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  1. Hi. I am not new to this forum but left for quite awhile. Long story short, I am trying to become fruitarian. Taking it one day at a time. At any rate, I am vegan right now. How many true fruitarians are there on here? Its hard to find sites that are vegan that don't FREAK out over an all fruit diet. SHEESH.


    Is Richard Blackman still around?

    Am I allowed to mention other forums on here?



    he is not here these days,. He is in mexico running a breatharian group. He is on suprememaster.tv and calls himself Jericho http://www.suprememastertv.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=bmd&wr_id=671


    Another almost breatharian.. people can say that even this guy doing THAT much with so little calories is impossible.




    PS: Calories are skewed. There have been yogis who've lived all life without food at all.

  2. I am still pretty new to exercising. I was a gymnast for most my youth, but I have since had 2 kids and wasn't exercising much because my abs muscles split apart pretty badly during my pregnancies. I wasn't even able to do one sit up. It was so embarrassing. I felt so weak. I've been vegan for 7 years, and decided I wanted to build muscle and get strong for my 2013 New Year's resolution. My husband had bought a ReboundAir mini trampoline, and I used that for an hour a day, just bouncing on it, in hopes that my abdominal muscles would get strong enough so I could exercise again. Well, it worked. I can do sit ups now! And the gap in my muscles is gone! Yay!

    I started working out intensely the past 35 days (today is day 36 of working out every day). I recently bought a pull up bar, and was wondering what workouts I can do, at home, that will help me get better at doing pull ups? I can currently do 2 chin-ups, then rest, then do 2 more. I can get up to about 10 before I can't do any more. I can do 1 pull up, total.

    I've been doing pike presses, every day. And push-ups. I'm really liking the Sumo Push-ups.

    Do pike presses work the same muscles I would need to get good at pull ups? Any other upper back workouts I can do at home? I have a goal of wanting my upper body, arms and upper back to be strong, because the extra weight from pregnancy on my tiny frame (I am 5ft tall and currently weigh 90lbs, gained 2 lbs in the past month, which is really good for me, since my goal is to weigh 95lbs) made me have a bit of hunch back, and I slouch a lot. I think I slouch because of lack of upper back muscle. I don't have the money to go the gym right now, but I bought the pull up bar in hopes that I can increase my upper back strength, and hopefully not be so slouchy anymore. I just don't think the pull up bar is doing much since I can't really do more than 1 pull up!

    My husband is very support (he is working out every day as well) and I think I am doing well with my other workouts, to get my entire body into shape. I'm doing a lot of HIIT training, like the BodyRock.tv type stuff, rebounding (for my cardio) and attempting to do pull-ups every day. Any tricks or tips for beginners doing pull ups? Any videos I can watch? And I don't own any weights, but want to get some soon, so everything needs to be "body weight" type exercises, or using items around the home like chairs. Since I don't have a trainer I like having videos so I can see the proper form on how to do exercises. Hopefully, I'll be able to pay for a trainer soon.


    Thanks in advance

    Kimra Luna


    IF you were a gymnast you have to come check out www.gymnasticbodies.com - Training for the adult fitness enthusiast who wants to leverage the gymnast's arsenal.

  3. Suggest Veg Variations of Perfect Workout Nutrition 2013



    Would be great to see Veg translations of this outline.


    Let's keep the discussion positive and on subject - leverage and translate this Nutrition Template from a really amazing fellow to the Veg world.


    PS: I am vegetarian by birth, family and country so milk is part of the equation and let's not argue about it.


    We've had vegetarian diets for centuries so dairy free vegans on some kind of moral high horse after a few decades of doing it is going to be unproductive.

  4. You rock! Looks like a bunch of them are available and a few I am thinking of carrying with me . Now I hope things fall in place.


    PS: Did I say you rock and roll


    Hi there


    The main rule here is: you can have anything anytime IF you have the money to pay.


    never been to Bahia. I am from South East.


    Affordability and Price Markup is what one has to check

  5. I'm from Brazil,

    About your questions:

    - Are there any inexpensive Grains/ Lentils/ Pulses options?

    Yes, grains, lentils, pulses are generally cheap. Plenty of options. Vegetables and food are cheap here, but he have the most expensive computers, cars and electronics in the world.


    - How difficult is it to get some Indian spices?

    Which spices? It is easy to find curry, paprika, cinnamon, cloves, mustard, tumeric...


    Any other questions about Brazil? =)


    Nice. I did see how iPhones were so expensive there - Major import duty..


    Since you responded with such detailed valuable information - I'm gonna go detailed


    Are these Indian spices you listed above - imported or locally grown? Prices?


    How about Hing (Asafoetida), Cumin Seeds & Powder, Coriander Power, Red Chilli powder?

    Amchur (Dried mango powder?

  6. Daniela, MF, Others in Brazil - I was considering taking up on an invite to stay in Brazil for 2/3 months at a friends house.


    I hear Brazil is expensive (as expensive as US.. since I am no longer earning in Dollars). Are there any inexpensive Grains/ Lentils/ Pulses options?


    How difficult is it to get some Indian spices?


    Hei my friend.

    Sorry for delay in answer... been very busy those days.

    You have a lot of veggies here and they are cheap. The season ones are even cheaper.

    But, tell me, where are u planning to stay?

    I live in the South East and this is the most expensive part of the country.




    I have an invite to stay in Bahia and unlike when I had a US dollar paycheck. Indian rupee is kinda low.

    I heard SP is damn expensive - More expensive than NYC for food, etc etc. And the BR currency is also expensive.


    I am guessing the same wont apply to Bahia etc?

    Is it possible to get similar low price veg stuff (lentils, chick peas, kidney beans, mung beans / sprouts, veggies) in SP?

  7. Daniela, MF, Others in Brazil - I was considering taking up on an invite to stay in Brazil for 2/3 months at a friends house.


    I hear Brazil is expensive (as expensive as US.. since I am no longer earning in Dollars). Are there any inexpensive Grains/ Lentils/ Pulses options?


    How difficult is it to get some Indian spices?

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