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  1. A woman needs to feel beautiful and appreciated.. first by herself and then by others.. its some amount of vanity.. but its what it is.. So feel free to not feel guilty of some vanity. As they say, everything has its purpose. This was evolutionary pro creation exercise, not a societal MUST DO. Sights, Smells and Sounds that make it happen. To pass on your genes you got to wear nice jeans .
  2. Would you like to meet your best friend and both of you put your hands inside your pants, just touch your pee pees and then shake hands and touch your pee pees again? I dont want to touch your private parts (the fluids, the sweat, the flakes of skin). In fact I dont want to touch someones 'any' parts except that they keep their hands washed so palm to palm contact as a max (western society). Ever wonder why people in the east, bow or join hands to greet and dont make physical contact. Better pathogen / germ isolation.
  3. I'd like to know more. What kind were they and how did you fix them to go away?
  4. Hey I wouldnt mind if they killed roaches. But beautiful butterflies. Now go collect some roaches. I wonder how many of the same species are picked up by every new entomologist to study them. Although maybe there is some level of justification in doing it for studying them. I guess that is the modern man speaking in terms of biological research and science But, I personally dont like the feeling.
  5. All the butterflies killed in the name of research. A butterfly is beautiful flying around.. not dead in a glass cage. What was that movie 'Born Free' - about this woman adopting a lion cub.. and later releasing it back into the wild.
  6. I have no idea where you get this impression from. As far as the peepee, I assume that after people go peepee they flush the toilet, and the flush lever is contaminated with feces and piss germs. SO wash your hands after you go - especially if you are touching the flush lever. I always flush with my foot when in public washrooms, but I still wash my hands and then I make sure to exit by using a paper towel to opne the washroom door because that door handle is crawling with germs because soome people dont wash their hands after taking a crap - they literally walk right out of the stall and leave the washroom without washing their hands. I love the fossits that work with motion sensors and doors that arent doors. Much more hygenic. That to me is beyond ing - it is foul. Ditto.
  7. If you touch your undies / pee pee to get your pee pee out. You need to wash your hands. disagreed. I dont need to do anything. Any parts of your body that can provide "fluid exchange" can help spread stuff. STDs, Contagious diseases. You touch your pee pee.. dont wash shake hands with some else who did not wash either.. u exchanged 'germs' and the next time u touch pee pee again.. u technically touched pee pees.
  8. We get more than a fair share thanks to processed foods.
  9. Coconut oil is good but be careful about cooking at higher temp.. Carcinogens. Ginger, Honey, Turmeric in addition to the Garlic & OJ.
  10. There are certain hardcore priests in Jainism / Jain religion that have their mouths covered the whole time. The thought being they did not want to even accidentally consume any microorganisms that might go into their mouth while breathing/ talking. They walk everywhere (no transport.. maybe now for long dist they do) and walk BAREFOOT. So, they are probably AFFECTING the ENVIRONMENT / ECOSYSTEM lesser than anyone else. Who knows if the polymer blend pipe in your washing machine or your car was created using an animal product. There are people who will not go out and eat in restaurants if the rest dont have SEPARATE KITCHENS for veg/ non veg (in India).. some rests.. advertize that. There are some who do not ever use a cooking vessel (no matter how clean) if meat/egg was cooked in it. My parents used to be particular about the vessel / rest.. but gave up in the light of practical implementation when travellig. My grandpa has not eaten OUT of the house in more than 30 years (since I have heard or remembered).
  11. This probably applies a lot to people who have grown in and around meat eating populations and were not born into / around a largely veg population. Theres a certain CLEAN SOUL / PURITY factor attached to vegetarianism in India. When people fast, etc doing some religious thingies.. even meat eaters IMPROVE temporarily to vegetarian diet for X no. of days. Ofcourse, the comparative perspective in america is.. Meat Dominant hence.. the "a red blooded meat eating "MAN"". Honestly.. who cares. Be comfortable in your own skin.. whether its diet, clothing or your PATH towards the SUPER SOUL .
  12. Whats funny is I've become more Vegan before joining the forum, than I was.. as in. I am Lacto-veg and maybe one day I'll give it up.. but I dont want to take the VEGAN label and then "cheat" on exceptions. I know that my conditions make it difficult enough to be vegetarian in the united states. My family n diet outside the us is lacto-veg and has been for generations (in india) so thats not going to change when I visit them. But, I'd say if you cant go super vegan when outside.. while travelling it might be okay for some people.. but more power to the "pure vegan" . My father emphasizes on "pure vegetarian" when ordering food while travelling. Maybe the oil tables will deplete and we will go back to TRIBE style living and factory farming of animals will cease to exist. People will go old school. PS: No offence intended.. hehe im sleepy. Just my 2 cents.
  13. How many places have this as illegal? esp in western nations.
  14. I am buying one of those Polar F6 HRMs. Time to fix me-self.
  15. she is cute , she can cook veg food.. assuming she has good libido.. theres just one Q.. Is she an interesting / fun conversationalist ?
  16. Hmm.. sounds yummy. Are these unprocessed cocoa pieces?
  17. I'd definitely like to get more info on this person, his diet and so on. If not a documentary some report from your side would be good.
  18. If the goal is to promote this out to get more visibility and hits I'd say make sure it gets high Google Page Ranking. The site designer can do that with some research.
  19. Is this a supplement / needs to be there? I dont know. Im confused reading this.
  20. I bought some Manitoba Harvest (powder), Nutiva (Seeds) and saw the Rice Protein Berry shakes in a store. Any comments on them / your blend/brand of shakes?
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