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  1. Ignorance, Awareness and Filtering. Imagine walking down a crowded street in NYC or big city.. would you remember the faces you walked by.. not all of them. Now what you would remember is that girl with the great sweater.. that guy with the great smile.. that little kid with something special. We have an innate ability.. or should I say learned since childhood to tune in and tune out stimulus, thoughts, ideas.. some controllable and some uncontrollable... its a balance. That allows us to TUNE OUT that bum who comes up with some stupid story about why he needs money for his car for gas etc.. or tune out the millions of ambient sounds in a crowded environment and focus on something else. There in lies human sensory-social-subconcious behaviors and patterns.
  2. watermelon Thanks. Anything else? Its funny that such an amazing and delicious source is present in nature with HYDRATING, ANTI OX QUALITIES . BTW How did you/we determine this ? Maybe it is possible to get every damn thing from the right food. Shouldnt we have an organized DB / Information Table to depict this kind of information. [ VEG movement will gain more momentum if we can organize and make available publicly the sources / benefits of every thing.. Im veg since birth and still have a hard time figuring out what consists of what.. ] Watermelon with a pinch of rock salt (dark gray) sprinked on top.. will make ur mouth water.
  3. Stuffed Capsicum (Bell peppers) Indian Style.. can have a mashed potato / tofu (mix) stuffing with some spices etc. Lightly cooked.. Yumm. I'll see if I can get the receipe from my mom.
  4. I guess Dry Fruits & Nuts, Seeds are the only things that provide protein in a fruitarian diet?
  5. Interesting BG. I did go for aikido for a few months.. learnt some basics of falling, rolling, and how the joint and center of gravity manipulation can actually throw a person off. Interesting. Ofcours, never got to really spend time on it or anything else. Saw Capoiera once and was fascinated by it.
  6. Listening to the Buddha Bar right now. Do 10,000+ mp3s make a wide enough collection.
  7. cg - I prefer 3 & 2 from that list.. in that order Only black strappy shoes on slender long legs... there is no greater turn on
  8. valid Q. Our bodies were designed to have Natural Foods (well balanced and composed). When we add such wierdly composed foods.. how does the system absorb, filter, reject and saturate.. ?
  9. I dont get how america being such a PET / DOG / CAT loving country that knows pets have feelings can tell themselves that cows, chickens and farm animals dont have feelings. The biggest easiest justification they have is "when i look at a piece of meat i see it as a food source.. not a live being with feelings". Especially I wonder how they manage such isolationism of feelings when they grieve their pets when the pets die. If you really love ur pets, dogs, cats remember that somewhere in asia someone considers dog meat a delicacy. I wonder if this message can be sent across.
  10. Can you give us some comparative insights? Similarities, differences, advantages, disadvantages.. fitness levels, learning curve for new people etc ?
  11. That I think was middle of the pose. The reason they mocked you was because they are MEAT EATING anti-vegs. It had nothing to do with body building advice. People in position of power ..when it goes to their heads.. MOCK.. others for cheap kicks and reassurance of a false sense of 'better than thou'. Dont let it get you down. Too many people had mocked Gandhi and his ways, mocked Buddha and his teachings.. Pick up one of those Zen books or meditation etc. BE THE PROCESS. BE UNATTACHED TO THE RESULTS.
  12. Any natural sources for the same?
  13. Any natural sources for these items?
  14. Without reading.. Any and everything has velocity. 10 mph from W to E = + 10 mph from E to W = - 10 mph Direction does not change speed. Direction however does change velocity. Direction.. can however always be changed.. so I dont get what they are talking about. Are they saying they can have light travel to a light source instead of travelling from a light source without there being other light sources involved or reflective objects that would cause it to go back? Wierd.
  15. Because they make women feel great.. - When the women buy them it feels great - When they wear them while getting dressed up for a night out it feels great - When they are not taken off in bed it feels great - When they are being taken off after the feet hurt it feels great GREAT FEELING shoes after all ... not necessarily comfortable.. but great
  16. 9nines - I agree with you on the corn lobbyists. I dont like them too much. PS: I went to the Whole Foods on Kirby and got a bunch of stuff. Do you think you could come with me sometime and help me correlate the stuff from the boards and shop out there. I'd much appreciate it. At the same time I will have connected with some people from here.. and maybe make some of the veg gatherings around Htown.
  17. My prayers are with you. PS: Are there countries, regions, races that report higher incidence of breast cancer / other cancers?
  18. This was his PREJUDICE. That is equivalent of the slave driver telling his slave to go get another large rock and then he'll consider giving him some water. Everything after his ANIMAL PROTEIN comment was his COVERING HIS ASS because he blurted out what he did. Size or Shape or Conditioning is one thing. When these are people who advocate or get sponsored or ROAM in CIRCLES that are very BIG BUSINESS / MEAT ORIENTED... it hurts them if someone like you wins. I'd say ANNOUNCING heavily that you are VEGAN might get you that PREJUDICE. Maybe consider the under dog approach and not proclaim (although now ur famous and everyone already knows who u are) your VEGANISM. Win the thing and then talk about it. Its like going for a job interview.. or meeting with a client.. I am not going to let them JUDGE me on my dietary habits. If a hiring manager preferred a meat eating texan steak diet.. it would bring negative connotations as soon as I profess a hate for meat. So, I dont bring it up until I AM IN. PS: So everytime you or Brendan win or come close to winning and hence being famous and then BRAND AMBASSADORS for Veganism.. they lose some people from the MEAT CONSUMPTION market. Its a SLAP ON THEIR FACE. They know its cleaner and better.. hence very very afraid to give you an inch.
  19. Hmm.. brings to my mind... a religiously fanatic meat factory owner who likes going to strip clubs, prostitution but likes to be called the prime "patron" of the local worship place who is against publicly against promiscuity but is involved in it every day n night.
  20. You're scaring me dude I've heard stories about India. A friend of mine told me that he had to hold on to something when going on the toilet. Otherwise he suspected he'd faint . Another friend was in remote Nepal with his wife and they thought they'd die from the stomach problems. Don't mean to scare you or anyone offense - India's a great country, it's just one of those places that you'll probably fall ill. I took a gamble and am paying the price. My stomach has been fine for weeks, it's the fact that I'm weak, have no energy etc etc that is annoying me. I had food poisoning - the most common kind, campylobacter - and not something more serious what the doctors first suspected. I think I've still got something lurking in my system that I've got to clear up once and for all. I've given it 3-4 weeks to clear up naturally - that hasn't worked so going back to the docs tonight or tomorrow to finally sort it out. I expected to have an upset stomach for a few days, not to feel like I have for the last five weeks though.......... I can understand the 'water' change factor that happens. Even when I go back I acclamatize myself to the water / food over the first few days. The thing is in the lack of 'mild pathogens' / bacteria in a LAB like environment our bodies do not build any IMMUNITY. Also the mineral salts present in the water are different so that causes a major change. That is something the body adapts to while living there .. while in the place like the US.. since every NATURALLY occuring small thing is SUPER PROCESSED and CHEMICALLY CLEANSED.. the body does not get to build that immunity nor does it learn how to digest some of those things. Ofcourse, FP is way bad.. so u have to watch what you eat out there.. due to a not so strong & trained IMMUNE system. What parts did u go to and how long were u there? PS: In fact some people over there probably practice better hygiene. People wash their hands before and after meals or restroom visits... properly with soap. It astonishes me to see restaurant restrooms direct employees to wash hands. UGH!. It shocked me to see so many CORPORATE WHITE COLLAR people walk out of restrooms without washing their hands after having touched their PEE PEEs and head on the next meeting to shake hands.
  21. Thriced. I've been f*~#d ever since I've got back from India. I came back in good shape and my running was going really well before I went. I've run only 2/3 times in the four and a half weeks I've been back, and taking it very easy at the gym. So I've lost a lot too. Are you reading offence74 - think twice before going to India..... At the moment I'm a shadow of my usual self...... Hey hey.. why what went wrong? I know tons of people whove had a great experience there.
  22. how come? are they bad even if you dont have any back problems? I cant sleep on firm surfaces. By the way everybody, I got that water pillow and I am loving it. very comfy. MY cat Riley though sleeps on it the whole day - he thinks it is a waterbed bought just for him the little bugger. Ya so I basically inhale his cat hair all night. Does not have to be a WOODEN PLANK. The principles of that are yoga based and couple of 1000 years old. The human body is designed to sleep straight on a flat supporting surface. To decrease the agony of hardness of the "supporting surfaces", you can add some cushioning to spread out the pressure. My grandfather has been sleeping on the floor with a a couple mats and double folded sheets in between for ages. A really good compromise is 'coir / jute' cored mattresses that are 'covered' with foam. Jute core gives it strong support but does not hurt as hard and still maintains self structure. Jute is suppossedly a kind of like HEMP (from google). http://www.fabrics.net/hemp.asp Nature give us firm ground and some "hay" to lie on . Nature did not intend us to sleep on a water surface... or anything that wont support our vertebral column to remain straight.
  23. RFID is a great technology. Depends on how you use it. Tracking a shipment of 10,000 boxes using RFID is good. Forcing people to be tagged UNLIMITED is not. If at all they want to make the process more seamless and easy using the technology, I'd like to see an RFID variation that allows you to turn it OFF / DISABLE it.. and turn it on for ID purposes when needed. You dont want to be treated and tracked by Big Brother .. how Walmart tracks their inventory and supply chain network.
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