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  1. Interesting, especially since all the paleo people claim that carbs decrease testosterone.
  2. Can you tell me what a CrossFit triathlete it? Do you mean you do CrossFit and you do triathlons, or do you mean something else?
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    Hi there, I am Lisa and I live in Ohio. I am not 100% vegan yet but getting there. Been vegetarian for 6 years. I am not a bodybuilder yet either but I hope to get there someday too, or at least do power lifting. That one is going to take more time because I have a ton of weight to lose first, but I will get there. I am slow as hell but naturally strong so I love lifting as it is somthing I am better at than all the skinny peeps. I just got back into exercising regularly after a few years dealing with some illness. I have started doing CrossFit and am loving it so far - it is addicting. I am excited about this community, so great to know that you can be powerful on a vegan diet!
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