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  1. I am curious how this differs from SSN and State Drivers Licenses / IDs ? ie. SSN & Texas ID ? Some countries have it, but not implanted with RFID. That would give BIG BROTHER too much insight into private lives. I guess wildlife activists tag their relevant population to check for poachers etc.
  2. Okay this is getting ridiculous crashnburn. HAVE COMPASSION FOR OTHER SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT - Okay, so we should have compassion instead of moral outrage for the "school of thought" that says it is okay to torture innocent animals so long as we like the taste of their flesh or milk? It really isnt rocket science - less violence is better than more violence when the victims are innocent. Less harm to innocent beings is better than more harm. WHAT PART OF THIS DO DISAGREE WITH/ NOT UNDERSTAND???? CG - This was not in terms of food /vegan etc. It was more of a religious protectionism and righteousness and hardlining people have in the way of life they follow. All mass religions or independent paths of religion teach the same basic principles.
  3. Not wanting to get into a debate.. but a lot of people would disagree with what you consider mythology.
  4. The american 'diet' / 'cuisine' is the only cuisine that was not refined or defined over time. It was based on down right unavailability of a cultured society. When people migrated from the East coast across the americas.. they ate what they could. It was based on pure availability... and lack of proactive look at agriculture or otherwise. This was just 200 years back. On the other hand looking at the Indus Valley Civilization a couple of thousand years back, they had a much better evolved diet / structure etc. French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Greek etc. All of them have some base cuisine evolution. American diet was .. that cow and potatoes.. lets eat. Minimal evolution.
  5. Wiki is about providing structured and organized, unbiased information. I dont think they would promote any kind of activism. Some good structured insights are essential. The additional links are more supplementary / additional sources of information. Structured PRIMARY CONTENT is important.
  6. It doesnt look really pretty. .
  7. Interesting. What kind of spray is that? Links? I never had broccoli a lot until I moved to the USA. I like it cooked / uncooked. When its part of an uncooked salad plate I usually dip it in some dressing. Anything that changes its DRY composition. One thing I could recommend besides salad dressing would be some Indian Chat Masala (its a spice mix for salads.. very tangy & tasty that will make anything delicious and has some healthy tangy anti ox spices)
  8. I saw it first at the International Festival last year. Brilliant.. flexibility, fitness, agility, dance / martial art form. Topher - I might be able to go for some classes not too close by, but what kind of exercises would someone recommend doing before one starts.
  9. http://www.trosch.org/lif/cannibalism.html http://www.trosch.org/lif/baby-eat.html The capture and sentence of a 'cannibal' in Germany has revealed that such a society / network exists in the world. http://exploration.vanderbilt.edu/news/news_cannibalism_nsv.htm http://images.google.com/images?q=cannibalism&hl=en&lr=&safe=off&rls=GGLG,GGLG:2005-25,GGLG:en&sa=X&oi=images&ct=title http://www.rotten.com/library/death/cannibalism/ http://www.westga.edu/~dnewton/engl3300/cannibals.jpg http://members.aol.com/fkahlofan/flesh.htm
  10. http://www.votehemp.com/ I am not sure where this stands.. (Not reading it) but thought you might be interested.
  11. I think if Marijuana was legalized and well managed then people would be happier, be less likely to want to do alcohol or tobacco. LOL! Essentially a lot of businesses will lose just by Marijuana usage. To add to that HEMP will break business dynamics for a lot of people. So.. in the interest of big business.. they have a THC based excuse.
  12. That is exactly where I was looking. Click USA - TX and you'll see what I am talking about.
  13. If most people actually saw the similarity in all of GOD's incarnations, messiahs, sons, messengers etc.. then they would realize that they all taught the same principles in different ways and different times.. because the AUDIENCES were different. To sell a product in an american market needs a different branding and strategy than in the european or asian market. This is how I think... GOD meant it to happen.. GLOBAL DOMINATION BY CUSTOMIZATION.. - Indo Aryans - Vedas, Upanishads - India: Ramayana (Rama), Mahabharat (Krishna), Gita - Middle East / Mid Asia: Moses, Jesus, Mary, Isa, Mohammed etc - India, East Asia: Gautam Buddha, Buddhism and variations.. - and so on.. this is endless.. Same principles, same fundamentals. Islam recognizes Jesus (as Isa) etc. The only problem is everyone is defensive of their own so called 'religion'. Religion is nothing but a way of life. You choose a variation of a mass / popular religion and you have an individual path. We fail to see the similarities and see only the differences.. My way is better than yours.. A large part of this is due to the 'preachers' in each of these folds advocating a very THIS IS THE ONLY WAY stance. That makes them an AUTHORITY that you go ask questions and hence keeps their SOCIETAL position alive. No disrespect but they exist in all folds.. Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Islam etc .. They are needed. But their purpose needs to be to help and support an individuals spirit...... not malign them from exploring individual paths. I believe every human being can find their OWN PATH themselves. It takes a little more time and effort and you can choose to follow a SCHOOL of THOUGHT but have COMPASSION for OTHER SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT. People talk of COMPASSION but hardliners from every school of thought have no compassion for the other schools of thought. They have a OUR WAY IS BETTER THAN THEIRS mentality. Walk your path and let others walk theirs. They will bear the fruits of their karma.
  14. I was born into a Hindu traditional family that is and was lacto-vegetarian for generations. Our family elders are so sensitive about it that they will not eat outside the home.. for the fear that some dead animal would have been cooked on some vessel at some outside restaurant by someone.. As soon as an animal is cooked the vessel becomes.. "ashudh" i.e impure. Raising and praying to cows is part of the tradition. Not to say that there is duality.. in the sense that 'domestic animals' form a large part of the 'labor power & transport' for 80% of Indias rural population. Horses, cows, goats & buffaloes have been around for ages. But most indians.. (i.e. hindus dont consume red meat). There is a population that does consume 'chicken'. But most people are largely vegetarian. One of the key Hindu gods was actually a gwala.. (cowherd) and hence cows have special status as a holy animal. Also, Zen Buddhism talks about purity, avoiding excess, consuming minimal, not hurting other animals.. etc and is very vegetarian as well. I believe I enjoy a mix of eastern & western philosophy and spirituality thanks to my grandfather. SO COMING BACK TO WHETHER GOD WAS VEGAN ? PROBABLY VEGETARIAN.. AND WOULD PROBABLY EVEN GO VEGAN IF HE/SHE KNEW HOW HUMANS ARE ABUSING THE PLANET.
  15. I called them up and the lady said she knows that her boss is vegan but they dont carry any vegan food products or a brand named VEGA. Can Rob or Brendan please check this and let us know? Is this guy buying at wholesale / retailer prices for HIMSELF? and not even keeping a stock for others? Brendan.. how much would someone have to buy for those wholesale/retailer prices? Do let us know.
  16. Thanks 9nines. I missed that veg lunch the other day. I dont drink alcohol but was up super late with friends who do.. so I had no energy the next day.
  17. Actually I realize my folly in trying to preach HUMBLE behavior. Its upto you in your mind and heart to take it up. My apologies.. I'll try not to instigate or preach again. PS: No offense intended. Who am I to judge your or anyone elses compromises. I am not absolute and neither is anyone else.
  18. I am not OVO.. But Lacto. I choose not to get into heated arguments of vegan vs lacto-vegetarian. I'll choose my callings in life in this world.. when I want, how I want. You cant make me choose them, no one can. You can make me aware.. but I am already aware and I choose a less than perfect path. Thats life. I respect your POSITIVE TRAITS of PETA & VEGAN activism. I am not going to preach my way to anyone and am not going to take anyone else preaching to me. Ive noticed that its very easy for you to jump on others..when they lack in absolute 'veganism' as per your standards. Veganism, Morality, Purism & Spiritualism standards etc are all self defined. Live & Learn. PS: I did start with an anti-elitist voice on the board.. but I am not going expend anymore energy doing that. You have your views and I have mine. I respect yours and expect the same of mine. PPS: I have a lot of non veg eating friends. Have had them all my life. They have subtly been made aware of why and whats.. but THEY WILL BEAR THE FRUITS OF THEIR ACTIONS.. WE ALL DO. I dont feel the need to PREACH or PRESSURE others. Note: The only reason I posted that was to remind you of a 'less than perfect' stance. Thats Life. We all make compromises. There is always a chain reaction to anything and everything.. Most of us live in privileged nations with food, air conditioning, vehicles that consume precious fuel.. we have chosen to "enjoy" these privileges while most of the world suffers for the lack of drinking water. Everytime you turn on an air conditioner or drive on a road trip you are taking away energy that could've been used for providing water to a starving thirsty village. BOTTOMLINE: BE HUMBLE about your 'accomplishments & traits'. This is my last post in the direction of vegan / lacto-veg conflict. My point exactly. Life is not clear cut. Period. What is clear cut is your standards of vegan perfection can be dictated to others.. but maybe there is some vegan out there who would say.. I AM NOT GOING TO EAT AT AN ESTABLISHMENT THAT KILLS ANIMALS. My grandfather will not eat in a restaurant period. He believes if someone who has killed animals cooks the food or a plate or vessel had some animal in it then its not "shudh" i.e. pure. He drinks milk.. but in India we get that from the local dairy farm guy who brings the cow to our house... They could point fingers at you as well. Remember that. Sorry.. I hate myself for doing this.. "arguing". Non productive negative energy. So.. vegan and eating in a restaurant that kills animas VS vegetarian that does not and drinks local dairy farm milk.. I dont know.. its a matter of personal choice. TO MYSELF: Confessions to Zen master this weekend. BE HUMBLE.
  19. Robert I wouldnt mind helping if you could take the hurculean task of doing this as a new 'paid' vega ambassador. I am guessing you have more time to do things like these now (my presumption could be wrong). We can go through several drafts and I could create a version that could become XML, HTML or WORD doc if we wanted it to. My little "tech" contribution. Once we a a process and pattern I could create something to automate it as well so members can add stuff into it and get it approved.
  20. To tease and give cg some grief: Restaurant 1: Veg & Non Veg food Dish X tastes better (i.e. supporting a business that kills animals for food.. giving them "profits" even though you dont consume the animal products) Restaurant 2: Veg Food Only Dish X tastes fine. Not as good. (i.e. supporting a business that promotes not touching animals for food.. live a cleaner life..) 2 Vegans. Both prefer going to opposite restaurants. Who is a better "vegan" when promoting the "vegan" lifestyle? ... But then again it is highly debatable where the 'vegan' lifestyle ends. It is easy to JUDGE others when things come to JUDGING oneself we have excuses and JUSTIFY our 'excuses' as being better than others. PS: No offense.. he he.. there is always a gray area.. do what you feel you can.. and do it with a honest heart.. simple.
  21. He he guys.. Im looking at trying to hit double digits.. you guys are beyond double and tryying to hit triple digits.
  22. coconut "meat"...... no no.. he he.. coconut 'flesh'
  23. I read some book at a B&N or some articles or both.. Glycemic Index is not as important as overall Glycemic Load. GL.. is determined based on how much effort and time it takes to breakdown a COMPOSITE food and have its sugar hit the bloodstream. So some foods could have high sugar but due to their molecular structures take a certain path in breaking down for digestion. Refined & processed foods are "mostly" (not all) higher GL than pure natural foods. e.g. Whole wheat is better for a similar reason.
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