the gym. Bodyweight exercises are okay when you first start out and are fine for conditioning, but it is difficult to add resistance to them. Also, the jump in difficulty from the beginner exercises to the more advanced variations is very large. Those two facts make it difficult to make appreciable gains without access to a barbell and set of weights.
  5. This i'm not so sure about Meh. Everyone says that but I dig it. I almost tried it the other day, but I was just too scared
  6. I suggest switching out that mayonnaise with one that doesn't contain eggs, and add in 1 more meal a day.
  7. This sounds good. This i'm not so sure about
  8. I didn't take a week off when I said I would and went in to the gym a couple times to mess around doing whatever the people there were doing. So one day I did bench press, close grip bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press machine, dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell bench press, cable flys, tricep pushdowns, and hanging leg raises in the power rack, because on fridays "we do everything" . My chest and triceps were sore for like 3 days after that ridiculousness so did a very similar routine for back and biceps the next time . I mostly stayed out of the gym last week because I was sick. Nothing really bad, but I didn't feel like eating so I didn't and figured I might as well skip the gym till I was better since I didn't follow my plan to take a week off. Anyway, I'm wasting away to nothing now, weighed in at 173.4 this morning . Went to the gym today because it closed early yesterday and I was too busy goofing off to get in before that and turned out to be an okay session really. I didn't stick so much with the plan because I have a new plan I will start on thursday or monday i think. Squat 2x5xbar 1x5x95 1x5x115 3x5x135 Bench 1x10xbar 1x5x75 3x5x95 Dumbbell rows 1x10x30 3x10x45 I'll be switching to some sort of 4 day thing probably. I am thinking something like... Monday - Squat Tuesday - Bench Thursday - Deadlift Friday - Overhead The thinking behind this is that it seems to take me 2 days to recover from heavy squat/deadlifts, so the extra days should help me to progress instead of stalling so much like I was on the squat 3 days a week routine. The most important lift to me is the squat so I might make thursday a squat day too and deadlift once every couple weeks. I do like deadlifting though, so maybe just add in some higher rep squats on that day as assistance. I may switch it to 3 days a week if if it's too much, because I am still planning on losing another 5 pounds or so. Then I'll try to keep that weight the rest of the summer. There are just too many things keeping me from bulking for now, mainly being broke, but it is ridiculously hot now and I can't be bothered with cooking and eating lots of food most days. Still not 100% on how this plan will go, but I am trying to make it slightly confusing on purpose to force myself to bring a notebook to the gym. I may just take some similar routine off the internet also, because I am lazy .
  9. I don't like any of the vegan shirts I can find either. I am starting to think that vegans are just bad a T shirt design. Sucks really.
  10. I never heard of her either, but she is just an idiot. Lots of these ex-vegan types say they had some indeterminate health problems that could only be cured by the mass rape and murder of billions of living beings. But, they never explain it because it's a lie. Nobody is willing to say they just didn't care enough to keep it up. Anybody eating fast food hamburgers and bacon meatloaf like she mentions in the video is not doing it for health reasons. Especially not someone that was an ethical vegan.
  11. This is the only thing you need to know, if someone says different, they are wrong or crazy.
  12. I agree, the only way to really know for sure what you are eating is to count it all up every day. I would recommend more green vegetables in your diet though. As much as you can eat really. But, eating more fat does not lead to fat gain. Eating any excess calories will mean fat gain for almost all people. To put on a substantial amount of muscle you will have to put on some fat unless you use steroids or are genetically gifted.
  13. It seems odd to get it in both legs, but it is very possible that it is tendinitis. The only things you can do are ice, stretching, rest and an anti-inflammatory. Tendinitis isn't usually very serious, but it can lead to ruptured tendons if you don't take it seriously. That means don't take a bunch of pain killers and pretend it didn't happen. Ruptured tendons are much more painful, require surgery and take longer to heal. In the future, be sure to thoroughly warm up and stretch before doing any sort of dynamic or repetitive activity. There is a reason stretching was invented.
  14. Nice dreads man. How long have you had them? Mine are still like baby dreads and I've had them 7 or 8 years now.
  15. I think the calculation was done wrong, or perhaps it was a bad formula. You certainly don't need to lose anymore weight. I think your goal should be to focus more on strength building and healthy eating. If you are healthy and strong then happiness with your body should come with that! Those formulas for finding body fat % aren't very accurate. I think also, for very small people and very big people it gets even less accurate. This website has some pictures of what different body fat percentages look like, and you definitely have less than the picture of the skinny women with 15% body fat. http://www.leighpeele.com/body-fat-pictures-and-percentages Also, cellulite is different than excess body fat. There are lots of different causes and you may or may not be able to get rid of it. But, losing more weight will not make it better.
  16. Horrible workout today. I'm guessing the lazy eating the past 3 weeks has gotten to me. Also, I've been going at close to max intensity for almost 5 months now and constantly being sore is probably interfering with my progress. The plan now is to stay away from the gym for a week, then hit the eating hard and back at it fresh on the 23rd. Hopefully this helps out, because it sucks feeling so weak after putting in so much work. I did mange to get 3x5 at 115 on the bench press, but other than that everything was garbage.
  17. Judging from those pictures, you don't need to worry about fat. After you get your metabolism back to normal any fat you gain will be in proportion to the muscle, so it isn't a bad thing. Any "flab" you might think you have is more likely just skin that would be tighter if there were more muscle underneath it. Jogging 20 minutes a day and resistance training 3x a week is a lot more activity than the average american gets, so you are far less lazy than you might think. A healthy women your height has a basal metabolic rate of ~1200 on average. Which means, if you just laid in bed all day, your body would use 1200 calories of energy for basic bodily functions like breathing and such. Just getting out of bed to eat will drastically raise the number of calories your body uses. Even something as small as fidgeting during the day will use more energy than sitting still. If I were you I would toss the scale in the garbage and work up to eating ~1700 calories a day. That is how many calories a women your size should burn on average with your given activity level. If you add ~100 calories a day it shouldn't be too difficult to get used to and should help your metabolism to speed up. If your metabolism doesn't seem to be improving after a couple months then you should see a doctor to have your thyroid checked, then discuss the issue with them before you make any further changes.
  18. According to every chart I can find, the ideal weight for a women of your height between the ages of 25 and 59 is 131 pounds. You need to gain ~22 pounds to be considered healthy. The reason you don't look like you want too is because you do not have enough muscle, not that you have too much fat. You are having such trouble losing weight because you are well below the weight you should be.
  19. Your diet looks fine, no need to change it, you just need to eat more. People do not get bigger from lifting weights, they get bigger from eating. Keep track of every calorie you eat and up your intake a little at a time till you are consistently gaining weight every week. Lifting weights stimulates the muscles, but they will not grow without a caloric excess. Look through chewybaws log on this forum and you will see how much food some people need to gain weight. A lot of what worked for me comes right out of his log. More blended meals makes it so much easier to get the calories down without being so full all the time. It's probably the one thing that helped me the most. Also, there is nothing wrong with soy. Soy products are tasty high quality protein sources with many positive health effects. So many people are eliminating soy from their diet because they have been eating "too much of it for so long." That's just silly. Would you think of eliminating broccoli or kale from your diet? Or some other type of beans? Removing soy from your diet will make your life so much harder than it needs to be.
  20. Hamstrings and calves sort of tight today. Not sure what the calf tightness is about, never happened before. 5 mins on bike + some stretching it turns out i suck at squatting Squat 2x5 bar 1x5 95 1x3 135 felt heavy 2x1 165 fail on 2 just couldn't get my hips to do their job 1xf 165 stuck in the hole :/ 1x3 155 fail on 4 1x7 135 punishment for being weak Press 2x8 bar 3x5 55 I been failing on these for like 3 weeks so dropped weight way down this time and starting over. A lot of the problem is with getting a straight bar path, so trying to get that sorted. Rows 1xsome bar 3x5 100 Much heavier than this I can't keep my hips from doing most of the work, so this is a deload also. I sort of yank the bar up with my hips, my chest comes up then i pull the bar to my chest after its well off the ground, not sure how to keep from doing that beside get stronger. Friday I used 95 pounds after having been up to 125 cheating and had DOMS all across my upper back the next day, so the cheating way is definitely not optimal. Pullups 3 2 2 1 1 Tried some incline/decline??? ( head going down) situps with a 10lb plate on my chest, but quit because it didn't seem safe on the back. So did 2x10+8 leg raises and left. Going to stick to adding 5lbs a session on all the lifts, except deadlift because that is the only one I haven't really failed on yet. Maybe I will stop sucking so much that way. Also maybe going to suck it up and eat more, but not feeling it just now.
  21. Looking crazy strong Adena!! Really impressive.
  22. I don't know how you do it man. I'm already sick of eating after only 4 months and some days. What are you aiming for now? 100kg+ bodyweight maybe by next year?? Keep it up!!!
  23. Your argument seems to imply that the United States is a Christian country, which it is not. I thought Americans worshiped money???
  24. @Fallen_Horse I never got into any of the Modest Mouse albums but that Ugly Casanova record is pretty awesome I like many different kinds of music and dislike many bands that are similar to some of my favorites. Some things I like are actually just bad also and not sure why I like it Anti-Flag The Beatles Beirut Bill Withers Desaparecidos Inspectah Deck John Coltrane The Mars Volta Mos Def Operation Ivy Propagandhi Rancid Raphael Saadiq Reflections Eternal The Roots Stephen Marley Strike Anywhere Wu-Tang Clan That's really not even enough to get an idea of what I like but I'd be here all day if I didn't stop somewhere.
  25. I can't imagine you've gotten big enough where maintenance is in issue. Just quit worrying about things, you'll have plenty of time for that when you are older. But, what are you going to do about your grades???
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