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  1. Keep it up. Nothing like chinups to keep ur upper body fit.
  2. I am planning to get one of those Heart Rate meters to check.
  3. RawAmbition - Lets say not necessarily supplementing with supplements but having a more wholesome diet and ensuring that the body is ABLE to optimally assimiliate protein by consumption of that diet. Whether we need to consume "whole proteins" "isolate proteins" or "amino acids that convert to proteins". I dont know. I'd love to KNOW which of these absorb and FACILATE muscle growth and build up.. assuming enough triggers / loads have been set up by form of exercise. Any ideas / suggestions? PS: I think at the base line I was told and thought that I was a hard gainer (ecto/ endo /meso.. I dont know) when I first worked out at the age of 16/17. Then sometime at the age of 23 I started working out again and still did not see big gains.. hard gainer. paused for a while.. I'd shape up.. but not bulk up like others would. (Most guys would tell me stupid things like.. eat lot of potatoes, eat a lot of butter, eat some chicken for protein etc) Then at the age of 24 I worked out regularly 4 days a week, came back showered, cooked myself a lot of kidney, garbanzo, lentils and hogged on it. Now, I dont think I necessarily ate a lot more the 3rd time. But Im not sure. The thing is Ive always wondered what kind of a diet would be optimal for me at those times and would I have seen better results if I had a better diet? I'd like to know this now that I am going to start once more.
  4. Thats a lot of SUGAR....... wow!. He must really do something to burn it off.
  5. Its in the eye of the Beholder. For a guy like Ronnie Coleman that woman might be appealing. For a guy like Brendan (Athlete) it might be overbearing. Largely, that woman is beyond the 'wanted' range of most men. What percentage.. I dont know. There will be some men who like that.. but as such if a woman is 'BIGGER' than me, then my interest in her feminity is lost. Thats just my viewpoint / turn on factor. Some people might choose otherwise. A lot of guys like big / bigger women.
  6. What happens when your body keeps telling you to eat.. when you actually shouldnt be? What I am trying to say is this: - Somewhere in my late teens I built myself a tremendous APPETITE. I was like JUGHEAD from the ARCHIE comics. At a 5'11" 160 frame I could out eat friends who were twice my size .. They would be like you dont eat.. Im like.. watch me.. I'd eat and they'd accept defeat. Ofcourse, I would not gain a pound i.e. get fat. This continued till early 20s. Then I moved to the US of A and my food habits went down the drain. I dont know if it was the fact that I would overeat at dinners due to a lack of proper / missed lunch or the fact that FREE PIZZA and coke became easy eats that did not need one to go out and get food. But I still have an appetite.. probably not the same since I am not as active anymore.. but I still have that LANKY frame.. but have this PIZZA remanent around my gut.
  7. Tend a milk co operative in face of fatal Volcanic activity http://today.reuters.com/tv/videoChannel.aspx?storyid=ba8938441d41bb6e97dbf78e8053aabae43ce75e These villagers in Indonesia keep returning to their village to tend to their livestock because their only source of income is their milk co operative that they work on together, despite fatal threats from the Volcano. A lot of people have died in the past from the same volcano and they still go back. Why? Note: Cooperatives are set up in asian countries to help under the poverty line people in rural areas bring together their resources and work. In 3rd world countries that are largely rural with minimal base infrastructure and resources being rare (electricity, tap water, drainage systems, roads etc) how would it be possible for people in villages to give up their primary source of living. DAIRY. ? I am not supporting or opposing. I am just bringing up the question because when I was looking through REUTERS news it came in my head. SUPPLEMENTARY QUESTION: Assuming similar equations had to be applied to american dairy farm "workers" (not the owners of super huge businesses), can we provide them with a migration plan? Something that will provide income and livelihood? i.e. Assuming they were WILLING to try something in the first place. I am just curious what thoughts people have ? What ideas we have to make the following happen: - Convince a person born into dairy farm 'family / neighborhood' on moving away from it in the first place - Provide them with an alternative that not only convices and coaxes them but also entices them AWAY. Not just more humane but also more profitable?? ?????
  8. Im on it. whos michelle from houston?
  9. There you have it . I guess our digestive system is a little primitive compared to theirs.
  10. couldve slipped his mind. who knows what he was thinking.
  11. I found ties very uncomfortable and wasnt really wearing them or would need to most of the time.. despite being in corporate management world. Dropped the tie for interviews.. showed & felt different level of confidence i.e. I dont need a tie to tell you what we can do together.. I am comfortable being ME.. and this is ME. Now what was that song.. u and me baby aint nothing but mammals.. its all about mating season.. he he..
  12. Ya i like black strappy shoes myself. here is a picture of a nice pair of black strappy shoes (it would look better without the stockings though in my opinion) http://www.fredericks.com/images/3/36653_86_thm_a_3500.jpg i'll have to agree with u on that one. no stocks.. only the strappy shoes.. ok i better focus now .. hehe
  13. Tarz. Goa around New Years Eve.. is off the hook . BTW There are a few islands around Goa that you can visit and very few private ones where you can have a 'Leo Di Caprio THE BEACH' experience.
  14. If you touch your undies / pee pee to get your pee pee out. You need to wash your hands.
  15. Your Pee Pee is your PRIVATE PART. You throw urine out of it. It is and always will be an unhygenic spot due to the location. Heat, moisture, sweat, bacteria. ANYONE TOUCHING THEIR GROIN AREA AND THEN TOUCHING OTHER THINGS / SHAKING HANDS WITH OTHERS WITHOU WASHING HANDS NEED TO RETHINK THEIR HYGENICS and ETIQUETTE. Imagine someone putting a finger into their nose and then shaking hands with you. Same deal. Jay please.. dont make me think that all the people I shake hands with do this stuff without guilt. Which is why people wash their behinds after taking a dump and again WASH their hands with proper soap.. ofcourse.. in the western world toilet paper makes everything clean.
  16. Damn BG. Is Mike Mahler a veggie? I need to find a personal trainer / training partner in town to get out and about with me.. doing workouts and stuff like that.
  17. CG - I'll take one if she can help me cook My lazy ass will drop dairy if i had a spicy vegan girl enjoys & shares that lifestyle with me. He he .. JKiddin. PS: I am going to put those PETA videos on a new PDA and show people.. when they ask next time why I am vegetarian. I hope that allows me to be a soldier in ur army
  18. One more brown one . Welcome.
  19. http://www.mum.edu/campus/dining http://www.mum.edu/campus/dining_more.html I remember hearing about this from someone but finally read more about it on Wiki today. http://www.mum.edu/management/mba/ Ecological MBA ..wow!
  20. So whats a good way to determine ones HIGH/MAX point in terms of Heart Rate for calculation of the Fat Burning Zone? Should we try a few diff things over diff days and average it out? I'd like to know some good steps I could use. Also, I am guessing this RANGE will change as one becomes more and more active and the resting as well as Max rate change? Do they change.. and how much?
  21. Hmm.. thats because that is a Bison that spends most of its time in the wild, walking, standing, running etc. and probably eat a lot more stuff other than just grass. Some flowers, seeds etc. But primarily because they are a different species.
  22. The original ARPANET (internet precursor) was built on open standards. It is possible for these people to mess with that.. considering how much of the networking infrastructure they own. I'd see net remain NEUTRAL.
  23. I meant primary sources in a Frutarian diet?
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