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  1. That is a pretty cool show! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Don't waste your money, spend it on nutrient dense foods that your body can use to make hair.
  3. ETL is your ticket to this. You already have the answer.
  4. I always keep my nuts and seeds in the freezer for optimal freshness and to prevent rancidity. Sounds like you will not have this option though.
  5. My advice is to ditch your doctor and ask Dr. Fuhrman for $30. He cures asthma and most everything else all the time.
  6. I would definitely supplement Vitamin D or get a 25 hydroxy vitamin D test to see what your level is, it should be around 30 or higher. Vitamin D deficiency can cause a host of problems! Most Americans are Vitamin D deficient! These tests are over $300 but I plan on doing one someday when I get some extra cash! Right now I take close to 2,000 iu's of D2 . D2 is half as potent as D3 so more is necessary. For the newbies - D2 is Ergocalciferol and is Vegan and D3 is Cholecalciferol not-vegan (comes from the fat of sheep wool).
  7. On a positive note! He will probably never become a 400 lb obese kid from eating doritos and playing video games all day long! I think the parents whose kids are obese should be thrown in jail from feeding their children cancer causing food in their childhood years! He has some great work ethic and discipline! I thought the Greg Vallantino video was great!! He was a man about everything and said it like it was. He was not on there trying to make excuses or anything and he made a great video to show young one about the effects of steroid use! Thanks for posting these!
  8. I think that whatever picture you choose should be a picture that is outdoors in nature! That scores points subliminally! I like 4 to but maybe incorporate and outdoors look with it as well!
  9. Here is the information! You can call in from a landline, mobile or Skype. Thurs April 5th, 9pm EST From Skype call +990008275059272 (free) From land line / mobile: In the US, call 1-605-475-8590 (long distance costs apply). Enter Conference Room Number : 5059272 Calling from Europe, call In Austria: 0820 4000 1574 In Belgium: 070 35 9989 In France: 0826 100 277 In Germany 01805 00 7649 In Ireland: 0818 270 034 In Italy: 0848 390 175 In Spain: 0902 886 051 In Switzerland: 0848 560 195 In UK: 0870 738 0763 (national rate charges will apply). Participant Features Available During the Conference *1 - To play a menu of available features. *2 - To mute your own line. *3 - To unmute your own line. *4 - To hear the total number of participants in the conference. *0 - To increase volume. Press repeatedly to keep increasing the volume. *# - To decrease volume. Press repeatedly to keep decreasing the volume. 11 - To raise your hand so the moderator can unmute your line. If anyone is just merely interested in learning more or hearing more from people doing the ETL lifestyle then please join us! There will be a handraising mode, all you have to do is press "11" and we will see your hand raised and then give you a chance to speak. It is basically going to just be an open forum for this first teleconference. Thanks Guys
  10. Hello everyone, For those of you have heard of Dr. Fuhrman and the ETL (Eat To Live) diet. This is a open invitation to anyone who just wants to chat with other ETL'ers from around the world! This is a chance to talk about your ETL experiences, introduce yourselves, find other people in your area and much more. Talia Fuhrman and/or I will will be moderating the teleconference. It will be a "Skype" teleconference and more details are coming soon. You will be able to call in by using Skype or a regular land line/mobile. There is no charge for this* and you do not have to be a member of the DrFuhrman.com Member Center. April 5th 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Call in number and Skype number will be released soon! If you have any questions just ask and I will do my best to answer them. * Phone charges may apply.
  11. Thanks for this thread!! I rarely eat anything in a package anyways, I have had Tofutti Cuties about 3 times in the past year and a half. So, I am assuming that Soymilk and Almond milk with added cane juice are non-vegan as well, right? I usually buy Westsoy unsweetened anyways but the almond milk I just get regular. Thanks again for this thread!
  12. I followed that record link and noticed there was a category for most pushups with your hands on eggs!! http://www.recordholders.org/video/pressups.mov Pretty interesting!! Great Job Bigbwii, and everyone else!
  13. Did you know that Raw Brussel Sprouts contain nearly twice as much vitamin C as an orange!
  14. Also Broccoli Sprouts are among the highest in these compounds!! If you have the option of Alfalfa spouts over Broccoli sprouts then get the Broccoli Sprouts!! Eat more Cruciferous Vegetables AND Cruciferous vegetable juice's!! These compounds are among the worlds most powerful anti-cancer compounds!! Great thread!!
  15. Great idea!! Just take a little once a week. You don't have to take it every day. I break my 500 MG tabs in half and take about 2-3 times a week.
  16. Both are good. Eat lots of both. When you cook a vegetable some of the nutrients actually increase in bioavailabilty. Eat lots of Raw and Cooked.
  17. Listen to this -- > http://www.diseaseproof.com/mp3/Vitamin_Supplements.mp3 This guy has read over 60,000 medical studies on health and nutrition and is a MD, he know his stuff.
  18. Fruits are best!! If you want add a few nuts or seeds in with the fruits but regardless you should eat fruit every morning and with every meal of the day, but definitely in the mornings!
  19. This is how I would respond. "The most accurate test that all vegans should test for to show signs of B-12 deficiency is called a MMA or Methylmalonic Acid test. It is the chemical that the cells secrete when they do not have enough B-12. Just merely testing the blood for B-12 levels is worthless because it does not tell you if the individual is absorbing the B-12 it just shows how much is floating around in you. It would not be bad in conjunction with a MMA but by itself a standard B-12 is worthless. All vegans need to be aware of B-12 deficiency. T.C. Fry, a famous raw foodist, died of B-12 deficiency. http://www.rawfoodsnewsmagazine.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=13 If you are B-12 deficient then you can take a oral sublingual B-12 supplement and bring your levels back up just fin. There is no need for B-12 shots. Vitamin A is flat out dangerous when consumed in the form of Cod Liver Oil and isolated supplements. We get all the Vitamin A we need from plant foods. If you want stomach cancer then go ahead and add some supplemented Vitamin A to your diet. There is no need to consume added Vitamin A to a healthy plant based diet."
  20. Shit happens, a sign of good health will be to still get sick but recover very quickly. You can get better faster but eating minimally, if you can't smell or things don't taste good then don't eat! Your body works best to repair itself when it is not busy secreting enzymes to digest food. In other words, dont eat to much and give your body the "chance" to repair itself. Remember to wash your hands a lot these days! Get better and if you are going to eat then don't snack in between meals and make them light meals, throw in some vegetable juice and stick to raw foods for a few days. Stop taking Claritin, it is worthless and you just said so yourself. All of this info does not come from me, it comes from Dr. Fuhrman. I hope you get better soon, it is a bummer feeling this way!
  21. Also Kale juice is great with some carrot and celery juice or Kale with carrot and apple juice. Kale is a cruciferous veggie and has very powerful anti-cancer effects. It has been proven in scientific studies to actually reverse dna damage. Kale is also on the top of Dr. Fuhrman's nutrient density list, he rates it as the most nutrient dense food in the world! https://www.drfuhrman.com/library/article17.aspx
  22. I am going to go try that right now!! Sounds delicious!
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