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  1. Assuming I am spam would be both incorrect and be taking the easy way out of this discussion.


    The claim that Vitamineral Green has all the nutrients that you need makes little sense when you have almost no idea what quantity of nutrients are actually in there. To claim that nutritional labels "can" be deceiving at best makes little sense and is a cop out. Nutrient labels are what they are. Ultimately, you are saying that somehow you know Vitamineral Green has all the nutrients you need, but that a nutrient analysis on the label is unnecessary and misleading? Very strange argument!


    To be very specific about what nutrients I think are either missing entirely or not found in sufficient quantities in Vitamineral Green based on their ingredients, I would say:


    (1) Vitamin B-12

    (2) Vitamin D

    (3) Most other B-Vitamins

    (4) Vitamin E

    (5) Calcium

    (6) Magnesium

    (7) Zinc

    (8) Selenium

    (9) Folic Acid


    Of course, they could simply run some tests that are not very expensive and provide a nutrient analysis to prove that they do have these ingredients. Why is it do you think that they haven't done this? I'll give you a quick answer -- because their nutrient label would be very disappointing to say the least.


    So again, I ask what benefits do you think you are getting by taking this product? I am unconvinced. At least some other green food powders have legitimate benefits. I think you have been taken in by the hocus pocus, smoke and mirrors of this product.




  2. That stuff isnt close to being on the same level as vitamineral green. sorry "joey"


    Don't be sorry. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just curious why you think Vitamineral Green is better? I wonder what you think you are getting out of that product, because I don't really see any benefit to taking it. It is very expensive, but it does not give you the nutrients you need for the day (has no vitamin and mineral label), it does not give you reliable sources of key nutrients like b-12 and d. While they do use high quality ingredients, I just don't see any particular reason to take it.

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