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  1. Gardein's stuffed turkey, Eggplant bellpepper casserole, salad with avacado and baked terriyaki tofu and Annie's mushroom dressing. For dessert= coconut milk chocolate brownie almond icecream and silk pumpkin nog. YUM.
  2. I'm trying to do the Raw Vegan bodybuilding route, I haven't started (or ever eaten raw) Can you give me tips? How many meals do you eat a day? Do you aim for protein ratios or do you just go for it? p.s. you look goooood!
  3. Hello, my name is Will. I recently met Rob at the latest San Francisco Veg Fest, he signed a copy of Vegan fitness, and surely inspired me in my quest to make a complete body transformation. I have a good amount of lbs to lose, my descent into Veganism was young and was for moral and ethical reasons. In my teens I experimented with as many Vegan foods and dishes as I could find, and now with my love of food am looking to lose a good amount of fat and build muscle definition being that I work in the fashion/makeup/esthetics/ photographic industry, I want to feel like a good example of the work I do. I was reading Body For Life by Bill Phillips and was wondering if one could do it as a Vegan, after some in depth research the answer is a full yes, absolutetly, and I'm excited to enter the world, and meet others who could possibly share/give advice.
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