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  1. That will give me something to look at for sure, thanks!
  2. I recently got a job that requires me to spent extensive time in the wilderness. I just finished my first trip and my diet, and therefore digestive system, were not optimal. I basically ate granola for breakfast, rice cakes with almond butter and jelly for lunch, and a can of black beans or some pasta for dinner. Not a lot of variety or healthy items like fruits and veggies because they can't be kept fresh out there. Anyone have any suggestions for healthy yet non-perishable foods I can incorporate into my diet out there to stay healthy? I have thought about adding a greens powder but they all seem to have wheat and/or barley grass in them and I am allergic to gluten. Also, any ideas for protein shakes out there besides just protein and water? Any ideas would be super appreciated!
  3. I am planning on backpacking around NZ this spring - your fall. I am so excited about it! Anywhere that should be on my do not miss list??
  4. Just throwing this out there: http://nutritionfacts.org/videos/is-kombucha-tea-goodfor-you/
  5. Wow, that is scarry! I have heard that spirulina and chollera have the potential to be contaminated with neurotoxic blue green algae and Vega and a couple other products that have it in assured me that theirs are grown in special ponds that are free of contamination from other algaes which grow due to excess nutrients from runoff. But it sounds like this video says that the spirulina and chollera themselves have the neurotoxins in them which I had never heard before. And the whole rhabdomyolysis thing I have never heard of before. I wish the answer as to whether these products are safe was more clear because they are such a concentrated source of chlorophyl and other nutrients but they are in so many natural food produts if they are unsafe.
  6. Thanks! I will have to try that this summer!
  7. I second the Sun Warrior. That stuff is good! I make an amazing relatively low carb smoothie with 1/2 a bananna, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, 2 scoops of Sun Warrior chocolate (32 grams protein), a serving of almonds, 5 large ice cubes, and a little bit of almond milk. If you make it in a VitaMix with just enough milk for the powder to be all wet down it has the consitency and taste of ice cream! Yum!
  8. I have heard before that coconut oil is a good natural sun protection, but I was always afraid to try it since it seems like oil should make you burn more. Have you tried it, and does it work? - Sorry that was off topic, but on topic I have heard had some success with shea butter for stretch marks.
  9. Another super cheap way to get veggies is to join a community supported agriculture program (CSA). You can find local ones at localharvest.org.
  10. I have heard that plant based protein does not leach calcium from the bones like animal protein does. Don't go too low.
  11. As long as you aren't eating a ton of fake meats it won't be that expensive. Dried beans, grains, nuts, and seeds out of the bulk bins are really cheap.
  12. It sometimes baffles me how dense people can be. And these are the ones that at least go out and try to have a wilderness experience. Imagine the ones who never even go out!
  13. 1-2 scoops Chocolate SunWarrior 2 tablespoons peanut butter 1 bananna 5 ice cubes 1 tablespoon cocoa powder about a half cup almond milk It is so good, tastes just like a milkshake. If the bananna is frozen it is more an ice cream texture.
  14. I have never heard of it. Vega and Sunwarrior are good vegan proteins. Sunwarrior tastes good just mixed in water or almond milk.
  15. I am wondering how things turned out too. I had a large one that wouldn't stop growing. I was told it wouldn't be cancerous since I was too young (25), but it was. It was a mature teratoma with muscle tissue that turned into a muscle tissue cancer. Of course, that is rare. Hopefully yours was much simpler.
  16. What does "Whole Kernel" mean? Is it different from regular coconut oil?
  17. Have you had your thyroid tested? Hair loss and menstural irregularity are both symptoms of thyroid malfunction.
  18. Wow, how cool to see a mountain lion! A friend and I visited Olympic National Park last summer and wanted to see one so bad that we had ourselves "seeing" them everywhere. Two marmots sunbathing together, a deer, etc...
  19. You can use a site like MyPlate on Livestorong.com to track you food and it will tell you how many calories, how much protein, how many carbs, etc.
  20. Maybe try Vega. Well, its made in Canada, not the US, but that is still pretty good.
  21. Oh yeah, an awesome ice cream replacement that is actually pretty healthy is to blend a frozen bananna with a tablespoon or so of cocoa powder, two tablespoons peanut butter, and some almond or coconut milk. Tastes just like a milk shake. You could even put in some protein powder and have a meal out of it.
  22. I agree, the Appalachians are very beautiful! Where were you doing your hiking at?
  23. When nothing will work but ice cream, coconut milk ice cream is awesome, just as good if not better than the real stuff. Alternative Baking Company makes an awesome vegan cookie too. Neither are particular healthy because they stil have sugar of some form, but if you need a vegan treat they are great to go to.
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