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  1. they've said they're eventually putting the "vegan" D3 into their other protein powders and vitamin blends, so eventually, expect that what actual vegan items they have will probably be gone completely. It say's "vegan" D3, so would still be called vegan. And your right the line from soy kaas is not contains dairy. It say's but is not dairy free.
  2. Hey Chrisjs, I see him make the statement "may contain" over and over and oh yes to the untrained eye. Is that what you are talking about? Thank you vegan essentials for letting me know I have an untrained eye. You make me feel so proud to have fought for vegans. Oh and to say no to standards for vegan foods but then to make the comment that more and more are becoming non-vegan by adding vegan D3. And again vegan action or whom ever is no longer taking on new food to cert. vegan.
  3. Why copper? Durian ohhhhhhhhhhh my fav. Have you ever made a maca smoothie with durian in it? YUM!!!!!!
  4. Hey veganessentials, I know what an allergy warning is. It clearly states that it contains dairy. And if it is in there it must be in the natural flavors. They just emailed me today, after a week saying it is vegan. But again say's contains dairy. Good for you for calling every company, been there done that! You call and do whatever you want, but don't talk to me like I'm stupid when it say's contains dairy. And no I don't remember that chocolate you are talking about 'cuz I keep my diet pure and clean.
  5. Soy Kaas Vegan Soy Cheddar contains no cassinate, is lactose free but is not dairy free. Does it say may contain dairy? No it say's is not dairy free! I have already spoke to them. Plus if you look at the company they have a history and not listing things on the label cuz FDA pulled their product a few years ago. But again that is not an allergy warning that say's NOT DAIRY FREE
  6. I have come across a few items that had honey that claimed to be vegan (of which I contacted those companies to explain why they needed to make a correction in such cases, and they always did in due time), but I have never, ever seen anything containing milk, eggs, gelatin or anything else that claimed to be vegan on labeling, and my job is to check every product on the market that I come across. I'm curious as to what brands/items you've found that had such listings as "vegan" that openly listed very non-vegan ingredients as I'd like to check into those companies more if there's information out there. I'm always up to give anyone an earful when they make claims that aren't proper, so if you recall any of those items, feel free to share as it'd be best to rally as many people to let them know such items shouldn't be labeled that way. I already posted who, look on the website and you will see there is vegan. But don't bother cuz I already took care of it. As for the others, I CLEARLY STATED 8-10 YEARS AGO WHICH MANY OF US ALREADY TOOK CARE OF. As for honey so "vegan" consider it vegan! I don't but some do.
  7. No, morning star said vegan and had whey at one point. And look at soya kaas website and you will see there is a vegan cheese!! I thought you were saying the products were labelled vegan but were not. You're just saying some vegetarian products you thought should be vegan aren't/ I KNOW WHATS VEGAN AND WHATS NOT!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOK AT VEGAN ONLY NOT VEGETARIAN CRAP!!!!
  8. vegan.org is also no longer taking on new products when I checked a few days ago.
  9. Well I just cought Soya Kaas, their VEGAN cheese. The rest is when morning star, galaxy and others started going vegan and on the market so 8-10 years ago. They have since changed and taken that out.
  10. No it does need to be done. And bone char is not vegan, those who don't care I always' ask how long they have been vegan. But what I was talking about are vegan products that contain dairy, whey, casein. That is still happening. And yes some use minerals from rock but considering they are selling their bar for $1.50, then less to the vendor, I wonder if it's stone or bones.
  11. Also, I hope the "Vegan" label on products gets regulated here in the states. It doesn't make sense to me that a company will want to get the vegan market, but not take the time to figure out what it even means before launching a product. Either that, or they are purposely putting out non-vegan products hoping people won't read the ingredients, but that still doesn't make sense to me, because someone is going to read it eventually and they will be called on it. They have been called out for years, I know I have called many out and it has improved alot. The ones that were called out changed the label. For Peta was it vegan or vegetarian? And how long ago was it?
  12. And about peta, they are a big reason why I didn't stay vegan the first time I did it years ago. So much of the things they recommend as food contain animal ingredients. So, I decided I would eat some dairy and egg when it made social situations more convenient, because it was obviously impossible to actually be vegan if a "vegan organization" was promoting animal products Peta just got on the VEGAN bandwagon a few years ago. Before they were more vegetarian and animal rights. It's so easy to stay vegan, especially now with all this vegan food out. Damn we had rice and potatos, yum. But some "vegan" products are still putting animal products in their stuff. Just cought one and question 2 others.
  13. Pre-gym? For that bar, it seems very high in protein. A pre-workout meal should be 3/4 carbs. You could do 1/2 before with fruit and 1/2 after.
  14. Ya, we rescued alot thanks to the SPCA. But the one I had died a week later.But she had a great week with ton's of food, love, toy's and another bunny friend.
  15. Hsorlando, no your not I said the same thing to PETA and said it's not a big deal. PETA sucks anyways. A group of us asked for help to shut down somewhere selling 3 day old baby bunny's, and where the are slamming them into walls and causing brain damage and they said we don't do that. They at times make me miss the old PETA.
  16. Very cool! I never break it up like that but when I do it's vegetarian for 7 years and then vegan for 14 years now. Oh wow, I was just happy to say meat free for 21 years.
  17. I was speaking to EVERYONE. So how many years? I am very interested in how long everyone has been vegan. Thanks!!
  18. Please let's make this friendly everyone!!!!!!! I am just asking because I have noticed the diff. between vegans over 10 years and those under. But please keep it friendly, the war of vegans needs to calm down.
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