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  1. Yeah the video definitely made the song better lol.. don't think I would have tolerated that song at all if I wasn't watching the video. It also made me wonder why anyone would drain a pig's blood before killing it... it's not kosher anyway but idk maybe they're trying to make it less fattening or something? lol
  2. I don't know if exclusively want to body build or you're looking for anything in general that will build muscle. But pilates and full body workouts are both really good for your rectus abdominis. Two kinds of push ups that will really help you build your biceps and abdominals at the same time are push up knee tucks and push up jump forwards (basically just a burpee minus the jump squat).
  3. Damn girl, you look awesome. And paleness in the winter in the winter is the way it's supposed to be. xD *respect*
  4. Gah... now I want to go. This is awesome. And Chris, I'm sure they have stuff for fetuses to do too. Like somersaults.
  5. Today when I was lying down on my back, doing my cooldown after my workout I recalled a specific memory. I was twelve, in girls athletics, we were doing crunches and I told the girl next to me I wanted a six pack. I had always wanted a six pack... but I was just a skinny, gangly girl at the time. I have a kick ass six pack now. My eyes watered up; I'm so proud of myself. http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/8687/015wgq.jpg It's so well defined already (imo, atleast)... even with the short amount of time I've been working out for (seven months). http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/1921/013eq.jpg My arms, however, are the real challenge...
  6. The Shuar hunt animals. They still have a high protein diet. I got the impression that Rawsome was arguing against regular consumption of nuts and seeds. I might give raw foodism a trial run (someday when I can afford it).. I'm still open minded about it, yet very doubtful... I imagine it might be difficult to avoid things like copper overload. Plus fruits and vegetables have a lot of glucose.
  7. I like the idea of biking to the gym. I think is a good warm up.
  8. Can you link these studies? Are they done on body builders/athletes or just the common joe?
  9. The problem with Rawsome's seemingly logical argument is that humans do not survive better or live healthier lives in a natural environment with those restricted food sources. It's the same for nearly all animals... everything from humans to cats to scorpions. Mother's breast milk does not provide a baby with even enough muscle to lift its own head. Amino acids (what you're referring to as protein) are essential for far more than just building muscle. The main reason protein deficiencies don't exist is because protein isn't even the nutrient.. amino acid deficiencies, however, do exist. For anyone who is pushing their body to its limit, working hard and building muscle, it is very possibly that they may not get enough of a particular amino acid. Fruits and veggies are important and they do provide all essential amino acids but only in very small amounts. We still have a lot to discover about dietetics, and you might be right. But until there is solid proof of your claims (rather than just an argument based on logic), you really shouldn't be giving people potentiall invalid information and thereby putting their health at risk.
  10. Alright yesterday I did a mixture of jogging and 160 lunges whilst wielding my middle finger.. since as long as I can remember, I haven't been able to walk on a sidewalk without someone honking or whistling and frankly I'm quite sick of it. I planned to do lunges until I couldn't do anymore, but part of me wonders if I stopped because I had nothing left or I was sick of people honking. But, nontheless, I am sore so I guess I did well. I ate.. nuts and dry cereal 3 "cookies" (it's not as bad as it sounds! a wafer with dark chocolate and pecans) beans and rice (+hummus... I was craving hummus) with corn on the cob Fruit smoothie with hemp protein and a granola bar "Chik'n" nuggets and whole wheat pita bread with hummus and raw spinach 3 modest bites of the coffee shop cake my husband had I am bringing myself to truly despire dairy more and more. I got a latte but of course they didn't have soy milk... they never do around here. I hope when I move to NY I can further adjust myself to a vegan diet and hopefully make some vegan friends too! WHich would be a big step... I can't make any friends let alone vegan ones. On another bright note, I am so ecstatic to have spinach again. For some reason I'll occassionally want something different (like artisan lettuce) but then I only end up missing my precious spinach. In fact I ate spinach plain and raw just a few hours ago... lol. Dunno why I like it so much.
  11. It's just that reversed perspective.. that first line made me think about whether or not it's forgiveable to eat other animals to feed your own family (even though wolves obviously have no other choice) . Then the other two, with as badly as we treat others (human or not) and as supreme and divine as we think we are, we're still meat, and we're still "forced" into a lot of things and exploited by political big wigs as if we were sheep. Otep Shamaya is a vegetarian too (dunno if she's fully vegan, but she did a Peta interview). I'll check out some of those bands. Glad to see Emilie Autumn is already on there.. she's one of my favorite musicians.
  12. Hahahaha.. women who talk too much... I know your pain. xD
  13. Wait, did they just say calcium doesn't build strong bones? O.o Other than that, most of it is true to my knowledge. The MSG they add to milk is to be blamed for a lot of it too though.
  14. I am not certified in anything but here are a few ideas: 1. Up your protein intake 2. Rub your boob 3. Do REALLY light exercises for your chest... a plank is obviously too much so maybe try low-weighted chest presses (2-5 pound dumbells... I mean REALLY light weight). It will heal even slower if you continue to hurt yourself. Cardio should help too (as long as you feel no pain from doing it).. cardio improves blood flow and therefore carries nutrients to your muscles, nurishing them, blah blah blah. There's another idea I have but I think it only applies to bone injuries.
  15. Wow, she is cute. Have you considering high intensity interval training for the days you're short on time? Some of the workouts I've done are as fast as four minutes.. only thing is that you still need to warm up. I know it's not something you'd normally do in your routine, but it could keep you feeling good even on busy days.
  16. Also, update on my journal... didn't get to eat much yesterday because I had heartburn (even when I wasn't eating at all :/). Although I intended to do either HIIT or lunges and running, I ended up just dancing due to the pain and my chest and not being able to eat. So far I feel fine today but we'll see...
  17. Lol, awesome. For me it's not one in particular.. I'm really just inspired by them. She Hulk's arms, Phoenix's abs, Felicia's ass, X-23's obliques/dancer body (why she has the stomach of a dancer is beyond me but w/e), Morrigan's legs, Viper's technologically advanced boots, Trish's attitude... and my own boobs because big tits don't suit me. xD I would want Hsien Ko's weapons too but unfortunately they're rather illegal.
  18. Thanks for the advice, IRV. I think it also depends on how your feet point naturally.. as my husband says I "walk like a Japanese girl" (pidgeon toed and my knees go in a bit too) and I know it hurts my knees to point my toes out.
  19. I've been keeping up with my workouts and protein intake, although I haven't felt like posting... it's amazing that I'm not too lazy to workout and eat right yet still too lazy to keep a journal... I could never do this sort of thing lol. I did have a rest day because I got a bit sore. Also, I'm still having trouble with heartburn. :/ Got some antacids, maybe I just need to take them more often... I think my stomach acid must've gotten out of whack during my period.. I usually end up throwing up at that time but last month I just dry-heaved... maybe some stomach acid got out and is still running a muck in my esophagus... I'm getting sick of it though.
  20. I love it when some kind of reversed animal cruelty reference is made in music. For example: First line is "In that final look, does the deer forgive the wolf?" Also "Are we the shepherds, or are we sheep? Are we the butchers, or are we meat?" I'd love to hear some others too.
  21. She's pretty good but quite the glass cannon. Anyway, I love MvC3 but I'm not too good at it... except when I button mash.
  22. A chat room would come in handy right now. Trying to decide on an avatar but I'm not sure I want to reveal my face just yet. <.< >.> Nothing too intense either... I want to blend in but alas I'm no blender... a picture of myself in a forest would be nice but unfortunately I've never been to a forest. Perhaps this picture of me stabbing myself with a pair of scissors? No... too victorian suicide chic. Maybe I'll just find a picture of an elf on Google.
  23. Florida... the part of Florida filled with hicks. It doesn't disintergrate or anything during shipping? I guess now lol.. was worried about that. I'll be in New York before I run out of nutritional yeast anyway.
  24. Oh awesome, hopefully things'll turn out that way for me too.
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