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  1. Fallen_Horse, question. I'm just wondering are you vegan or vegetarian? Do you wear leather?
  2. Question does it bother you that vegan foods or even something like french fries is cooked in the same oil as the meat, or with the meat?
  3. fuji and royal gala best apples - no contest You said it!!!!!!! Try vega instead of Cliff, vega is more natural
  4. Honey crisp, cool. Personally I am in a pear mood right now.
  5. I myself am a former fitness competitor who is also allergic to soy. I did rice protein sometimes but stayed primarily raw, so I did some seeds. Your calorie consumption seems a little low; did you do a calorie calculator? You fat consumption looks a little high, you are at the higher end of the spectrum and should drop it down no lower than 20%. The 40/30/30 is ok but not great. How far out from the comp are you?
  6. P.S. thanks again for all your reply's, keep them coming.
  7. it's not really considered food, but i love earth balance The butter or nut butter?
  8. Cool, thanks for the reply. Like your pic by the way. And if I am ever in Denver I will have to check out Watercourse.
  9. Hey guy's so I am wondering what people favorite vegan foods on the market are? Is is Cliff, Vega, Alternative Baking Company, What? Thanks
  10. Haha, sorry for going on there, I just appreciate vegan friendly companies, it means a lot to me. This is true, 14 years ago when I first turned vegan there was nothing. And when products first came out they would mark things that contained casein and whey as vegan and we fought the companies and the stores to have that changed, and that was a fight that got wicked! I think its great to see the growth in the industry, and it is so easy to be vegan now a day's and stay vegan.
  11. Ok cool. However 3 lbs weights won't build you. Heavy weights will. Doing reps of 16-20 or more will tone the body and build endurance anything lower will build you. Also try doing 2 sets of 50. Walking lunges with a leg lift is fun. One leg dead lift is fun too. Side bends are GREAT!!!!!! Have fun and good luck
  12. First off, MMA HOW FUN!!!!!!!! And good luck, hope you win. Ok so why body weight only? 3 lb weight would be great. Make sure your form is correct, I see this all the time as a fitness instructor. People come in saying I do 50 sit ups a day but when they come down from the crunch they are arching their back and not doing it correctly so when I ask them to do a right one they have a hard time with 10. Play with numbers, so up 2 down 2, that's fun. One leg squats, plyo squats and push-ups. Push-ups try down 3 up 1 count. It will shock the muscles. One armed it fun to.
  13. The machines are cleaned down between usage of different products so its totally vegan.Its just there so people with allergy cant blame them if something happens. Sometimes it isn't cleaned very well. Look at nut allergies and people who have a reaction to foods that are made on the same equipment.
  14. i never seen those products but its not like they just start pouring the ingredients in before cleaning down the machines. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF DAIRY like "we might have missed a bit". Ya I'm sure you have seen the products, it's who makes soy delicious and such. Yes they clean down the machines, but how well? To each their own on this subject. I think it all depends where you are in the vegan lifestyle.
  15. I don't. I'm amazed how many vegans don't really care that there are traces of dairy. Have you seen turtle mountians website? And have anyone looked at soy Kaas website, the vegan cheese say's no casein and lactose free but contains dairy? But yet it say's VEGAN! Hmmm. I emailed them about that.
  16. Just do more reps at first for legs. For ham's what about deadlifts or the 80's butt lift, that's what I use.
  17. Hey, ok so I am a nutriton coach so here's the break down. You need to make sure you calorie intake is correct, it sounds to low. You can eat 3 meals a day but bigger. I like livestrong.com to track what I eat. For a balance in the day you want: Carbs- 45-65% Pro-10-35% Fat- 20-35% of your daily intake. If you can't figure that out just tell me what the cal intake is and I will do the rest. Eat fruit there nice and clean carbs. Hope that helps.
  18. Have you ever tried tahini dressing? Easy to make too! 4 tbs tahini 4 tbs water 1/2 a lemon squeezed Blend and eat! Yum! It really comes down to calorie intake and balance in the "diet"
  19. Welcome! Ok so tofu can go in anything and there really is no flavor. Or you can just eat it raw like I do. As for wanting to lose weight I like to get my calorie intake and track at livestrong.com You will find some great recipes on here! Make sure when picking foods you avoid anything with casein in it, lactic acid (unless veggie derived). I personally have been vegan for over 14 years so I am very well versed in the subject and are more than happy to help.
  20. Ok, so I am gearing up to do my last fitness comp. When I compete I go raw and feel a big diff. Plus I get to 7% which is great. On the off season I return to vegan. I think I will blog about it this time. But can someone tell me why Fitness is being pushed out for more figure and now bikini! Fitness is very hard and a fun category to watch. Why are they doing this? I am very sad. I also think we need more female bodybuilders! What do you guy's think, should fitness go?
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