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  1. I want to incorporate more days with just fruit into my diet and I wanted to know if anyone else does this and has a meal plan as such that they follow that allows them to gain mass. Thinking realistically I probably will still have greens and such but I want to do all fruit maybe a few days a week. Does anyone have any meal plans with just fruit?
  2. Warmed up on the Arc Trainer for 5 mins Shoulder Press (4 sets): 1. 110lbs (10 reps) 2. 90lbs (10 reps) 3. 70lbs (10 reps) 4. 50lbs (10 reps) Dips/Assisted (4 sets): 1. 100lbs resistance (10 reps) 2. 110lbs resistance (10 reps) 3. 120lbs resistance (10 reps) 4. 130lbs resistance (10 reps) Incline Chest Press w/Free Weights (4 sets): 1. 30lbs (10 reps) 2. 45lbs (10 reps) 3. 50lbs (10 reps) 4. 55lbs (4 reps) Triceps Press (4 sets): 1. 170lbs (12 reps) 2. 150lbs (10 reps) 3. 130lbs (10 reps) 4. 110lbs (10 reps) Biceps Curl Machine (4 sets): 1. 100lbs (10 reps) 2. 90lbs (10 reps) 3. 70lbs (10 reps) 4. 50lbs (10 reps) Thoughts - Today was another self-esteem day and I feel a lot better. It's easy to get super bummed when you're hurt and can't lift something you KNOW you can otherwise lift. I have to start over on the bench press a little and move back down to 135 for a little while when I feel comfortable doing it because of my shoulder and that bums me out. Bench is my favorite and we were gonna move up from 165 to 185. It's definitely a test of will and patience and a thousand other things. Since today is the last day I want to give a shout out to Robert for rallying everyone together as usual to do something large and awesome. He came through for all of us and got us all some really cool stuff just for participating. Thanks to all of the sponsors who looked beyond profit for a moment to support the vegan athlete community unconditionally. The vegan community in general is one of the best things to be a part of for the sole fact that everyone seems to have a general interest in looking out for fellow vegans and showing genuine heart. Good job everyone. I'd also like to give a shout out to my Vegan Fitness coach who gave me some rock solid advice from the get-go and got me to just shy of my goal (169 lbs when my goal is 170 is a success to me). He was a really good source of information and very helpful in tweaking my exercise routine to something that really catered to my strengths. Thanks a lot Ryan! You're the man.
  3. Today I was a little naughty and lifted more than I should have. I didn't do any bad damage but I probably should have kept my ego in check a little better and just stayed with the lighter weights to keep it safe. Chest Press (4 sets): 1. 50lbs (15 reps) 2. 50lbs (10 reps) 3. 190lbs (10 reps) 4. 90lbs (10 reps) Thoughts - Ouch! Biceps Curl Machine (4 sets): 1. 70lbs (12 reps) 2. 70lbs (12 reps) 3. 70lbs (12 reps) 4. 70lbs (10 reps) Hammer Curls (2 sets): 1. 30lbs (10 reps) 2. 20lbs (10 reps) Seated Cable Chest Press (3 sets): 1. 70lbs (10 reps) 2. 50lbs (10 reps) 3. 40lbs (10 reps) Stability Ball Crunches: -100 reps Crunches Raised Leg: -25 reps Today was a catch-up day of sorts I suppose. Wanted to do a little of everything. I think today was more about self esteem than anything and I'm not sure if that was accomplished but I did attain a new max on the chest press. My shoulder is still irritated of course
  4. One more rest day. I'm definitely going to go tomorrow. I'm sick of not doing anything. This is getting really frustrating. My shoulder is not as sore as it has been but I feel like not doing anything is bad too. I'm going tomorrow if it means just doing more reps with less weight. I can't fall behind again. My ribs put me out of commission with a lot of things and maybe i'm being stubborn but I need to do this.
  5. Rest day. Just been spending the past few days eating and resting and making sure to intake lots of Aminos via Vega Protein to speed up my muscle/bone recovery.
  6. Today was a rest day. Shoulder pain worried me a little. Gonna let it rest till I feel ok with it again.
  7. Warmup on Treadmill for 5 mins Concentration Curls (4 sets): 1. 35lbs (10 reps) 2. 30lbs (10 reps) 3. 27.5lbs (10 reps) 4. 25lbs (8 reps) Overhead Triceps Extension (4 sets): 1. 40lbs (10 reps) 2. 55lbs (10 reps) 3. 45lbs (10 reps) 4. 35lbs (10 reps) Cable Curls (4 sets): 1. 50lbs (10 reps) 2. 50lbs (10 reps) 3. 40lbs (10 reps) 4. 30lbs (10 reps) Thoughts - Today was really kind of a blah day. I did a few things and I feel like the energy was sucked right out of me. My shoulder has also been a constant source of annoyance as it never seems to completely heal and just when I think it's totally fine, it hurts a little again. Food/Supplements: -Builder Bar -Steamed Veggie Dumplings with Steamed White Rice -Vega Pre and Post Workout
  8. Almost. I'm at basically 169. I was not able to really update my journal because school started and thas been intense. I've still been working out and keeping track but there's just not enough time in the day to do everything and the one day I was gonna update everything it had already been a week so I've already lost my opportunity for jan goods but your input was helpful and I've gained some more mass.
  9. Arc Trainer: -5 minutes -Lvl 15 -36 Calories Burned Squats (4 sets): 1. 95lbs (10 reps) 2. 145lbs (10 reps) 3. 195lbs (8 reps) 4. 145lbs (10 reps) Thoughts - This was the first time doing squats without the aid of the smith machine. It felt more natural. Gonna do it this way from now on. Seated Leg Curl (4 sets): 1. 70lbs (10 reps) 2. 120lbs (2 reps) 3. 100lbs (8 reps) 4. 80lbs (10 reps) Leg Extension (3 sets): 1. 190lbs (10 reps) 2. 150lbs (10 reps) 3. 110lbs (10 reps) Adductor (4 sets): 1. 180lbs (10 reps) 2. 150lbs (10 reps) 3. 110lbs (10 reps) 4. 110lbs (10 reps) Abductor (4 sets): 1. 110lbs (10 reps) x4 Calf Extension (4 sets): 1. 170lbs (10 reps) 2. 250lbs (10 reps) 3. 350lbs (10 reps) 4. 150lbs (16 reps) Leg Press/Lying (3 sets): 1. 100lbs (10 reps) 2. 100lbs (10 reps) 3. 90lbs (10 reps) Supplements: Vega Pre-Workout (1 and 1/2 scoops) Cliff Bar Macaroni and Chreese (whole box) Marinated Portobello Mushroom Cap Vega Sport Protein (2 scoops/50g protein over the course of a few hours)
  10. Treadmill: -5 minute warmup -.25 miles -23.9 calories burned -3.0 mph Cross Ramp: -15 minutes -148 calories burned -Lvl 10 -1.4 Miles Kettlebell Swing (6 sets): 1. 18lbs (10 reps both sides) x2 2. 25lbs (10 reps both sides) x2 3. 30lbs (10 reps both sides) x2 Arc Trainer: -15 minutes -154 calories burned -.60 miles -Cardio settting One-Arm Kettlebell Floor Press (4 sets): 1. 20lbs (10 reps both sides) x2 2. 25lbs (10 reps both sides) x2 Treadmill: -Fat Burn Setting -15 minutes -65.9 calories burned -.75 miles Weight as of today: 167.2lbs
  11. Class Exercises: Military Press Barbel (4 sets): 1. 45lbs (6 reps) 2. 45lbs (6 reps) 3. 65lbs (6 reps) 4. 85lbs (6 reps) Kettlebell Swing (4 sets): 1. 12kg (6 reps) 2. 12kg (6 reps) 3. 12kg (6 reps) 4. 12kg (6 reps) Dumbell Flys (4 sets): 1. 20lbs (10 reps) 2. 20lbs (10 reps) 3. 20lbs (10 reps) 4. 20lbs (10 reps) Pull-downs Underhand (4 sets): 1. 80lbs (10 reps) 2. 100lbs (10 reps) 3. 120lbs (10 reps) 4. 110lbs (10 reps) After class I went to the gym to continue my regular workout Back Extensions (3 sets): 1. 50lbs (10 reps) 2. 90lbs (10 reps) 3. 90lbs (10 reps) Shoulder Press (4 sets): 1. 50lbs (5 reps), 90lbs (7 reps) 2. 150lbs (15 reps) 3. 190lbs (10 reps) 4. 140lbs (10 reps) Dead Lifts (4 sets): 1. 95lbs (10 reps) 2. 115lbs (10 reps) 3. 145lbs (10 reps) 4. 115lbs (10 reps) Hyper Extension (1 1/2 sets): 1. 10 reps 2. 6 reps Treadmill: -10 minutes -.50 miles -48.1 calories burned -3.0 mph
  12. I start a weight training class at school tonight. Wearing my VBB shirt. Hope they don't hate.
  13. Barbel Rows (4 sets): 1. 30lbs (10 reps) *warm-up* 2. 40lbs (10 reps) *warm-up* 3. 80lbs (10 reps) 4. 70lbs (10 reps) Pull-Ups (4 sets): 1. Unassisted (10 reps) 2. 90lbs resistance (10 reps) 3. 100lbs resistance (10 reps) 4. 110lbs resistance (10 reps) Lat Pull-Down (3 sets): 1. 150lbs (8 reps) 2. 130lbs (8 reps) 3. 110lbs (9 reps) Barbel Shrugs/Smith Machine (4 sets): 1. 225lbs (10 reps) 2. 225lbs (10 reps) 3. 205lbs (10 reps) 4. 205lbs (10 reps) My left shoulder has been hurting the past few days and it sorta stopped my workout here and I had to spend the rest of it stretching my shoulders as well as doing some rotater cuff stretches to stretch some of the minor muscles in that area. I wasn't able to do Bench Press today which is my favorite. Just have to work around it. It doesn't stop me, just hinders motion in a certain direction so I still worked it half-way decent I suppose. Just have to keep trying! Supplements/Food: Cliff Bar Builder Bar Vega Sport Pre-Workout Creatine 189 (2 pills) Vega Sport Protein (2 scoops) Super Spinach Coleslaw Pinto Beans and Cheesy something or others (something spanish), I think they were potatoes Winter Squash with Stuffing Lentil Loaf Some sort of thai seasoned pasta with tofu
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